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Best Dropbox Alternatives Apps for Cloud Storage for iOS and Android [2021]

As per a report, there are around 1.6 billion of cloud storage personal users globally.

Best Dropbox Alternatives Apps for Cloud Storage for iOS and Android [2021]

When we are talking about cloud storage services, how can we miss Dropbox?
Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the best file hosting services, which is operated by Dropbox, Inc. It came up in 2008 and is available for almost every platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. It allows you to save any kind of file, which includes photos, videos, music, and several important documents.

Dropbox even paves the way for easy edit and shares from your Dropbox account only. With all its usability and featured pack services, Dropbox rapidly reached to the pinnacle of the cloud storing domain.

Still, there are features that are missing including the security concern in Dropbox that didn’t go well with the audience and it invokes us to look out for the Dropbox alternatives.

So, to make up for the limitations, we have curated a list of top applications similar to Dropbox, which are worth the deal and also offers cheaper options to operate in various environments.

Best Free Dropbox Alternative for iOS and Android

There are several cloud storage apps for both Android and iOS users, which doles out a hassle-free and a pleasant user experience in which some of them are listed below:

1. Mediafire

Mediafire is the first dropbox like service that allows the user to safely store and share the data on the go. The free cloud storage like dropbox is available for both iOS and Android and can be quickly accessed over any smart device.

For Android devices, the data can be easily uploaded y using the Android "Share to" option and selecting "MediaFire." It will direct the files right into the MediaFire account. With its handy features, the files like photos, videos, music, and documents can be easily uploaded on the Dropbox equivalent server.

Mediafire - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Mediafire alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Automatically backs up all the files;
  • Can stream and play music and videos;
  • Allows the access of docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and video on the go;
  • Shareable links via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, other channels.

Free Storage Space: 12 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • Basic - 50 GB
  • Pro - 1 TB - $3.75/month/user
  • Business - 100 TB - $40/month/100 users

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

2. Box

If you are in search of a high level of security for your day to day files, then Box is the best free cloud service. Users can share files and folders with other Box users and in addition to this, the user has the chance to create external links with the motive to share the files with even those who are not using this cloud storage service.

The Dropbox replacement offers a free 5GB storage option to all and also, there is a chance to keep track of people who viewed or downloaded your files. Box app is quite similar to Dropbox and has almost the same features.

Box - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of the Box alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • File-level security controls;
  • Offline access to files and folders;
  • Real-time search;
  • Search within PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word files.

Free Storage Space: 10 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing:  Following are its various plans:

  • Starter - $6 - 100 GB secure storage
  • Business - $17 - Unlimited Storage
  • Business Plus - $28.5 - Unlimited Storage
  • Enterprise - Price on-demand- Unlimited Storage

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

3. Amazon Drive

Amazon has amazing cloud storage that offers quick access to documents, videos, music, and photos. Amazon drive is perfect free online storage like Dropbox and is a fantastic platform to store all your essential data.

To add more ease for the user, the data uploaded on Amazon Drive can be accessed from any computer and all the documents can be previewed and shared across multiple devices.

The best free online storage provides easy access to the documents, music, photos, and videos that you have stored in Amazon Drive. You can Store your important files in Amazon’s most secure cloud storage and keep it safe even if your Android is damaged or lost.

Amazon Drive - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Amazon Drive alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Can upload files from your Android device;
  • Supports photos, videos, PDF, text and Word documents;
  • Allows the download to the device;
  • Can share links and attachments over email, text message and more.

Free Storage Space: 5 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: 100 GB storage plan - $11.99 / 1 Year

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

4. Microsoft OneDrive

This best Dropbox alternative is provided by Microsoft's secured Labs, allowing you to make new files, edit them as well as manage them on any device in a hassle-free manner.

You are also given the chance to store your personal data, which means not only files but also pictures and videos can be saved in the drive. It offers free 5 GB of free cloud storage services and after this, the cost is charged as per the chosen plan.

Microsoft OneDrive - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Microsoft OneDrive alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Automatic tagging;
  • Notifications on editing;
  • Can share albums directly;
  • Supports offline access.

Free Storage Space: 5 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • OneDrive - 50 GB - $1.99/mo
  • Office 365 Personal - 1 TB - $6.99/mo
  • Office 365 Home - 6 TB - $9.99/mo

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

5. SugarSync

SugarSync app is considered as the simplest and the modern age Dropbox storage alternative, allowing you to access your files, search for them and share any of the stored document, video or photo or audio file with other by making public links, which can be shared over social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Furthermore, the app gives free 5GB storage for 90 days and after that, the user has to pick a plan to continue using the online storage options.

SugarSync - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of SugarSync alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Automatic sync between multiple devices;
  • Can generate shareable links;
  • Automatically back up;
  • Offline viewing.

Free Storage Space: Free 5 GB plan for 90 days.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • 100GB  - $ 7.49/ month
  • 250GB  - $ 9.99/month
  • 500GB - $ 18.95/ month
  • 1TB  - $55.00/ month

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is a widely used cloud service that has expectedly crossed the 1 billion user base mark. The popularity of Google Drive is propelled by its integration to Gmail, which let the user directly use the space for storing online files.

It is the best Dropbox alternative, which is considered as a productivity platform as apart from storing documents, photos and videos, etc., editing spreadsheets and documents overdrive can be easily done. The Dropbox alternative provides you with the ability to store 15GB of data, which makes it ideal to store a variety of files over the cloud storage.

Google Drive - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of the Google Drive alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Can scan documents with the camera;
  • Store and access from anywhere;
  • Can file details and activity;
  • Multiple files sync.

Free Storage Space: 15 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • 100 GB - $2/ month
  • 1 TB - $10/ month

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

7. pCloud

pCloud is another excellent Dropbox alternative app to pick for all your cloud storage needs. The user can easily store files from multiple devices at a single cloud storage space. Its services can be accessed over iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and all the top web browsers.

This best free online storage platform is a comprehensive easy-to-use for individuals and businesses alike. Unlike many other similar services, pCloud is neither too technical and are not user-friendly; so, it makes it an ideal online storage option for the businesses.

pCloud - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of the pCloud alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Storage space can be extended up to 2 TB;
  • Automatically backup all camera photos and videos;
  • Sync files across multiple devices;
  • Military-grade client-side encryption for encrypting sensitive data.

Free Storage Space: 10 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • Premium - 500 GB - Lifetime - $175
  • Premium Plus - 2 TB Lifetime - $350

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

8. Tresorit

The online cloud storage service let users easily upload and sync all the crucial data in no time. With its end-to-end encryption, the files can be stored, synced and shared securely. The user can even create memos for the team and access them in shared folders on the go.

The built-in end-to-end encryption of the free alternative to dropbox comes packed with zero-knowledge standards to guarantee the highest level of security. It assures that no one else can read them besides the user. 

Tresorit - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Tresorit alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Backups up the photos with end-to-end encrypted camera upload;
  • Smart managing permissions;
  • Generates encrypted links;
  • Supports 2-factor authentication and app passcode to ensure maximum security.

Free Storage Space: Free 14-day trial.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • Small business: $20/user/month, billed annually  - $25 billed monthly
  • Business: $12/user/month, billed annually - $15 billed monthly
  • Enterprise: $24/user/month, billed annually - $30 billed monthly

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

9. Sync

Sync is one of the best cloud storage services which can keep the data safe, secure and private; all thanks to its encrypted cloud storage. Once the user accesses the file from his device, he can further share the files securely with his teammates.

The app’s end-to-end encrypted cloud storage ensures better security and safety of the data from unauthorized access.

Sync - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Sync alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Access files stored on any device;
  • Send large files easily with links;
  • Shared folders for team collaborations;
  • Built-in encryption and access controls.

Free Storage Space: 5 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • 2TB for $8/month (personal)
  • 1TB for $5/month/user (Business)

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

10. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is the last cloud storing service listed in our rundown of the best cloud storage apps. It provides transparent access to data on any storage and allows file sync & share. The best thing about this app is that it’s an open-source platform, which let the user host it personally, else, he can pay a company to do the needful.

The user can easily protect, control and monitor data and communication across the team. The app also hosts an open-source community development model, which helps the user in many ways.

Nextcloud - Dropbox Alternative

Notable features of Nextcloud alternatives to Dropbox app:

  • Modern interface;
  • Easy file upload to the Nextcloud server;
  • Instant Upload for photos and videos;
  • Multi-account support.

Free Storage Space: 5 GB of free unlimited cloud storage.

Pricing: Following are its various plans:

  • Basic: Starting at 50 users for $2100/year
  • Standard: Starting at 50 users for 3800/year
  • Premium: Starting at 50 users for $5480/year

Download this best free cloud storage app for iOS and Android

It’s Time to Pick

Cloud storage is the need of the hour, as the service allows you to store files online, which can be quickly accessed from anywhere and at any time through the Internet. It is said that in the present scenario, the cloud service offers world-class security to your data.

The cloud platform has virtually unlimited storage and can be used as a back-up plan. It is said that a copy of documents backed up onto cloud storage usually costs less in comparison to burning it onto a DVD. In the event of theft, hardware failure or fire, having your data stored in the cloud ensures you that all the information is safe.

Before making up your mind about the ultimate Dropbox alternative, take a look at the various types of cloud storage platforms that comes with various features:

Types of Cloud Storage Solutions

Here are the cloud storage types and pick the best cloud platform for your business needs.

  • Private Cloud Storage: This cloud platform can be used by a person or a company. It helps in maintaining a high level of privacy and security.
  • Public Cloud Storage: Here the data and files are located on the premises of the company offering the cloud storage services. Thus the company availing the cloud storage facility has no control over the storage infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Storage: This platform is a blend of private and public cloud storage.
  • Community cloud storage: As the name suggests, the data can be accessed by different departments at any time.

Types of Cloud Storages

So, all the dropbox alternatives for businesses mentioned in this article are excellent Dropbox alternatives that can help you store data on the cloud and promises to deliver a flawless experience.

For more guidance on the cloud storage services and free cloud storage comparison, comment below and we will get back to you for the same.

The cloud storage apps are more in use nowadays and it is due to the fact that almost 85% of data is transferred through cloud services. Thus we make sure to come up with in-depth app reviews of the top apps.
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