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Best Apps for Instagram Stories to Make the Stories Ever Smashing

These apps to make Instagram stories will make people gaga over your Instagram post.

Best Apps for Instagram Stories

Instagram always remained a splendid platform to show off your brand presence. Nowadays, every brand tends to include Instagram Stories in their social media strategies; credit goes to its huge following.

Posting pictures and videos on Instagram feed may look easy to many of us, but it does take effort and a blend of creativity of apps to usher the best. The majority of the users on Instagram love stories, so if you are the creator, then you should think to promote your work on the Instagram story, as well.

If you want to get a hold of your followers, you need to come up with something that should excite and stun them at the same time. And we have curated a list of the best apps to make Instagram stories.

Best Apps for Instagram Stories in 2021

There are many apps for creating Instagram stories available over the internet that can help you create amazing content. Some of such excellent applications are mentioned below:

1. Unfold

Unfold is one of the best platforms to create a lifestyle, fashion, and travel content on Instagram. The Instagram story collage app lets you refine the content by adding the template, fonts, colors, and more. You can create beautiful collages of photos for the Instagram story, and customize your stories with minimal efforts.

The best feature of the Unfold app is that you can add the image and video in the same story and the collage form. The Instagram story editor app is available for free in both Android and iOS mobile phones, and some of its premium features are available in the paid version.


Notable features of Unfold Instagram story collage app:

  • A vast library of templates & browse custom collections
  • Custom fonts
  • Vivid filters and effects
  • Advanced text tools

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

2. Inshot

This Instagram app is a must for all Instagram lovers. InShot can smartly craft any video into the size that fits perfectly for any post. The Instagram story maker app offers several background colors and patterns that include background blur effect.

You can directly film a video from the app and edit it as per convenience. Due to the same, it is termed as the best app to create Instagram stories with perfection. The app lets you edit any video with editing options like trimming, voice-overs, speed adjustments, videos with images merging, and more.


Notable features of Inshot Instagram story editor app:

  • Multi-split videos into several clips
  • Option to add music files
  • Video filters and full effects
  • Unique filters, colorful backgrounds, and blur background

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

3. Hype-Type

If you want to add the text to the story then, Hype-Type is the app for you. The Instagram story creator app has a huge collection of amazing style fonts with different sizes. You can also add the animated text and typography to your story. Hype-Type’s basic version is available on both Android and iOS.


Notable features of Hype-Type Instagram story template app:

  • Support multiple clips Vine (RIP) style or single photos
  • Customized style and color scheme
  • Option to add animated text
  • Automatically designed templates and color palettes

Download this best Instagram story app for iOS

4. Adobe Spark

The product of Adobe Inc provides you the opportunity to create engaging attractive and beautiful Instagram stories with ease. You can add animations to your photos and videos. On top of it, the story maker for Instagram has a huge stock of the photos, so if you are short of a picture, you can always browse it from the Adobe Spark gallery. The Adobe Spark is available for free on desktop, Android, and iOS.

Adobe Spark

Notable features of Adobe Spark Instagram story editor app:

  • Shadow, outline and cut-out effects
  • Remix Feed of fresh designs
  • Cloud backup
  • Animated video posts

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

5. Canva

If you have just started using the Instagram story and you want views on your stories, then you have two options; the first is to buy Instagram story views, else you can create stories on canvas. Canva is the best Instagram story editor over the internet. The app has plenty of built-in templates that you can choose from to create attractive Instagram stories.


Notable features of Canva Instagram story collage app:

  • Photo collage, flier, and banner maker
  • Design motivational quotes and humorous memes
  • Search option to find templates faster
  • Instagram Highlight cover and highlights icons maker

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

6. Clipomatic

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the voice of the video, so for describing the purpose of the video, you can add the captions with the help of Clipomatic. The clipomatic app is used for adding the captions in the video. It’s available for the iOS platform for $4.99.


Notable features of Clipomatic Instagram story editor app:

  • Videos with live captions
  • Speech recognition option
  • Square or Full video format
  • Artistic filters

Download this best Instagram story app for iOS

7. Over

Over is a remarkable application for editing the photos. The app has lots of features such as free templates, stickers, filters, effects, and can crop the photo, as well. After downloading the app, you have to learn a little bit about how to use this app. Once you are done with the tutorial, you are good as a professional editor.


Notable features of Over Instagram story template app:

  • Text and graphic enhancement tools
  • Stylish graphics add-ons
  • Customized templates, colors, and captions
  • Social media posting from the app itself

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

8. Cut Story

The cut story application is perfect for people who want to upload videos on the story. Instagram allows you to upload a video of 15 seconds on the story and this Instagram story video editor app cuts the long video in different modules and then automatically uploads those video modules on the story. Also, you can use this app for various other platforms.

Cut Story

Notable features of Cut Story Instagram story collage app:

  • Template and stencil for video and photo collage
  • Option to separate video clips of any length
  • Video is exported without compression
  • All video formats are supported

Download this best Instagram story app for iOS

9. LifeLapse

If you want to create the lapse in your Instagram story, you should go for the LifeLapse app. With the help of this Instagram story editor app, you can create the lapse of your story professionally. For example, you can add background music, filters and can control the speed of the video at the same time.


Notable features of LifeLapse Instagram story editor app:

  • Ghosted Image / Opacity Slider
  • In-camera crop guidelines
  • Customize Sizing
  • Re-alignment of images

Download this best Instagram story app for Android and iOS

10. A Design Kit

A Design Kit application can be used to enhance the picture quality. You can add filters, background pictures, and stickers on the story. To illustrate, the Instagram story maker has the tools that let you draw additionally onto a picture. The app is available on the iOS platform.

A Design Kit

Notable features of A Design Kit app:

  • Realistic brushes that can draw in textures or color
  • Over 60 modern fonts
  • 200+ collage scans
  • Backgrounds and textures, including metallics, gradients, marble, and speckles

Download this best Instagram story app for iOS

11. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is the most versatile app that is mostly used for creating memes, gifs, and slideshows of photos. You can also add the AR filters to the photos. There are more than 300 templates available for free in the PhotGrid application. The app is up for grabs on Android and iOS platforms.


Notable features of the PhotoGrid Instagram story template app:

  • Support 16 photo grids simultaneously
  • Adjustable image size and location
  • Horizontal/vertical filmstrips
  • Slideshow to transform photos into music videos

Download this best app for Instagram stories for iOS

12. Microsoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft Hyperlapse is used for creating the lapse of the video. With the help of this Instagram story video editor app, you can increase the speed of video up to 32 times more. In the new version of the app, you can also add filters, text on the video, etc.

Either you can record the live video from this app, or you can import the video from the gallery. This app is available for Android and desktop users.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Notable features of Microsoft Hyperlapse app:

  • Instant gratification
  • Hyperlapse conversion of videos
  • Multiple HD Resolutions
  • Stabilize-only mode

Download this best app for Instagram stories for Android

13.  VSCO

If you are looking for the app in which you can edit the picture with complete flexibility, then VSCO is the perfect option. In the free version of the app, you can get more than ten incredible templates, editing tools, and video editing. However, video editing is possible in the paid version of the app.


Notable features of the VSCO Instagram story template app:

  • Preset filters
  • X-Skew to change the angle of the photo
  • Shadows tint function
  • Shadows and highlights tint

Download this best app for Instagram stories for Android and iOS

14. Storeo

As of late, Instagram opened up the possibility to access videos and photographs over 24 hours old and it helped to unlock a lot of memories that were earlier unavailable to the users. To set yourself free of all the time cap, Storeo enables you to make a consistent video recording longer than 15 seconds. 

The major deal over here is, you can alter any of the recordings of your gallery into a format that you can be directly uploaded to Instagram Stories. Finally, it turns out to be a consistent video that seems as though one constant bit of substance.


Notable features of Storeo app:

  • Converts pre-edited videos into Instagram stories
  • Option to make a selfie video that's not a mirror image
  • Creates Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories from a single video
  • Shoots video without the need to hold the record button

Download this best app for Instagram stories for iOS

15. Videoshop

Videoshop makes the task of creating branded video content for Instagram stories so effortless that you would be in love with this app. It offers a vast array of options to create and edit videos. The app’s features are super easy to use to fit the high-resolution videos. You can effortlessly find relevant effects and transitions that can be personalized further.


Notable features of the Videoshop Instagram story creator app:

  • Adjusts video speed to slow or fast
  • Combines multiple clips into one
  • Transitions to animate between video clips
  • Changes brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

Download this best app for Instagram stories for Android and iOS

The EndNote

Here we come to the culmination of the best Instagram story editing apps. These apps to create Instagram stories will aid you in crafting well-branded stories that are sure to bring more attention to your social media account.

And why not? Instagram stories are the perfect landscape to share images and videos that last up to 24 hours. The plus point of these stories is, it doesn’t cram up your feed space and followers can view it only if they wish. Therefore, before sharing anything with friends and followers, make sure you get creative and easily design unique posts.

If you are an app owner of a similar app as the above-mentioned best apps for Instagram stories, you better get your app reviewed by a prominent app-based portal and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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