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FAQs On Health And Fitness App Development

Know about the types of health and fitness apps with their cost and features.

 Health and Fitness App Development

Health and Fitness App Development, that's the buzzword of the year 2018. This is because people have finally understood the importance of their health and fitness. And all the credit goes to these health and fitness-related apps who are making a majority of the population aware of their significance. 

All this awareness has lead to a huge demand in the app development industry for the health and fitness apps especially mobile apps. That's why in this article today, we will be covering the topic of health and fitness app development and also we will be answered some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic. 

Let’s start with the different types of fitness and health applications that are available in the market. 

Types of Health and Fitness Applications

These are the main types of fitness and health apps that currently have the largest demand in the lifestyle and health category: 

Type of health apps

1. Diet and Nutrition

In the diet and nutrition type of fitness and healthy, mainly the nutrition as well as the calorie value of each food item is described. Along, with this many other information regarding the daily diet chart is also provided to the user by the application.

The diet and nutrition type of mobile apps are best for those who are just in need of a balanced diet that can help them maintain a healthy body state.  

2. Personal Trainer

The next type of fitness and health apps is the personal trainer type which is one of the most popular types of these apps. Mostly, in personal apps, the pre-arranged workout and exercise routines are featured. Another thing that makes it a favorite of the users is that the user can choose the format of his/her exercise routine. 

For example, the workout routine can be in video format, illustrations format, three-dimensional or even just in the form of text. In this type of apps, the user has the option to set up the level of difficulty based on their body and fitness goals. With the personal trainer type of apps, many people feel more comfortable in comparison to the gym. 

3. Yoga and Meditation

According to many researchers, the best approach to health consists of both psychological and physical well being, which further concluded to yoga and meditation. These yoga and meditation types of apps have slowly started to rise as people are showing awareness for spiritual cleansing as well. 

The yoga and meditation type of applications are for users who want to keep their mind and body in the healthy state without following a heavy workout routine. 

4. Activity Trainer

The most widely known fitness and health app type is the activity tracking type of apps, which basically tracks and monitors the user's activities. These physical activities include jogging, running, swimming, cycling, hiking and many more. 

The activity tracking applications use different kinds of sensors to monitor and record the user's activity information. Today, most of these sensors requirement is fulfilled by our smartphones. 

So, these were the four main types of health and fitness apps that are trending right now and hold a significant share in the fitness and health sector. Another thing that is making these fitness applications so adaptable is the fact that they are available for a number of devices. For example, smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and many more. 

Essential Features of Health and Fitness Applications

Below is the list of some of the most important features that are essential for great fitness and health application:

Essential Features of Health and Fitness Applications

1. Easy Registration Process

You might have heard of the famous saying, ' the first impression is the last impression'. Well, that's true in this case because users are always looking for hassle-free signs and if your sign up process alone is complicated the user won't even proceed with your health-related application. To make the registration process simple, you can add the 'login through social media' option for the end-users. To make your app more secure add the facility of OTP or verification code with the user's contact number. 

2. Interactive User Profile

After the registration process, the feature of user profile comes into the view which is another important feature that requires extra attention. In this section, the end-user fills up his/her details and other personal information like name, date of birth, contact number and much more. All users crave a creative profile that's highly interactive, to make the app more fun for them to use. More functionalities can be added as time passes to keep up with the trend. 

3. Social Media Integration

Social media integration has now become a must-have feature for not only the health and fitness applications but for all types of apps. This is because of today the users like to update their whereabouts on their various social media platforms to maintain a steady number of followers. Integrating various social media platforms to your application will also provide a boost to the online search for your brand. 

4. Wearable Device Support

Since the last year, the wearable devices have been a huge trend that people are desperately trying to be a part of. Mainly, smartwatches are the ones that a majority of people are opting for. The community of wearable devices is growing at a significant rate so it won't be a smart move to left out such a big portion of the population. You can make your application more user-friendly by providing support for the wearable devices.

5. Option of Tracking

The field of fitness and health is the one where user likes to see the graph of progress, meaning that he/she compares their previous state with the current state after using a particular app. So provide your users the option of tracking of data as well as the recording of their activity information. For example, inform the users of the number of calories that have burned in their recent activity or display the real-time data as per their activities. 

6. GPS Support

The GPS support or the geolocation feature is essential to add to the fitness and health app, if there are physical activities included like jogging, cycling, hiking, trekking, running, walking, etc. The main reason for adding this feature is that with this, the location of the user can be tracked which can also be used while adding new functionality to the app. 

7. Push Notifications

In the case of health and fitness app product development, the feature of push notifications is vital and if you are a regular reader of MobileAppDaily. Then, you might have read about the importance of push notifications especially in driving retention on your application. Similarly, including push notifications to your app will act as a reminder for your users to re-engage with the app on a regular basis. 

8. Video format Tutorials

There's no denying the fact that the user prefers the video format when it comes to learning something new. As the video practically explains the right way to do an activity. A workout routine cannot be explained entirely on the pictorial representation of the exercises included. So, to make proper use of health and fitness apps the users do need the video tutorials for various fitness and health routines. 

9. IAP Services

The IAP services also known as the in-app purchases is one of the widely known methods to earn revenue through your mobile or web application. With your health and fitness app, you can offer the option of buying special workout courses, specialized fitness gear and apparel with your brand logo over it. This is a great feature from the revenue perspective for your application. 

10. Various Payment Options

Many people might think of this feature as optional but if we look at the current state of mobile commerce, adding these features is now equally important. Because if your app consists of the IAP feature, then you will also be needing a payment gateway feature to integrate with it. To make this feature more versatile, instead of adding just a payment option include various payment options to provide the user with a better experience. 

There are also several additional features like in-built chatting option or any other functionality can be added in the updated versions of your health and fitness apps. Now, it's time to talk about the cost involved in developing fitness and health-related application. 

Cost of Health & Fitness Application Development

The cost to develop a health and fitness application mainly depends on three factors which are: 

Cost of Health & Fitness Application Development

1. Hourly Rate

As we have already discussed in some of our previous article regarding the app development. The cost of app development is less in India in comparison to the hourly rate of app developers in the USA and Europe. The hourly rate tends to vary from one location to another. The rate of app development in America ranges from $50 to $150 whereas, in India, the hourly rate ranges from just $25 to $50. Instead of going for the cheaper deal, your aim should be to hire mobile app developers that hold previous experience in developing fitness and health applications. 

2. Project Duration

Next comes the point of the project duration i.e. the total amount of the time duration which was required for developing the application. The amount of duration also depends on the number of features, as well as, the complexity of the features that the client requires in the app. The different platforms may require different time durations as in android platform the testing phase is longer than the iOS platform which indicates longer time duration. 

3. Feature Integration

The complexity level and feature integration go hand-in-hand when it comes to determining the cost of application development. The application consisting of high-level and complex features tend to cost more as the development duration also increases while building them. For adding complex features in your app, you will also require more experienced app developers at your service which will eventually cost more. 

So, these are the key factors that contribute to the total cost of developing a fitness and health application. We hope that the answers to these FAQs will provide great insights for you regarding the fitness and health app development process.

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