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Top 20 Must-Have Apps During the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

As per a report by Statista, the mean infection rate of the novel Covid-19 is 2.5% and with these apps, we can further cut down the infection rate.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Global Pandemic is a rare phenomenon, but history shreds evidence on how rapidly a pandemic can spread if not duly taken care of. Think of the dreaded HIV/AIDS pandemic that took over 36 million lives around the world. The disease affected over 5% of the population when it was first identified as a Pandemic in the year 1981. 

The sad part is, HIV isn’t the only pandemic that has struck the world. Today, the world is dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. A virus outbreak that has already affected over 351,705 people around the world as of 23rd March 2020. The Coronavirus is less fatal but continues to spread faster than any pandemic in the past. With more than 153 countries affected by the disease including the USA and India, staying at home appears to be a wise choice today. 

So when you’re at home and still worried about the events developing around Coronavirus. Here are some free coronavirus phone apps that will help you address your day-to-day needs and keep you updated with the news around the Coronavirus outbreak.        

Free Coronavirus Phone Apps to Fight the Outbreak

Here’s our take on the top 10 coronavirus apps from multiple categories that will help you with the coronavirus risk assessment measures.

1. General Awareness App

Having a general awareness app during a global pandemic like Coronavirus is perhaps the key. Crafted specially to cater to the well-being of the people, general awareness apps help users monitor their health at a time when going out isn’t a wise choice. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Symple: Your Personalized Well-being Dairy

Remarkably the finest app to have during the Coronavirus outbreak, Symple is a general awareness app that makes health monitoring hassle-free even when you’re in self-isolation. Carefully crafted by a team of expert physicians, Symple offers users to track up to 5 symptoms in just seconds per day. Integrated with top-notch fitness trackers, the Symple app allows users to share their symptom history with doctors right through the app. So you can expect to get the desired healthcare even while staying in self-isolation or anywhere around the world. 

Coronavirus prevention

Notable features of Symple general awareness app: 

  • Users can track up to 5 symptoms per day. 
  • Easily share the history of your symptoms with your doctor. 
  • Integrated with fitness trackers like sleep, dietary calories & heart rate data tracker. 
  • Upload at least one photo for your symptoms per day.      

Download this general awareness app for iOS

b. Medscape: Stay Updated with the Latest Medical News

One of the best apps to use during self-isolation, Medscape offers the latest news and insights from the medical world. Although the app is preferred for use by medical experts and professionals, anyone around the world can use it to know about the most obscure of diseases. With more than 6200 reference articles and information on over 8500 prescription and OTC drugs, users around the world can use the app for better knowledge about the diseases and their symptoms. 

Coronavirus early symptoms

Notable features of the Medscape general awareness app: 

  • Users can get a consultation regarding a number of diseases and medicines right through the app. 
  • The app offers a wide collection of medical articles for users to access free of cost. 
  • Stay updated with the latest news and updates from the world of medics. 
  • The app comes with features like a drug interaction checker and a pill identifier. 

Download this general awareness app for iOS and Android 

2. Healthcare App

Healthcare apps, whether at the time of a global pandemic or on normal days, are a necessity. Even if you’re a normal human being with no physical or mental condition, a healthcare app is vital to have at times. These apps not only provide medical assistance on the go but you can also book your medical tests at home right through the apps. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Amwell: Get Medical Care 24/7 With Ease

One of the best healthcare apps when you need medical assistance on the go, Amwell is a perfect application for those who require medical help at times of a global pandemic. While the global health organizations work towards finding the Coronavirus cure, the Amway app lets you stay at home and seek medical help from some of the finest and most experienced clinicians, without having to go out at any point of time. The services offered by Amwell cost as low as $69 for urgent care.

 best coronavirus apps

Notable features of the Amwell healthcare app: 

  • Get medical assistance 24/7 whenever you need it. 
  • Amwell’s medical services cost as low as $69 for an urgent case.
  • Users can connect with doctors directly through the app. 
  • Get consultation for the majority of medical cases.     

Download this healthcare app for iOS and Android

b. Epocrates: Get the Best-in-Class Drug and Medical Support

 Epocrates is another one of those best healthcare apps that is used extensively by users around the world, Epocrates offers features like OTC monograph and drug interaction checker. The app has been specially crafted to cater to the everyday medical needs of people. It comes with more than 600 dosing calculators, medical equations, and so much more. Users can easily navigate to the disease they want to know about and get information along with consultation. 

Top Coronavirus Apps

Notable features of the Epocrates healthcare app:

  • The app comes with 6,600+ U.S. insurance plans state-wise. 
  • Users get access to medical content about various diseases. 
  • Get safety and other types of information about each treatment. 
  • 600+ dosing calculators integrated into the app.

Download this healthcare app for iOS and Android

3. Work from Home App

Work from home is the need of the hour. With global firms opting to shut down offices due to the Coronavirus outbreak around the world, there’s all the more need for a medium through which work from home becomes hassle-free. Take a look at one such app that makes working from home feel like a treat.

a. Workplace by Facebook: Create Your Own Workplace Online

Work from home is the talk of the hour, especially with companies around the world opting to shut down offices as part of Coronavirus precautions. A global pandemic as this has hampered workplaces around the world and employees are having to work from home. So when you’re working in your home environment and seeking a medium to stay connected with your colleagues, you need an app that makes your collaboration real. 

Workplace, an app that allows users to stay connected with colleagues even when they’re not in the office. With the workplace app, users can easily create groups and projects to share from anywhere around the world. There is no set limit on the number of projects users can send or receive from their colleagues. Besides, the app is completely ad-free and works separately from Facebook.


Notable features of the Workplace app:

  • The app is completely ad-free and works separately from the Facebook message.
  • Users can follow work updates easily through new feeds.
  • The app comes with Facebook like profiles and searches options. 
  • You can broadcast live events through the app itself.    

Download this workplace app for iOS and Android

b. Slack: Work from Home Made Easy

One of the best apps when it comes to working from home, Slack provides top-notch features to users around the world. The app has a feature where you can organize your conversations by topic or project and manage everything seamlessly. With integrated features like Share and edit documents, messaging, and calling, Slack is perhaps the most preferred apps by people around the world. 

Coronavirus treatment

Notable features of the Slack workplace app:

  • Users can call their teammates right through the app. 
  • The app has a systematic feature of arranging every conversation. 
  • You can edit and share documents with ease. 
  • The app can be integrated with other services like Google Drive and Dropbox.   

Download this workplace app for Android

4. Anti-Anxiety Apps

Being in self-isolation or at home for a long time can make you feel anxious and stressing at times. However, with the cases of Coronavirus rising throughout the world, the best approach is to stay at home and isolate yourself. Likewise, to tackle the ever-growing anxiety, there are thousands of apps that can help with that. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Calm: Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Ease

Staying at home can lead to risen stress and anxiety at times. But with the Calm app, users can relieve their stress and anxiety without making too many efforts. One of the best relaxation apps available for download, Calm has a wide collection of guided meditations, relaxing music, breathing programs and a lot more. With meditation sessions available in lengths of  3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes, calming your mind and body while staying at home isn’t much of a hassle. 

Coronavirus outbreak

Notable features of Calm relaxation app:

  • The app offers meditation programs of both short and long lengths. 
  • Calm comes with 100+ adult bedtime stories. 
  • Users get a new 10-minute program every day. 
  • The app features daily streaks that users can easily track.

Download this best relaxation app for iOS and Android

b. Anxiety Reliever: Track your Mental Health and Anxiety

One of the best relaxation apps specially designed to relieve any mental health and anxiety issues, the Anxiety Reliever app offers various exercises to help you get rid of your anxiety of staying at home and sleeping better. With audio calming sessions that you can listen to free of cost, it is perhaps easy to counter the anxiety or depression in case you have any. 

best shopping apps

Notable features of Anxiety Reliever app:

  • The app offers helpful tips for countering anxiety. 
  • Users can access audio sessions that are calming by all means. 
  • The app offers exercise tips as well to counter anxiety. 
  • Users can track their progress and receive supportive messages. 

Download this best relaxation app for iOS and Android

5. Shopping App

Understanding the need and relevance of a shopping app is perhaps the most simple thing today. Even on casual days, you’ve got to have an online shopping app on your smartphone, just in case you feel like buying something either out of need or craze. So at times like this when you’re having to stay at home and isolate yourself. A shopping app can help you to get all the stuff you need to be delivered at your doorstep. Take a look at one such app.

a. Amazon: Buy Groceries, Gadgets and So Much More

Featuring amongst the best shopping apps consistently, Amazon delivers just about everything you need right at your doorstep. Users don’t need to head out to buy anything since everything is delivered at home. Whether you want groceries, gadgets, products for daily needs, or clothes, Amazon delivers just about everything. With one-day and two-delivery options at minimal extra charges, the app can be your perfect companion for getting daily need products delivered at home.  

best shopping apps

Notable features of the Amazon shopping app:

  • The app allows real-time tracking of orders. 
  • Payments through the app are safe and secure.
  • Users can pay bills and recharges too through the app. 
  • 1-day and 2-day delivery options. 

Download this shopping app for iOS and Android

b. Shipt: Get Your Groceries Delivered the Same Day

Shipt is one of the best shopping apps that deliver grocery and food items anywhere you want. The app is highly user-friendly and comes with some standout offering like same-day delivery, pay, and tip. The app has a team of professional retailers and shopkeepers that hand-pick every item you want and deliver it right at your doorstep. The app even delivers alcohol items or even lunch and dinner items that you can easily purchase right through the app. 

best coronavirus apps

Notable features of Shipt grocery shopping app:

  • The app offers same-day delivery. 
  • Users can buy just about every food item as possible. 
  • The app even delivers alcohol items like wine to the users.
  • Get exclusive savings and offers on the things you buy. 

Download this grocery shopping app for iOS and Android

6. Messaging App

The first thing that comes to mind at times of a global pandemic is the well-being of your loved ones and messaging apps right fits in the category of the best coronavirus apps. Every time and again you wish to stay connected with them and take updates of their well-being. Now to fulfill that need, you need a reliable medium that stays with you all the time. Online messaging apps are one such option. You can stay connected with just about everyone through these messaging apps and using these apps doesn’t cost a penny too. Take a look at one such app. 

a. WhatsApp: A Free To Use Messaging App

A renowned app used by a world population, WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps when it comes to staying connected with friends and family. The app offers multiple features like the dark mode, status updates, texting with emojis and gifs, groups, calling features and a lot more. Users don’t need to pay any amount to use the app. Besides, there are no hassles of logging in and out again. 

best messaging apps

Notable features of the WhatsApp messaging app: 

  • The app allows users to make calls free of charge.
  • The app saves messages offline in case you don’t have an internet connection. 
  • Users can broadcast messages with as much ease. 
  • No hassles of logging in or out every time you use the app. 

Download this messaging app for iOS and Android

b. Messenger by Facebook: Connect With Your Friends With Ease

Easily amongst the most widely used apps, Messenger by Facebook makes staying connected with your loved ones much easier. The app has a smooth interface and works on both Android and iOS. Users can make video calls individually or in a group with the dark. It also has a dark mode for the ones who prefer shifting between themes. The best part about the app is that the phone calls and texts are free of cost and you don’t have to worry about paying any charges. 

Messenger app

Notable features of the Messenger app:

  • The phone calls and texts sent through the app are free of cost. 
  • Shift between light or dark mode with a click. 
  • Make individual or group video calls. 
  • Upload stories about what you’re up to. 

Download this messaging app for iOS and Android

7. Food Delivery App

Staying at home means you can't go out to your favorite restaurants and have the food you like. But here’s a thing, you can get food delivered at your doorstep too. There are multiple food delivery apps that offer quality and hygienic food with eye-catching offers. Take a look at one such app.  

a. Postmates: Get Gobbling Food Delivered 24/7

Perhaps the best food delivery app when it comes to staying at home and getting quality food delivered at the doorstep, Postmates makes ordering food hassle-free as ever. With services running 24/7 and all 365 days a year, Postmates makes food delivery look easy. The app offers multiple choices of local and national restaurants. With real-time tracking and a takeout option for orders, Postmates is duly one of the best apps for getting hygienic food delivered. 

best food delivery app

Notable features of Postmates best food delivery app:

  • Users get more than 500,000 choices of local and national restaurants. 
  • The app offers real-time tracking of orders. 
  • Postmates offers free delivery on orders above $12 with an unlimited membership.
  • Pick from delivery or pickup option. 

Download this best food delivery app for iOS and Android

b. Uber Eats: Get Tasty Delivered at Your Doorstep

Getting food delivered at your doorstep is perhaps easy with Uber Eats. With the trust and efficiency of Uber, users can expect quality food to be delivered, especially at times of a global pandemic like Coronavirus when hygiene is a major concern for every person. Through Uber Eats, you can find various restaurant choices to order from and track your order in real-time. 

 best food delivery app

Notable features of Uber Eats best food delivery app:

  • Users can simply tap to order and pay. 
  • Track your order in real-time. 
  • Get timely offers and discounts through the app. 
  • The app has an option where you schedule your delivery for a specific time as well.   

Download this best food delivery app for iOS and Android

8. Entertainment App

Keeping yourself entertained is a vital thing when it comes to self-isolation or staying at home. Due to the outbreak of a global pandemic like Coronavirus, keeping yourself entertained while staying at home is perhaps the best choice today. There are various apps available on the app stores today that have been specially crafted to take care of your entertainment at home. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Netflix: Watch TV Shows and Movies At Any Time

When at home, or in isolation, we all need a simple source of entertainment. But with the Netflix app, the entertainment you crave enhances to a new level. With top TV shows and movies from all around the world, Netflix is one of the best TV streaming apps to use at times of self-isolation. With personalized recommendations and top releases, the streaming experience with Netflix gets a whole lot better. 

best food delivery app:

Notable features of the Netflix TV streaming app:  

  • Users can create up to 5 profiles for one account. 
  • The app offers an offline feature where users can download titles and watch offline. 
  • Get personalized recommendations for shows.
  • The app has a wide collection of award-winning shows.  

  Download this TV streaming app for iOS and Android

b. YouTube: Watch Millions of Videos and Stream

YouTube is perhaps one of the most widely used apps for entertainment at the time. Users from around the world upload videos on YouTube for the whole to see. You can watch videos from just about every category. Besides, when it comes to YouTube, it ain't just about entertainment, but also about watching videos for knowledge and news. An app that is free to use, Youtube could be your perfect partner for an online source of entertainment while you’re at home. 

best TV streaming apps

Notable features of YouTube streaming app: 

  • Get personalized recommendations on your home tab. 
  • Users can create their own favorites list in the subscriptions tab. 
  • Create and upload your own videos. 
  • Option to comment, like or share a particular video. 

Download this streaming app for iOS and Android

9. Home Fitness App

Gyms and fitness clubs around the world have been shut due to Coronavirus and people are having to stay at home. An act that seems normal to few, can mean a lot of trouble to some fitness enthusiasts around the world. But they say, where there’s a problem there’s always a solution. With home fitness apps, users around the world can keep up their workout even while staying at home. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Sworkit Fitness & Workout: Perform Exercises at Home With Ease

One of the best fitness apps for workouts at home, Sworkit makes your daily workouts easy. The app has been carefully designed keeping your comfort and time in mind. Users don't necessarily need to move out of the house to perform workouts.  In any case, with the world facing the blows of the Coronavirus outbreak, opting for home workouts seems to be a wiser option. The Sworkit app allows users to access over 100 million workouts for each body type of any time duration. 

best fitness apps

Notable features of Sworkit fitness app:

  • The app offers more than 100 million workouts. 
  • Users can filter workouts as per their preferred duration. 
  • The app offers 1-on-1 assistance regarding every workout directly through the app.
  • Users can sync their workouts to Google Fit. 

Download this best fitness app for iOS and Android

b. Home Workout: Perform All Your Workouts at Home

Staying in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t work out. There are various apps that make home workouts very possible. Speaking of one such app, Home Workout is one of the best fitness apps to use today. With personalized recommendations and workouts for every body type, the app offers exercises that require no gym equipment. Users can easily perform workouts at home and that too within a window of mere 5-10 minutes. 

Coronavirus outbreak

Notable features of Home Workout fitness app:

  • Users can get personalized workout recommendations. 
  • There is no equipment needed to perform any exercise so you can easily workout at home. 
  • The app offers detailed instructions with images and videos. 
  • Users can easily search programs as per their preference.   

Download this best fitness app for iOS and Android

10. Educational App

A global pandemic like Coronavirus today has not just hampered the world economy but also the world education system. Students are having to stay at home and wait out this global pandemic. However, staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t study. There are apps today that provide an online but engaging platform to study. These apps are being used by teachers and students around the world to continue education. Take a look at one such app. 

a. Google Classroom: Create Your Own Classroom Outside School

As schools and colleges around the world have shut down due to Coronavirus, there’s very little room for any proper interaction between teachers and students. But with the Google Classroom app, learners and instructors can interact with each other without much hassle. One of the best educational apps, Google Classroom allows teachers and students to create a group, distribute assignments, and perform discussions directly through the app. 

best fitness apps

Notable features of Google Classroom educational app: 

  • The app allows students and teachers to connect directly with just a code.
  • All assignments done through the app are saved and require no paperwork. 
  • Every assignment or file that is created on the app can be stored on Google Drive. 
  • The app contains no ads so users can expect a seamless experience. 

Download this educational app for iOS and Android 

b. Kahoot: Learn What You Can While You Play

Last but not the least, the Kahoot app can be used by both teachers and students at times of a global pandemic like Coronavirus. While schools are closed, teachers can make use of these apps to set up an engaging learning and gaming environment for the students. All teachers need to do is to set up a quiz and share it with the students. The app mixes games and learning with creativity. 

best educational apps

Notable features of Kahoot educational app:

  • Teachers can create a quiz in minutes and share it with students.  
  • The app works like a game that makes learning fun. 
  • It comes with a trivia feature as well where users can search for quizzes around the world. 
  • Teachers can assign homework in an engaging way while still tracking the progress of students.  

Download this educational app for iOS and Android

Why to Go for These Top Coronavirus Apps?

The history of world pandemics like Coronavirus has proven time and again how humanity can befall behind nature. A world pandemic like this calls for calm and sheer vigilance from the world population. At times like this when doctors around the world are working on finding the Coronavirus treatment, the best possible approach is to stay at home and avoid access to travel. 

Take an example of Eric Yuan, the boss of video conferencing app Zoom. The billionaire has gone into self-isolation and has been spending nearly six hours on Zoom since then. It just goes to show that there are ways of living a normal life even in isolation.   
As for these best coronavirus apps listed above, every app fulfills just about every need that might arise on your part. From shopping needs to take due care of your home entertainment, there’s an app for every category. So stay safe, avoid traveling at a sensitive time, and make use of these apps for a calm and composed wait out during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

For more information above these apps, feel free to get in touch with us or leave your views in the comments section below.

General Public Advisory for Coronavirus

While a global pandemic like this calls for serious measures, users can perform these general daily courses for Coronavirus prevention. 

  • Avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds every time you go out or eat something.
  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings and do not panic.
  • Try using N-95 respirators when going out.
  • Avoid half-cooked or raw food.
  • Consult your nearest doctor in case of any Coronavirus early symptoms.
  • Cover your mouth with your elbow or tissue paper while sneezing.
  • Go for coronavirus testing in case of any doubt.
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