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Top Mobile App Marketing Companies 2018

We researched on the list of the best app marketing agencies across the globe. Here is the insight from our research:

Here are the top app marketing firms :

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Every year hundreds and thousands of Mobile Apps are slowly deteriorating in the app stores...

Yes, the number of these mobile applications who are neglected, forgotten and abandoned ranks in millions!

According to a recent statistic report, Statista reported that the 'Average number of new Android app Releases per day' in the first quarter of 2018 is 6140 and that's just the number for the android ones.

To save your Mobile App from getting lost in the midst of thousands of other forgotten applications, a top-notch Mobile App Marketing Company can be your true savior! Because Marketing Agencies are the ones that can help your business in capitalizing every opportunity the best and also help in recreating your business's brand image.

With a number of Mobile App Marketing Firms available today, our job is to find out the very best option for your mobile app. Right now, the mobile industry is showing another level of competence that was never witnessed below. Now, the main objective for a prominent Mobile Marketing Agency is to make the brand interact with its clients in the same way the users require their assistance.

And those are the prominent ones that we have listed here because when we do our 'Research', we dig deep!

As a Mobile Application News Portal, MobileAppDaily finds an immense amount of pleasure casting these high-end marketing organizations from all across the globe into this list of the Top Players of the Marketing World.

So, here is the list of the Top Mobile App Marketing Companies of 2018 based on the R&D of MobileAppDaily's team, that can help your business and Mobile products to step up their marketing services.



Naveen Tewari is behind InMobi as the CEO and the founder of InMobi that has been serving to the clients’ requirements from the past 10 years. As the top mobile app marketing agency, the agency has been serving with specific app services to the clients. InMobi dedicatedly serves the clients as one of the leading app marketing companies. InMobi takes unconventional app marketing methods to offer brand recognition services to the clients.

The marketing agency mainly focuses to think big when it comes to delivering the mobile advertising services. The creative professionals specialize in media, digital, app and creative communication services. InMobi’s holistic approach to marketing is an optimistic one that includes cross-channel marketing campaigns to stand out in the competition. The mobile advertising agency is creative, bold, and imaginary enough to offer scaling mobile app marketing services to the clients.

InMobi Services: Marketing and Customer Insights, User Acquisition, Remarketing and advertising, Monetization For Publishers.

Tagline: Helping marketers win

Service Focus:
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Dot Com Infoway

New York, USA

The CEO’s role in any organization always remains influential as the person sets new goals for employees to follow. Under the impressive guidance of Venkatesh C.R, Dot Com Infoway has managed to be an influential organization that promises optimum app growth to the clients with its prominent marketing services.

The advertising services from the agency include app promotion packages at a cost that is much affordable. The company majorly focuses on pre app marketing practices in order to create the required hype for an app to be launched in the market. This gives recognition and the right amount of popularity that too before the app launch.  

Dot Com Infoway Services: App Store Optimization, Pre-Launch Promotion, PR, Influencer Marketing Services, Paid User Acquisition Services, User Engagement Services.  

Tagline: Boost your mobile business

+1 (646) 513-4044
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M&C Saatchi Performance


M&C Saatchi Performance claims to pave the path to the success with just one strategy that is being mobile. The smartphone revolution services have offered it exceptional global recognition from the clients. The award-winning global mobile marketing agency has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, LA, Singapore, and Sydney. The core marketing team of 140+ members has helped the marketing agency to engage with their customers using data-driven mobile media solutions.

With its exceptional marketing services in mobile app advertising, the agency looks forward to providing the best ROI on the brand campaign. M&C Saatchi Performance delivers the best marketing services by pushing the boundaries and designing the ad marketing campaigns as per specific clients’ need. Owing to the same reason, the agency has grabbed some of the best awards under the guidance of James Hilton, the CEO.

M&C Saatchi Performance Services: Mobile strategy, Conversion Tracking, and Optimisation, App Store Optimisation, Mobile Acquisition, Media Planning and Buying, Programmatic Buying, App Development, User Experience.

Tagline: We deliver world-class performance marketing services to help brands grow in the hyper-connected age.

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New Delhi, India

As a leading SEO and mobile app marketing agency, Techmagnate is redefining the marketing trends with its specific services. With Techmagnate, the digital marketing experience for the clients gets better with services as per the request. Being a prominent agency based in New Delhi, India, Techmagnate first outlines the plan and then evolve and employ the same to garner the results.

The suite of top-notch digital marketing services at this agency includes practices of search engine optimization, digital marketing services and more to bring visibility to the apps. The professional excellence behind a dedicated team is one of the success mantras for this agency to lead the avenue under the expert assistance of Sarvesh Bagla, the CEO.

Techmagnate Services: Digital Marketing Services Including SEO, PPC, Social Media, ASO, Video SEO, Mobile App Marketing, ORM and CRO Services To Empower clients’ Business.

Tagline: SEO & Mobile App Marketing Agency

Service Focus:
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London, UK

As a leading mobile market agency, Fetch has been redesigning the approach and the scope of the mobile ad marketing campaigns for the clients. Fetch specializes in running ad marketing campaigns on top social media sites to give ultimate benefits to the clients. The marketing company uses the first and the third party data resources to design a campaign that could prove worthy of the services offered to the clients.

For the agency, the personal experience of the clients matters the most. And thus the professionals design the services to suit perfectly to the requirements of the clients. They include an added advantage of personalization when designing ad campaigns under the expert guidance of James Connelly, the CEO.

Fetch Services: Digital Media Services, Mobile-First Ad Experience, Digital Marketing Services, Motion Graphics, Paid Social Media Services.

Tagline: We are mobile first

+44 (0)20 3675 7020
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London, United Kingdom

Mozoo is a leading advertising media planning agency that offers end-to-end tailored mobile solutions. Having its office space in Paris and London, Mozoo works to offer an exceptional user experience with its campaign services. It is in the creation of highly engaging ad campaigns that hold prominence for the agency. Mozoo takes an intelligent optimization technique to offer the services from a team of experts that ensures on-time project delivery and an exceptional ad campaign experience to the clients.

The cost-effective solutions from the award-winning agency prove to be very much prominent for the global clients. The unique portfolio of expertise makes this agency one of the leading service providers in similar domain. The cost-effective innovations along with the suitable elements of artificial intelligence help the organization leave no stone unturned to offer the assistance.

Mozoo Services: Mobile Advertising & Marketing, Mobile Application Promotion, Innovation, Creativity and Performance, Mobile Traffic Generation.

Tagline: Innovative advertising experiences on mobile

Service Focus:
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Moscow, Russia

It is one of the global leaders in mobile application marketing. The agency provides a full range of marketing services right from branding and consultation to managing the product launch for the clients. It has a successful network to circulate the PR among the audience so that their marketing efforts could get the maximum exposure.

The social marketing services from the agency excel the ideation and then of course the visibility it gets from the audience. With Mobio, the mobile app marketing services become much more prominent and effective at the same time. Established in 2009, the agency has been serving dedicatedly to the clients under the expert supervision of CEO Sergey Konovalov.

Mobio Services: Mobile Apps Marketing, Product Consulting, Branding, Public Relations, Paid Media.

Tagline: Mobile user acquisition agency

+7 (495) 646-85-95
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Minsk, Belarus

Being a creative contender, Zorka.Mobi is a creative mobile advertising agency when it comes to delivering the services. Zorka.Mobi has already established its niche in influencer marketing with the practices like CPI/CPA media buying, ASO, app branding and other similar practices. The complete range of services suits to the specific requirements of the clients and therefore delivers the same by covering client’s needs.

The CPI and CPA campaigns from the Zorka.Mobi look promising when they offer advertising services either to a budding organization or to an established app agency. The app marketing agency has some globally acclaimed developers and strategists who do the complete work. Under the helpful guidance of CEO Dmitry Hudoy, the app marketing agency has proved its excellence in different ad campaign services.

Zorka.Mobi Services: Strategy Development, Influencer Marketing, CPI/CPA Media Buying, ASO, Apple Search Ads and Remarketing Campaigns.

Tagline: Creative Mobile Performance Agency


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Yodel Mobile

London, United Kingdom

Known as one of the leading mobile and app marketing agencies, this agency is a globally acclaimed and award-winning app consultancy, offering exceptional app marketing support for their clients. This includes single territory start-ups to established, multi-territory, international brands such as The Economist Group, NBCUniversal, mytaxi, Bauer Media, Fujifilm, and Teletext Holidays.

Founded in 2007, Yodel Mobile has been reinventing the app marketing solutions for the clients and continuing to operate as a prominent industry leader. They offer a broad range of services including Mobile Strategy and Research, Early Stage App Business Support, Paid User Acquisition and ‘Fit to Market programme’. The firm’s unique programme ensures clients stand out in the crowded marketplace through optimisation that drive organic discoverability and improve retention of the most valuable users. This innovative organic growth optimisation strategy consists of activities across ASO, mCRM, Searchability, engagement, user sharing, analytics & attribution and more.

Yodel Mobile Services: Mobile marketing Strategy and Research, Early Stage App Business Support, Fit to Market, Paid User Acquisition

Tagline: App Marketing Success

+44 (0)20 7428 1310
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Studio Mosaic

New Delhi, India

Being a growth-oriented app marketing & consulting agency based in India, the agency services the clients with outstanding ad campaign design services. The enthusiastic team of app experts has till date promoted 350+ apps all across the globe, resulting in increased user acquisition. The optimal cost and enhance app marketing revenues add more to the complete suite of services that the organization offers to the users.

The marketing agency tracks the ad campaign prominently in order to offer the best returns to the clients. The CEO, Akhil Chandra takes the complete responsibility of app marketing, designing, developing, and delivering the best services through expert assistance. The delightful marketing assistance to the clients has helped the company to become one favorite in no time.

Studio Mosaic Services: Social Media Marketing, App Store Optimisation, Press Release, Paid Ad Campaign Management, Marketing Led Content & Design Creation.

Tagline: A full service mobile app agency

+9111 43598528
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Being a leading mobile user acquisition agency that has garnered excellence in performance through marketing and conduction of the advertising, the campaigns at Qmobi are designed to cover up the maximum Internet audience. Zeeshan Akhtar is leading Qmobi at the forefront as the CEO in order to take care of an array of services offered by the agency to the clients.

Right from brand mobile advertisement to the best ASO practices and to performing top app store optimization techniques, Qmobi has remained a prominent player in order to provide the complete digital marketing services. The unique innovative practices from Qmobi are packed with perfect digital solutions in order to serve something of value to the clients as the best mobile app marketing agency.

Qmobi Services: Social Media, Contextual Advertising, User Acquisition And Market Research, SEO and Marketing Services.

Tagline: We advertise and promote mobile applications

+1 (415) 854 84 62
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Prague, Czech Republic

The team of mobile experts at AppAgent does some serious business for the clients when it comes to delivering exceptional ad campaigns. The company concentrates at the client’s user base in order to add on to the existing base by offering some prominent services. With some effective planning, AppAgent analyzes the requirements of the clients in order to provide them with the best assistance. The team has got hands-on experience as one of the prominent mobile marketing companies that also provides data acquisition services.

Right from the data analysis to the acquisition services, the mobile app agency is doing wonders to offer the services to the clients. The team of exceptional professionals includes managers, data analysts, designers, and acquisition managers. The holistic approach that the agency takes in providing the app marketing services is taking AppAgent to new places under the expert supervision of Peter Fodor, the CEO.

Appagent Services: Mobile Marketing Services, App Store Optimization, Mobile Acquisition, Mobile Media Planning,

Tagline: Mobile marketing experts for hire

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New York, NY

Appular has introduced itself as a strategic marketing agency in the market. The agency offers services to mobile apps and mobile-focused enterprises. Appular was initiated in 2009 by Brian Akaka, the CEO and the founder. Appular has many gems in its crown and the most prominent one includes driving more than 500 million downloads for its clients through a mix of advertising platforms and public relations services.

Appular’s marketing and user acquisition strategists are the best offerings from the company. The agency perfectly pairs the mobile app marketing industry best practices in order to provide influential services. Appular has worked with a suite of organizations right from the ones listed under the fortune 500 companies to person start-ups. As an influential mobile app marketing agency, the agency has been redefining the solutions right from the year of its establishment.

Appular Services: Public Relation Services, Marketing And Growth Hacking, User Acquisition Strategists, Full-service Solution During Development, Launch And Growth.

Tagline: Strategy Made Mobile

Service Focus:
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App Promo

Toronto, Canada

App Promo helps the clients with the business of Apps. App Promo offers a complete suite of services including strategy and monetization services across iOS, Android, and Windows. When it comes to ad campaigns, the agency takes the specific approach to offer the services to the clients. App Promo holds expertise in rooting the campaign ideas and to deliver growth to the apps from such campaigns. App Promo takes a number of approaches including PR, paid media promotions to offer the services from the industry experts.

App Promo also works to improve the strategies in order to give its clients the work satisfaction. App Promo is prominent to design app promotion techniques, ASO Practices, digital app marketing services and other similar services. The CEO Gary Yentin takes the personal interest in designing and offering the services to the clients.

App Promo Services: App Strategy, App Marketing, App Monetization, App Store optimization

Tagline: Rapid solutions with lasting results

Service Focus:
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Boston, MA

Sean Casto as the CEO and the founder of the organization started the agency back in 2012 only to be prominent in its app marketing strategy. The agency especially focuses on  strategic planning. PreApps can help your app grow exponentially with some solid traction to bring growth and prominence to your application. The experts at PreApps hold considerable experience in the app marketing domain and can easily bring pause to all your marketing needs at an affordable price.

The complementary growth plan for an application majorly depends upon the targeted audience, the app niche, specific trends in the market in particular app category and other specific needs to address. With a featured plan the targeted goals seem easy to achieve.

PreApps Services: App Promotion To Millions, Worldwide Recognition, Influencer Marketing, App Growth Consulting. App Store Optimization, App Press Release, App Review Submission, App Demo Video & More.

Tagline: We help grow apps to millions of downloads and sales

(855) 445-2280
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We have always remained distinguished when spreading the news around mobile app agencies through our reports. And this time, we descended on the field to search for the best companies owing to their abilities to offer marketing services.

And we did our homework too! As the team of MobileAppDaily also got in touch with some of the service providers and connected with the clients to know more about their specific App Marketing Strategies.

After talking to these clients and knowing their feedback on respective app marketing agencies we concluded whether they hold the caliber to be featured in this list or not.

This list includes the global contenders known to provide influential digital marketing services. Here are the insights from the ground report and this time we have jotted down globally ranked Top Mobile Marketing Agencies based on their services but not in any priority order.

The advertising agencies listed above have been shortlisted depending upon their services towards the clients and the Global Recognition they have received by offering their assistance to several businesses.

In this race of Digital Economy, the above-listed companies have already highlighted their niche with their Client-centric Mobile and Web Marketing Services as well as plans in the Mobile App Industry.

We hope that this list of the 'Top Mobile App Marketing Companies 2018' might come handy for you, in your future endeavors regarding Mobile App Marketing.