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10 Profitable Lite Apps: How These Work And Why You Need Them?

Discover what’s added in the Android Go edition! Explore the list if you don’t want to miss the apps’ X-factors.

Profitable Lite Apps

In 2015, Facebook launched its Facebook lite version which was aimed at improving the user experience of the entry-level Android smartphones. And since then the industry has witnessed so many other lite apps for Android come along the way to offer the best, fast and good-to-go user experience to the users even in spotty internet connection. 

Many countries are facing content accessibility issues for the past many years due to less and even bad internet bandwidth which encouraged Google to solve this problem by introducing extremely fast and lightweight Android Go apps. 

You might not find all these apps directly on the Google Play Store as these are restricted to be downloaded in a few regions including the US. But, here’s the best alternative to sideload these apps i.e., the APKMirror website. Here, you can simply browse and search the app you want to downlaod outside the Google Play Store

For your assistance, we have assembled a list of the best Google lightweight apps that are specifically developed as the copies of Google apps. These are lighter and are less resource-intensive that makes them run flawlessly on even lower-end smartphones. 

Take a look at the “Lite” versions of Google Go Apps

1. Google Go 

lite apps for android

Google Go app is the lighter version of the main Google main app which functions similarly as the main Google app including searching the web, opening up different web links, getting the weather forecast, and many others. 

This has been claimed as one of the best search engines which display highly-optimized results and saves up to 40% of mobile data. Moreover, the app is tried and tested for speed and accuracy. 

Using Google’s lite version app brings the most relevant results thereby cutting down the recommendations and other links that eat-up a lot of mobile data. Though you can find them with a single tap whenever needed. 

Download Google Go 

2. Google Maps Go 

 Google Maps Go

Download Google Maps Go to get faster, smarter and accurate route results. This Google Maps lite version is a robust progressive web app that lets the users use it via any web browser. The app is responsible for offering business listings, traffic info, and public transport schedules as per your search needs. 

Being a lightweight Android Go app, it is believed to be too much smaller in size than the existing main Google Maps app. This Google Maps lite mode for Android only listens to your commands and performs accordingly to offer you the exact route and traffic results by consuming less mobile data. 

Download Google Maps Go 

3. Gmail Go

Google officially launched Gmail

Google officially launched Gmail Go back in February 2018 and added it in its kit of best Android Go apps. Users admire this app for delivering uninterrupted services in less or no internet connection. The app weighs only or under 10MB which is comparatively lighter than the original Gmail app. 

Due to the lightweight, it has become easy for users to enjoy working with Gmail lite where major functions like smart replies and smart email categorization can be carried out flawlessly with low internet access. 

However, you won’t find all the advanced functions here with this Android lite version but still, you will be able to carry out important emailing activities if you’re running out of internet or mobile data. 

Download Gmail Go

4. Google Assistant Go 

small size apps for android

This is another one of the best lite apps by Google that weighs only 4.6MB but still possesses a fair amount of functionality needed by the users. When it comes to assistance, the app helps you make phone calls, get weather prediction reports, send text messages and many other activities. 

Users are enjoying this one of the well-developed apps under 5MB to get assistance for many day-to-day activities. The only functionalities they can’t get it here are the smart home and reminders. Rest, anyone can rely on it to get quick assistance in less connected areas. 

Download Google Assistant Go 

5. Twitter Lite 

lite browsers for android

Twitter Lite for Android, another top-rated Android Go app also winning the users’ hearts as a progressive web app. It’s lightweight and fast speed make it an easy to use app that can also be accessed web browser by eating only up to 730KB. 

Further, the app comes up with a data saver mode that lets users download the required media files which restrict other images and videos from downloading in low internet connections. 

Download Twitter Lite 

6. Chrome Lite 

best lite browser for android

Chrome Lite browser performs as the best lite browser for Android which gives you extremely fast and light browsing experience. The app works exactly like the main Google Chrome app and permits users to explore stories and find quick answers to the search queries. 

Being renowned as the of the lite browsers for Android, Chrome Lite also lets users enjoy music, shows, movies, etc. without hassle. 

Download Chrome Lite 

7. Skype Lite 

what does lite mean on apps

This extremely light version of the Skype chat app was specifically designed for the Indian market. The advanced copy named Skype Lite is known as a bit streamlined version of the original Skype app. 

Downloading Skype Lite for Android, users’ will get access to features like data tracking, data-saving mode, Indian-specific bots, quick SMS insights for text categorization. If you think the main Skype app is too bloated for you, trying this lite Android Go app makes sense here. 

Download Skype Lite 

8. Facebook Lite 

google maps lite mode android

Earlier discussed that Facebook lite was the first copy version of the main Facebook Android app which was created to help users enjoy smoother and faster social media experience. The best part is that you can also access Facebook Messenger without separately downloading the chat app

Facebook Lite download for Android roughly weighs approx 1.5MB. Isn’t too compressed to get everything including Facebook’s visual scenes, photos, and animations on-board in a speedy mode? That’s why it’s being considered as the best small size apps for Android making the world connected even by consuming nominal or extremely fewer internet data. 

Download Facebook Lite 

9. Instagram Lite 

Instagram Lite is another achievement listed

Instagram Lite is another achievement listed in Facebook’s success book. It’s just like other lightweight apps designed with all the core functionalities that consist of browse timeline, explore tab, upload photos, comment on uploads, check out stories, etc. 

The only drawback is that you can’t upload or share videos and direct messages to your timeline using this extremely compressed lite app. Downloading this lite app not only helps users manage their major social activities in less bandwidth but also saves a lot of space in smartphones. 

10. YouTube Go 

lite download for android

Google launched YouTube Go as it’s one of the noteworthy Android Go apps. These days the app is gaining a remarkable niche among users who want lightweight apps to watch uploaded videos without interruption. 

The app is quite famous and allows the users to choose streaming or download quality as per data availability. It offers several other mindful features that prove to be beneficial in conserving users’ data to run the videos well. An added advantage is that this lite YouTube version provides users the ability to share the downloaded videos through a local connection where less or no data is required. 

Download YouTube Go 

Wrapping Up: 

The listed lite apps for Android are pretty good at catering to the needs of users who reside in spotty network areas and wish to explore everything online like all others. These apps are the best and serve almost all the services just like main apps. Try them if you want to know how these apps under 5MB work and accomplish all the important tasks when needed. 

If we missed any important and prominent Android Go app, feel free to discuss it with MobileAppDaily by leaving a comment below. 

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