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How to Create Facebook Video Ads from Still Images

Facebook offers a great platform to connect with people to Create Facebook Video Ads from Still Images

When you want to do more video ads on Facebook, but don’t have any footage, it’s still possible to create effective video ads with nothing more than still images. All it takes is a little motion.

Facebook recently added a new production framework called “Create to Convert.” It’s expressly designed to help advertisers create videos for ads from still images.

There are four options for the types of videos you can make. These definitions are straight from Facebook’s page about Create to Convert.

Basic Motion

Animate your still image by adding only one or two elements of motion in a few seconds and include a call-to-action (CTA) card at the end to drive your desired business outcome.

This is a brand in motion ad we did for Restaurant Dash:

Benefit in Motion

Bring the key benefit or message of your ad to life through animation in a few seconds. This could be a product benefit, a special offer or discount, a testimonial or product variety. Highlighting the benefit will illuminate the value to your audience and adding a CTA at the end will enable them to take the next step toward conversion easily.

This ad for Design Home is a good example of benefits in motion:

Demo in Motion

Focus motion on demonstrating how your app, website, service, product or feature work. Show people how to navigate your offerings and include a CTA at the end to take action right from your ad seamlessly.

This ad for Restaurant Dash is all about showing how the app works:

Do these in motion ads actually work? Yes! According to tests by Facebook, 69% of the companies who tested ads made with the Create to Convert framework saw improvements. In one case, conversion rates skyrocketed 500% with these new video ads.

How to Create Video Ads from Still Images Within The Facebook Ad Manager

How do you use this new feature? Until recently, you’d have to hire the Facebook Creative Team or work with an agency partner. Just recently, Facebook rolled out this functionality to regular advertisers. It’s right there waiting for you in your account.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Create a new campaign and choose the objective “App installs.” The ability to turn images into videos was only available for the app installs objective. If you want to use this feature for a different type of objective, reach out to Facebook’s Creative Shop team, or seek out a Facebook Partner to create an ad for you.

App Install

2. Click the blue “Learn more” link in the box that the arrow above is pointing to. Next, you’ll see a pop-up like this:

Video Ads

3. Click the “Get Started” button. You’ll be prompted to go to the Format section of the ad creation process.

Get Started

4. Choose “Single Video” from the options there. On that same page, you’ll be prompted to do the next step, which is to click “Use Templates” to turn images and text into a customized video.

Single Video

Now you get to see all the possible templates. They’re broken out by:

  • Square or Vertical Templates
  • Holiday or Standard Themes  

possible templates

That panel on the right is to show you examples of the different templates in motion.

templates in motion.

Here are all the templates for Square videos with the Standard (non-holiday) theme:

Standard Theme

And here are all the vertical video templates using the holiday theme:

video templates

5. Once you’ve picked a template, you’ll see a new screen within the pop-up. This is where you’ll define the first scene of your video:

picked a template

For example, you can choose a white background for your first images to the video ad.

white background

6. Next, you’ll be asked to add a logo or a small image.

small image.

Add an image in the bottom left corner:

image in the bottom

7. Click the “Scene 2” icon to define background and add some text:

add some text

You can leave the background image white, and add some text in the top third of the video:

background image white

The toggle buttons in the upper right corner of each section let you opt out of using certain elements.

 toggle buttons

8. Complete the settings for Scene 3. You’ll be given the same options as for Scenes 1 and 2:

Facebook Video Ads

9. The last step is to define the Effects in your video. You can use a Sticker, but you could also add a frame or some colors.

frame or some colors

You can specify the size and location of the sticker, just like the text and image elements:

text and image elements

10. Click “Use Video” to save your work. On the next screen, you’ll be back in familiar territory, specifying other elements and settings for the ad.

Use Video


So, if you are looking to curate best facebook video ads from a few still images, it isn’t that difficult. If you take some time and use some of the best practices we’ve found for mobile video ads, you can turn still image into videos.

best practices

For more information on video editing, you can comment below and we at ‘MobileAppDaily,’ will try to assist you with the same.

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