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Top 15 Virtual Reality App Development Companies Dec-2019

Our team has shortlisted these Top VR App Development Companies of 2019 only after conducting in-depth R&D on the app development services offered by these companies. Have a look!

Today, it's all about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as these are the types of technologies that are creating a buzz in the industry. This is the reason why the demand for devices that support such technologies has skyrocketed over the last year or two. Along with this, the demand for virtual reality apps also seems to have doubled in just a couple of months. For instance, VR at present is one of the most famous technologies in the gaming sector as app users and gamers are now looking to experience their gaming apps in virtual reality.

As it is a revolutionary technology that is also considered to be an emerging trend in the app development field is now attracting a large portion of users and that means more businesses want to adopt this technology. That's why we decided to come up with this list of top virtual reality app development companies for the year 2019. Along with this, we would also like to clarify the fact that all the below-mentioned virtual reality companies are ranked in no particular order or level of priority.

These are the VR app development companies that practice virtual reality application development for building VR apps for various industry verticals such as entertainment and gaming sector. There are 10+ Virtual Reality App Development Companies featured in this list along with their services and basic contact information.


Transition Technologies PSC

Lodz, Poland Visit Website

Transition Technologies PSC is a virtual reality app development company that is known for turning the Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) ideas into real products. Their team of app developers offers full-cycle software development services that include the majority of emerging technologies.

With a highly skilled team of more than 250 software developers who specialize in fields like IoT, AR, PLM, Atlassian, Thingworx, Vuforia, Java and many more. The company has more than 25 years of rich experience in developing software, which also includes M2M and automation processes that further support their understanding of IoT.

Services: Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Remote Expert & Workforce Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Atlassian and Cloud application development solutions.


  • Telephone

realworld one

Freiburg, Germany Visit Website

realworld one is a spin-off of the company IKA and comprises a team of about 50 employees. realworld one has set new standards in collaboration between manufacturers, users, and researchers with the unique virtual and augmented reality platform it has developed for the industry.

Participants from all over the world can network and exchange ideas in virtual space because the products and process equipment are detailed, interactive and fully functional, visitors to the platform can virtually work with them. In addition to the app development, the company offers an unprecedented opportunity for training, sales and marketing and the presentation of application scenarios is created accordingly.

The VR platform creates full interaction with your company’s devices and assets. The software includes full connectivity to CRM, SAP, Office and web browsers. Users can immerse themselves in the virtual world of work with their VR glasses and make every day work more efficient.

The AR platform allows all mobile phones, tablets, smart and AR glasses to be immersed in the computer-aided expansion of reality with a free smartphone app.

Services: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality


  • Telephone
    (+1) 910-742-5192


New York, NY Visit Website

AVRspot is a leading name among the best virtual reality app development companies that are made from teams of passionate and enthusiastic app designers, testers and developers. The company specializes in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR),  AVRspot can be also referred to as a studio that builds applications on VR, AR and MR.

Some of their previous work includes AR/VR/MR Training Simulators for Healthcare, Sport, Construction, Energy, Automotive industries, AR/VR/MR solutions for Real Estate and Computer Vision algorithms for AR solutions.

Services: Virtual Reality app development, Augmented Reality solutions and Mixed Reality, 3D (Three Dimensional) Modeling and Computer Vision. 


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Los Angeles, CA Visit Website

The Talespin team develops and deploys innovative and immersive tech solutions on their mission to change the way the world works. Talespin is using emerging mediums like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality to create applications that enable organizations to train, learn and collaborate better.

Talespin’s team of XR developers is helping Fortune 500 clients navigate immersive technology and to leverage it to create a more engaging and efficient workplace.

Services: Custom AR development, AR for education, Virtual Reality development, Game Development, Learning and Development Applications


  • Telephone
    +1 (323) 452-6998


Austin, TX Visit Website

SubVRsive is one of the best virtual reality development companies that can be labeled as an innovation partner for brands with forward or innovative thinking. With the help of their team's in-depth expertise in emerging technologies like virtual reality application development, they have helped some of the world’s leading enterprises in achieving a positive ROI.

Apart from this, the company is well aware of the right way to leverage technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality into digital products and services as per their clients' requirements.

Services: Augmented Reality app development solutions, Virtual Reality application development services, 360 Video and Video Production solutions.


  • Telephone

Gramercy Tech

New York, NY Visit Website

Since its inception in the year 2003, Gramercy Tech has been a renowned LA-based tech agency that specializes in concept creation, app design, software development and production as well as execution for interactive events. Now they seemed to have combined their versatile event production experience with their innovative approaches to receive a fruitful output.

The people at Gramercy Tech are responsible for producing some of the most remarkable large-scale events that re-imagine interactive experiences by making use of avant-garde technology such as virtual reality, motion control and reactive digital signage.

Services: Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 360 Videos, Interactive Activations, Interactive Screens, Tactile Technology, Object Recognition and NFC.


  • Telephone


Los Angeles, CA Visit Website

CitrusBits is a well-known mobile app development company that designs and develops impactful mobile applications and responsive Web-based content for businesses for the majority of industry verticals. Some of their clients include Burger King, Quiksilver, Symantec and Sotheby’s.

Over the years, CitrusBits has been named as a trusted agency by the likes of movers and shakers across all industries. And yet, they believe in helping small to mid-scale businesses and budding startups by turning their mobile aspirations into positive ROI.

Services: Mobile application development, UX/UI design, Enterprise mobile app development solutions, AR development, VR development, Blockchain app development and Digital strategy.


  • Telephone


Kharkiv, Ukraine Visit Website

Program-Ace is one of the successful VR development companies that rights fulfill the responsibilities of being a time-proven, and innovation-oriented IT company. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of design and developing software, they have perfected themselves in various technologies.

Their team of highly experienced developers and analysts has successfully completed more than 800 projects in various industry fields. Some of their core services include Cross-platform development, game development, 2D art, 3D modeling, and animation.

Services: Virtual training and simulation, Interactive 3D solutions, Product configurators, Mobile applications, VR, AR, and mixed reality solutions.


  • Telephone

Buckhead Apps

Atlanta, GA Visit Website

Buckhead Apps is a full stack design and development agency that is located in Atlanta Tech Village in the United States. Their team of professionals has a very successful track record in helping entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses by managing the technical aspects of their mobile applications and websites.

With more than a decade of rich experience in mobile application development and web design solutions, Buckhead Apps has helped brands, companies, entrepreneurs and even startups in bringing their complex ideas to reality.

Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, E-commerce Solutions, Projects Based Development and Virtual Reality Development.


  • Telephone


New York, NY Visit Website

CemtrexLabs is a creative technology lab with teams based in NYC that offers top-notch virtual reality application development services to its clients. Their team of virtual reality developers aims to solve the primary problems by building software in the form of the web, mobile, TV, wearable, VR and AR technologies that work phenomenally.

In addition to this, the company also gives priority to the fact that their products can be utilized by clients with ease of use. In other words, the team of CemtrexLabs utilizes cutting-edge techniques in design, user experience and engineering to give the best outcome possible to their customers.

Services: Virtual Reality Apps for Training apps for Events, Hybrid Application Development, Unity 3D App Development, and AR Kit Development.


  • Telephone
    (646) 653-9028

Prolific Interactive

Brooklyn, NY Visit Website

Prolific is a mobile-focused product agency based in Brooklyn, known for designing and developing virtual reality applications. With the help of their strategy-driven, user-centric approach to building products, the company delivers mobile experiences and strategies for leading companies.

Some of their clients include names like SoulCycle, American Express, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Scotts Miracle-Gro, David's Bridal, Alex and Ani, Lilly Pulitzer and many more.

Services: AR Development, Manufacturing & Training, Virtual Reality Solutions and Mixed Reality app development.


  • Telephone


Québec, Canada Visit Website

Cortex is another name that is quite popular among the list of VR development companies, which was founded in the year 2009. The company is based on a robust portfolio that includes a number of highly-acclaimed apps such as the BDC Quick Loan App, the public transport app for RTC and the Maitre'D POS.

Now Cortex is taking on to the next level by working with ambitious minds from all around the world who wish to change things for the good by means of high-quality technology. From mobile app development to AR-VR technologies, AI and IoT they can handle it all.

Services: Web applications, mobile apps, Virtual Reality apps, IoT (Internet of Things), Game application development and E-commerce solutions. 


  • Telephone
    1 418-210-0199


Durham, NC Visit Website

CrossComm is one of those VR development companies that specializes in the conception and implementation of virtual reality-based application development services. They have consistently stayed in the front by delivering the latest app technology and following emerging trends over the past decade.

The company is way more than a software development studio because apart from people who can write code very well, they claim themselves to be 'Digital Sherpas' who seek to understand their clients' main motivations and then help them in interpreting them into the design and tech requirements.

Services: Blockchain Development, Server-Side Development, Web Development, VR/AR Development, Emerging Technology Consulting, Detailed Code Audits, SDK Development, MVP Discovery Sessions and Bluetooth Powered IoT


  • Telephone
    (919) 667-9432

Mutual Mobile

Austin, TX Visit Website

As an Innovation Consultancy, people at Mutual Mobile aim to bring digital experiences to life through the means of their integrated approach to design, development, deployment and technology. From innovative solutions to complex problems, everything requires a different approach for development.

This is the primary reason why the team of Mutual Mobile combines equal parts of strategy, design and engineering, along with R&D as a shared responsibility. And beneath the surface of this highly collaborative, iterative environment lies a passion for studying end-users in various industry verticals.

Services: Internet of Things, App Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality application development services and Conversation Design.


  • Telephone


Nashua, NH Visit Website

Last but not the least, the Zco Corporation, a trusted custom software development company, is next on the list of best VR app development companies. So far the company has built its reputation for excellence for more than three whole decades. Their team of app developers has created robust app development solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and even Fortune 500 companies.

Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, Web-based Apps, Enterprise Solutions, Custom Hardware Integration and Big Data are some of their core technical capabilities. And along with that their technical proficiencies include NodeJS, jQuery, AJAX, AWS, HTML5, JavaScript, React Native etc..

Services: iOS, Android, Windows app development, Unity, PHP, Custom Hardware Integration, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, UI/UX Design and 3D Animation.


  • Telephone

This was our take on some of the best virtual reality app development companies that are widely known for delivering excellent VR app development services to their clients from all around the world. In addition to this, we would also like to state the fact that the above list has been curated only after contacting with various clients who have worked with these virtual reality application development companies for their projects related to virtual reality (VR) and then collected their feedback regarding the experience.

We at MobileAppDaily hope that this report on 'Top Virtual Reality App Development Companies in 2019' will be of extreme help to those who are looking to work with a trusted VR app development company that delivers virtual reality application development services even better than their expectations. And if you have some queries or other doubts regarding the process of developing an app or a VR application, then feel free to 'Contact Us' our team and we will make sure to resolve all your queries at the earliest.

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