Coffee Meets Bagel Reported Mega Data Breach On Valentine's Day

A security alert by Coffee Meets Bagel is something you do not expect on Valentine's Day.

Coffee Meets Bagel Reported Mega Data Breach On Valentine\'s Day

Waking up on Valentine’s Day and hearing the upsetting news of the data breach, it sums up to a not so happy Valentine’ Day. Nothing can be bad on Valentine’s day than this message: Your personal information had been compromised.

Coffee Meets Bagel sent messages to their users via emails alerting them about the data breach Thursday morning, saying it first learned of the hack just days before. According to a report by The Register, the breach affected over 6 million Coffee Meets Bagel users, whose 673 MB of data could be purchased on the dark web for less than $20,000 in bitcoin.

The company wrote,

Coffee Meets Bagel further added in the statement, “We take that responsibility seriously, so we informed our community as soon as possible—regardless of what calendar date it fell on—about what happened and what we are doing about it.”

Coffee Meets Bagel is just a part of a massive data breach which has affected over 618 million account details in total from apps like MyFitnessPal and Dubsmash.

Dating apps services promise users of making authentic connections and privacy but they are very prone to these type of data breaches. To make your data safer you can also take various steps on your own. For the protection of your identity, you can use the alternative or disposable email ids. You should use strong passwords and change them frequently.

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