How Mobile App Industry Is Transforming Food Industry?

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Mobile App Industry Transformed Food Industry

If you poke around any app store, you will see a huge collection of food-based apps. Some are simple recipe books, but, the most downloaded and used are the apps that offer delivery services.

We are most familiar with apps such as UberEats or Deliveroo which offer delivery services that replace the typical delivery driver at your local pizza place. Instead of every restaurant having its own delivery drivers, they often utilize a third-party service which does the delivery for them.

This disruptive technology has long been in the market, and while it has changed the food industry and made food delivery a little bit easier, it has had less of an impact than another form of food service app.

Healthy Food Delivery

Despite the rapid growth in the food delivery industry, many people are increasingly focusing on eating healthier food. Getting food delivered from a local restaurant is marketed as a simple solution for busy millennials, but, other companies are offering simplicity mixed with healthy meals.

A variety of companies offer either fully prepared meals or ingredients and recipes to make healthy and simple meals without having to leave the house.

These apps are combining multiple trends seen especially amongst younger consumers. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are leading the food delivery trend, but, they are also concerned about their health and sustainability. By offering recipes, these companies are also encouraging people to cook at home and enjoy the kitchen.

Thibault Perinet of said, “we are seeing an increasing number of young people who are interested in cooking at home. Millennials also want to meal plan more, and when asked about half of the people in this age group say they want to plan their meals out so they can save money and eat healthier.

Meal planning and health food delivery apps will continue to grow as consumers look to eat healthier for a cheaper price. As many big delivery companies run into trouble with government regulations and difficulties in turning a profit, other apps can swoop in and disrupt the established food delivery market.

While traditional food delivery apps struggle with striking the balance between offering cheap prices and paying their delivery drivers, other sectors in the food app industry can build an advantage. Offering meal planning advice is cheap, and many health food apps offer a premium for their service.

Some will argue that the proliferation of food delivery app has had a negative impact on the health of people worldwide, but if people are encouraged to think more about what they eat then we could see a new revolution when it comes to food.

Mobile app development companies are making the introduction of food delivery apps the biggest revolution. Today, the food apps are not only limited to ordering the favorite food but also permit people to decide and cook their day-to-day meals as per their taste and convenience.

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