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Smartphone Apps Every Animal Lover Should Have

Know what all these apps have in their kitty to help animals and their owners Apps Every Animal Lover Should Have

Today there is an app for everything. And why not? The advancement in technology is aiming to bring comfort and ease in our lives. From lifestyle to healthcare, there are millions of app available. However, smartphone apps aren’t just for humans anymore. The technology has now widened its reach to helping pet owners take good care of their pets.

Due to so many apps available, the process to find out the most useful apps that help can be challenging. Which is why we tell you the top 10 apps that every pet owner should have:

Best Apps For Pet Lovers

1. Pet First Aid

Administered by the American Red Cross Society, Pet First Aid is an app that helps pet lovers gain veterinary advice for everyday emergencies. Mainly designed for cat and dog lovers, the app provides first-aid lessons, step-by-step guides and a ‘how-to’ section in the form of text, video, and images.

It also has a how-to video section that gives information on how to provide first-aid to pets in times of emergencies. The Pet First Aid also includes a location service for nearby vet hospitals.

App For Pet

Notable features of the Pet First Aid app:

  • Convenient toggle between cat and dog content.
  • Step-by-step instructions for everyday emergencies.
  • Advice on behavioral help and how to act in a disaster situation.
  • Early warning sign checker for preventive care.
  • Programmable veterinary contact number.   

The app is available on both, Google Play Store and App Store for a price of $3.99.

2. ASPCA Pet Safety

The ASPCA Pet Safety app helps pet parents what to do in a situation of a natural disaster. One of the best features of ASPCA Pet Safety is that it works even without data connectivity and lets owners access information anytime.

The app also provides a personalized missing pet recovery kit including a step-by-step guide on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances. In fact, the app lets you build a lost digital flyer that can be shared instantly on social media channels when your pet gets lost. You can also subscribe to the latest and most relevant news about pets and animal welfare.

App for Pet

Notable features of ASPCA Pet Safety:

  • A searchable database of household medications, warm weather toxins, and cold weather toxins.
  • Details like scientific name, alternate names, example images, and more.
  • Color-coding for toxins of most concern.
  • Dogs and chocolate poison meter.
  • Built-in rodent poison calculator.
  • One-touch speed-dialing to the vets.   

The app is available on both, Google Play Store and App Store for free.

3. 11Pets

11Pets offers to remember, monitor and care for all your pet needs by reminding you of your pet vaccinations, visits, and medicines. It acts more as a pet needs and health journal by keeping a store of all the pet details including its medical history, supply needs, photos, and even contact details of your vet.

This excellent apps for animals allow you to set reminders for activities like food tracking, medication, internal deworming, and more.

App For Pets

Notable features of 11Pets:

  • Manage pet medications by setting reminders.
  • Detailed food section with reminders.
  • Detailed supply tracking.
  • Complete track of medical history.
  • Secure cloud backups of your data and photos   

The app is available on Play Store and App Store for free of cost.

4. Whistle 3

Although the app requires a working internet connection, Whistle 3 is a must-install app for pet lovers. The app helps to track your pet’s location with GPS if they get away or get lost. It also notifies via email, notification (text and app) when your pet leaves their safe place.

Apart from this, the app lets you monitor all the daily activities, calorie burn, sleep patterns and distance covered by your pet to check its health.

App For Pets

Notable features of whistle 3 app:

  • Accurate tracking of pets on your fingertips.
  • Notification if the pet the designated area.
  • Multiple safe places at home, office and more.
  • Track pet’s activity like distance, caloric burn and more.   

The app is available for $9.95/month subscription, and the device costs $79.95.

5. Heads and Tails by Petco

Heads and Tails is an app that lets you win Petco gift certificates and donates to the Petco foundation by sharing the best photos of you and your pet. The process is simple: you need to upload a selfie with your pet via the app and share it to get likes.

If you get more than 100 likes, then you end up getting $25 gift vouchers from Petco, and $25 is donated to the foundation.

Mobile App For Pets

Notable features of Heads and Tails by Petco app:

  • Take selfies with your favorite pets.
  • Share the pictures with your friends to get likes.
  • Grab 100 likes in less than 30 days for gifts.
  • Flaunt your pictures at the global level.   

The app is available only on iOS for free.

6. PetBacker - Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding

It becomes difficult to find a solution when you can’t find anyone to take care of your pet dog but have to go outside where you can’t take your pet. This is where PetBacker can help you! The app lets you book a locally experienced dog sitter when you go on trips or vacations.

Apart from this, you can get connected to dog walkers, groomers, minders. You can also volunteer to be part of it and earn extra money.

Mobile App for Pets

Notable features of PetBacker app:

  • Find Pet Sitter, Dog Walker for Pet Grooming
  • Compare the Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Daycare & Pet hotels owner
  • View ratings & reviews left by peers.
  • Get pet jobs and get connected to the owners directly.   

The app is available on Android and iOS for free.

7. Cat Toys I: Games for Cats

Make the most of the technology for your baby cats with Cat Toys I with graphics and illustrations specially designed to get your cat’s attention and letting him/her have free time. The app also has games that let them enjoy tapping the device for hours and has 6 games with 44 variations.

Smartphone App For Pets

Notable features of Cat Toys I app:

  • Games designed to get the cat's attention.
  • Colorful HD graphics.
  • Amazing Sound FX.
  • 6 Games with 44 variations.
  • Two players mode    

The app is available on iOS and Play Store for $0.99.

8. BringFido - Pet-Friendly Hotels

BringFido acts as a savior for owners looking for pet-friendly hotels, dog parks, trails, and beaches. The app helps you find attractions and restaurants and makes booking easier. You can search for restaurants based on distance, price, and rating.

In fact, you can filter the results based on hotels that don’t charge you a pet fee. You can also find out the upcoming dog events and pet supply stores near you. You can save $5 on your next booking using the code FIDOAPP by booking through the app.

Smartphone App For Pets

Notable features of BringFido app:

  • Information on pet-friendly places near you.
  • Filter hotels by distance, popularity, rating, and price.
  • Staying options for multiple pets.
  • Stay updated with upcoming dog events.    

The app is available on Play Store and iOS for $0.99.

9. Pet Names

Find and select from more than 3000 latest trending pet names for both male and female pets. From dogs and cats to horses and rabbits, you can sort the names based on alphabets, pet type, or by even popularity.

You can even share the names on social channels and ask your friends to help you find the best name for your pet. The Pet Names app has the option to sort out your favorite name to another names list.

Smartphone App for Pets

Notable features of the Pet Names app:

  • Multiple pet names for a various variety of animals.
  • Attractive user interface.
  • New names for dogs and cats.
  • Option to sort out favorite names.    

The app is available on both Android and iOS for free.

10. Pet Acoustics

Animals can hear two to three times more than humans. This is why in times of thunderstorms; the Pet Acoustics app comes with a variety of tunes to help your pet feel relaxed when it feels anxious.

The music is designed especially for your pet’s sensitive hearing both in frequency, volume and rhythm to calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.

Smartphone App For Pet

Notable features of the Pet Acoustics app:

  • Species-specific music proven to reduce stress.
  • Several tracks to choose from.
  • Best for people who prefer to travel with their pets.    

The app is available only in iOS for $1.99.

In The End

Pets play a significant role in any pet owners’ lives, and therefore as a pet owner, it is vital for you to ensure that your animals are healthy, fir and happy. Technology in the form of apps can give you a helping hand in that.

For more information on apps related to pets and animals, you can let us know your query by commenting down, and we at ‘MobileAppDaily’ will try to assist you in every possible way.

Anoop Nain
Written By
Anoop Nain

Anoop Nain is a proud father of four rescued dogs and two Flemish giant rabbits. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and an educationist, with more than 6 years experience in the field of content writing.


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