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Celebrate Earth Day 2021 by Installing Best Eco-Friendly Apps

Joulebug, one of the best eco apps, gives you targets to achieve to motivate you in adapting to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Best Eco Friendly Apps

We have entered into a time where being an environmentalist is not a choice anymore. For a healthy future, and sustainable life, we have to learn to take care of Mother Earth more than ever before. And to do that, every little step can make a difference. Recycling, a greener lifestyle, and reduced carbon footprints are some of the examples people are adopting in their everyday life to help this world become healthier.

A report by Statista suggests that before Covid 19, the world witnessed an emission of 36.44 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2019. However, Covid confined everyone for more than a year since 2020 and that reduced this volume expectedly. 

Moving forward, we are discussing something almost every smartphone user can do to help nature. Currently, more than 3 billion smartphone users are existing in the world. Therefore, a few geniuses and environmentalists developed a few environment apps to help people in developing a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Let’s see how these go green apps guide people! 

Change your lifestyle with these best eco-friendly apps

These best eco apps have their unique ways of serving the world. Some help you in tracking your carbon footprint, while other environmentally-friendly apps will help you in keeping up with new and future trends and technologies that can help the world in getting healthier.

1. Oroeco

This beautiful environmental science app is filled with tips and guides that can help you in adapting to a more environmentally friendly life. You can sign up, and add even your communities to keep a track of everyone’s contributions to the better world. In a few steps, you can figure out the impact of your choices on the environment and how you can help it better.

Features of this one of the top go green apps:

  • Track and reduce your carbon footprint to become a climate hero
  • Know how your actions affect the environment
  • Save planet and money as well with environment-friendly tips by Oroeco
  • Earn rewards for every wise choice you make
  • Compete with your community members to inspire them 

Download this one of the top environmentally-friendly apps for Android

2. My Little Plastic Footprint

This clever environmental science app smartly tracks your plastic footprints. The purpose is to make sure that your plastic usage volume is reducing day by day. Intending to make Earth plastic-free, this one of the best eco apps has categories of plastic for you to choose from once you stop using them. 

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of My Little Plastic Footprint app here.

Features of this best eco-friendly apps:

  • Make a profile to start tracking the plastic footprint of your area
  • Add items you use to measure specific plastic footprint that you are contributing
  • With Plastic Mass Index (PMI), reduce your footprint effectively
  • Keep a track of your plastic diet and use alternatives suggested by the app

Download this app eco friendly for Android and iOS

3. GoCarma

GoCarma follows a unique way to help the environment. The app is focused on promoting the carpooling culture among users. Moreover, by signing up as a driver, you can save a lot on your monthly tolls on HOV registered tolls. Well, now when only the US registered 284.5 million vehicles in 2019, you can imagine the carbon we all are producing. Carpooling can at least make a little difference. Also, there are many available guidelines to develop a profitable carpooling app if you ever lookout to adapt to the carpooling culture.

Features of this one of the best eco-friendly apps:

  • Register to get discounts on HOV tolls
  • Reduce carbon contribution by promoting carpooling
  • Save money with the GoCarma pass
  • With the special Bluetooth device, the app can automatically detect the number of people in the car

Download this one of the best eco apps for Android and iOS

4. iRecycle

In the US, iRecycle is serving to give you the location of recycling centers according to your location. These recycling centers are capable of helping you recycle over 350 types of materials. With this simple but one of the best eco apps, you can find the nearest recycling center and easily dispose of recyclable items.

Features of this one of the best environmental news apps:

  • Choose materials and nearest recycling centers to find their routes
  • Browse Earth911’s articles with this one of the best environmental news apps
  • The app has a network of almost 110,000 recycling programs
  • Choose the type of material to find recycle center accordingly

Download this one of the top environmentally-friendly apps for Android and iOS

5. GreenChoice

Ever got tired of exploring items and going through their nutrition charts for each item? Well, developers of GreenChoice felt the same way. This app is designed to provide you with recommendations according to your diet preferences. Enter your allergies, values, and diet to get recommendations instantly.

Features of this environmental science app:

  • Everything you buy on GreenChoice is produced with reduced Carbon and Water footprint
  • Get your diet preferences instantly 
  • The app scans nutritions and processing values as well
  • It makes sure only environment-friendly products are added to its catalogs

Download this environmental science app for Android and iOS

6. Ecosia

Ecosia is a unique app that helps tackle climate change while also protecting your privacy. All you have to do is download the app and search the web with Ecosia. The search ads generate income for Ecosia and they in turn use that income to plant trees. The Ecosia app is based on Mozilla’s Firefox and gives you an intuitive, fast, and secure browsing experience with everything you need, including tabs, incognito mode, bookmarks, downloads, and dark mode.

Features of this one of the top environment apps:

  • Plant tress with your searches
  • Searches are always SSL-encrypted
  • The app is available in dark mode
  • Features ad blocker and incognito mode

Download this one of the top go-green apps for Android and iOS

7. Recycle Coach

The app is designed to remind you of the garbage collection schedule according to the community you live in. You can easily figure out when the garbage will be collected and dispose of the same accordingly. Moreover, if you find that your community bins are broken, you can report that via the app as well.

Features of this one of the best eco apps:

  • Explore educational apps and tools to learn how to recycle
  • Get collection event reminders before the date
  • Report broken bins, missed collections, or illegal dumpings
  • Search materials and instructions to dispose of them

Download this one of the best eco-friendly apps for Android and iOS

8. Joulebug

This environmental science app gives you daily targets to achieve a more sustainable environment. With your contribution, you can report it on the app to earn achievements. Each action you make that contributes to the better health of the environment, you earn points and badges. 

Features of this one of the best environmental news apps:

  • Earn points and badges to become an expert environmentalist
  • Follow targets and fulfill them to unlock achievements
  • Save the world like you are playing a game
  • Track the career stats to see your contribution to the better world

Download this one of the environment apps for Android and iOS

9. Fill It Forward

With Fill it Forward, you can keep a track of your environmental impact. To begin with, place a Fill it Forward sticker on your reusable items. Later, every time you use the item, scan the sticker. It will result in a charitable contribution by the Fill it Forward for each scan and you get to know your contribution to the betterment of the environment.

Features of this one of the best eco apps:

  • Scan stickers and Fill it Forward will make a charitable contribution
  • Keep a track of your environment-friendly contributions
  • Join community groups to measure the collective impact you make
  • Check the leaderboard to find out the top contributor

Download this eco-friendly app for Android and iOS

To conclude, these apps that we discussed are one of the many steps that you can take to help in improving environmental health. Since the era when the industrial revolution began, we came far. We are now more advanced compared to before. Now we have more resources as alternatives to carbon fuels that are making the climate worse. Therefore, slowly, we can reduce the usage of these harmful chemicals and adapt the ways that are needed for the hour. Hopefully, the climate change problem we are facing right now will disappear soon and Mother earth will be able to breathe with relief once again.

Now, if you are reading this blog to take inspiration for your next eco-friendly app, hopefully, this blog was useful. However, once your app is developed, you should get your app reviewed as well. Getting it reviewed will help you in identifying if your app lacks something along with its real potential. Moreover, expert app reviewers will also guide you through the probability of its success in the real world and how you can improve it.

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