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10 Best Photography Apps for your Android Smartphone

The apps that will reconstruct your idea about photography

10 Best Photography Apps for your Android Smartphone

So many of us are using our smartphones as our primary go-to camera because of its ease of use and convenience.  But unless you are a student of the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) school of photography, you want to perform edits on your photos before you share them with friends and family.  

And just like that easy-to-use smartphone camera, you want rich functionality and intuitive user interfaces in your smartphone apps as well.  Here are 10 of the best photography apps for Android for manipulating your digital images. 

Photography App

Copyright: Slavenko Vukasovic via Dreamstime

Photo Editing

From cropping to white balance, every great smartphone photographer needs a little help from time to time with basic photo editing.  Here are a couple of the best photo editing apps for Android. 

1. Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has long been considered the standard for digital photo editing, and their popular programs Lightroom and Photoshop are both available for your mobile devices.  This is the obvious choice if you are used to using the desktop versions, or if you want to start with the industry leader. 

2. Snapseed

With a 4 ½ star rating on Google Play, and owned and supported by Google, Snapseed is considered one of the best, integrated complete photo editing packages for your Android device.  Rich in features, and with an interface that is easy to learn and navigate, it provides the complete editing package. 

3. Touch Retouch

It doesn’t matter how carefully you compose your images, there will always be times when you still need to remove a person, sign, or other distracting features from your image. Touch Retouch provides the tools to remove those unwanted elements from your photos easily.

Touch Retouch

Copyright: Slavenko Vukasovic via Dreamstime

Photo Effects 

Beyond the ubiquitous selfies, you take digital photos to be able to add some great effects seamlessly on your smartphone.  Here are a few of the best photo effect apps. 

1. Afterlight 

Seamlessly add your choice of 59 filters, 66 unique textures, and 77 adjustable frames to images to render professional results with an intuitive user interface - additional support for cropping, transformations, and adjustments included in this bundle. 

2. Prisma  

Provides the ability to turn your pictures into works of art using 800 unique modern art filters and effects. 

3. SuperImpose

Looking for more advanced editing capabilities?  SuperImpose allows you to seamlessly integrated portions of different photos into one creative composite picture.


Copyright: Slavenko Vukasovic via Dreamstime

Planning a Photo Shoot 

And since we are on the go photographers today, there are a couple of mobile apps that are extremely useful for both advanced plannings and on the spot location hunting. 

1. PlanIt! For Photographers (PIFP) 

Includes a great search database for spots that photographers have tagged as interesting based on a GPS location (including a “find near me now” feature) as well as support for shot planning features like focal length, depth of field and panorama manipulations - rolled into one easy to use application. 

2. Photographers Ephemeris (PE)  

Once you have located the site for your shoot, you’ll want to determine the best angle and time of day to get the shots you want.  The Photographer’s Ephemeris allows you to enter any site by name or GPS coordinates and interactively view by map or satellite an area.

Displays include sun up/down and moon rise/set times and direction and position of the sun and moon at any given time and date. All of which helps make taking those golden hour photos you crave so much easier to plan and achieve. 

 Photographers Ephemeris

Copyright: Slavenko Vukasovic via Dreamstime

Sell and Share 

Dreamstime Companion App 

Why not make a little extra change from all those great photos you are taking?  The companion app for iOS and Android provides an easy to use the platform to license your photos with integrated tools to manage your submission process.

Use it to upload, keyword and sell all those great images you are manipulating with your newfound Android smartphone photo apps. 


These are some of the best apps for professional photographers and if you are a photography freak, grab these apps and transform your images in all-new avatars and experiments with various features that come with these amazing apps.

For more information on editing apps and best photography apps, you can comment below and we at ‘MobileAppDaily,’ will try to assist you with the same.

The photography apps mentioned above are the best for taking pictures of the world around us. But these are only valid for now. Since the technology keeps changing and new apps come and go, MobileAppDaily takes it upon ourselves to review apps and give our readers the most useful and updated information possible. Stay tuned for more such updates!
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