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Top 10 iOS Security Apps To Keep Your Data Safe

From Authy to KeyReel, we have shortlisted the best data security apps for iOS users.

Top 10 iOS Security Apps To Keep Your Data Safe

There is nothing as agonizing as losing important data that you depend on for your daily activities. The loss of data either via a lost device or in the hands of hackers can leave you with a huge financial and psychological dent.

That is why it is essential to have security apps and mechanisms in all your devices. For iOS users, there are quite many security apps available on the market today. Such apps offer multiple features which can deter hackers from getting access to your data.

Let us look at some of the best iOS security apps.

Best Security Apps For iOS Devices 2019

It’s 2019 and data protection is one of the primary tasks that you need to take care of, and that’s why we have curated the list featuring the best security apps for iOS devices. Check it out.

1. Knock 2.0

When it comes to keeping your devices safe, there is no better app than Knock 2.0. This application is a security manager that allows you to lock your devices no matter where they are. You can use it for iPhones, the Apple Watch and iPads among other iOS devices.

With Kock app, unlock your device with a simple tap on the screen, or if you are using an Apple Watch, you can use your wrist to unlock your device.

Knock 2.0 - Security App for iOS

Notable features of the Kock iOS security app:

  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology for secure data communication;
  • Compatible with Apple Watch;
  • Tap to unlock the device;
  • Doesn’t drain the battery; 

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

2. FastestVPN

If you go through any iOS VPN reviews, one of the key applications you will come across is FastestVPN. This app is a fantastic option because it offers secure data browsing, ad blocking, removing geo-restrictions for content and various other features.

VPN usage significantly increases privacy and security. Statistics have shown that VPN usage is growing annually with the total number of VPN users in the market accounting for 20.6% in 2018. Apart from security purposes, this app is also the best VPN app to use and is also considered as the best VPN for iPhone.

FastestVPN - Security App For iOS device

Notable features of FastestVPN iOS security app:

  • Unlimited server connections;
  • Strict No-logging Policy;
  • P2P Optimized Servers;
  • Supports 5-multi Logins;
  • Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all Mobile Data Carriers;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

3. Keeply

Improving the safety of your data is also about the kind of storage mechanisms you use. The Keeply app is one of the best apps on the market to keep your videos, photos, documents and other files safe.

Keeply app restricts access to critical information. If forced access is tried, the app takes a picture of the intruder and stores it for the owner to see.

Keeply - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of Keeply iOS security app:

  • Automatically click the pictures of the intruders;
  • Fake pin for curious people;
  • Face-down of the device prompts lock;
  • Backs up the data on the system rather than the company server;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

4. Authy

Keeping data safe is also about having robust authentication processes. This Authy app is a fantastic option when it comes to enabling secure 2-step verification and offers the best security system. Its verification system has been proven to be formidable against hackers and hacking attempts.

Multi-factor authentication systems today are used in various systems. With the Authy app, the user gets to enjoy encryption services and storage of data on the cloud.

Authy - Security App iOS Device

Notable features of Authy iOS security app:

  • Secure cloud backups;
  • Offline support;
  • Multi-device synchronization;
  • Involves two-factor authentication;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

5. Orga

Another great app for storing photos securely is the Orga app. Nowadays, photos can be stolen and used by hackers for different scamming activities. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your sensitive images are nowhere near the hands of hackers.

Orga is an excellent iPhone security app to keeping all sensitive photos as it has detection Artificial Intelligence systems that filter the sensitive photos and store them away from the public photos.

Orga - Security App For iOS device

Notable features of the Orga iOS security app:

  • Optical Character Recognition;
  • Nudity detection A.I;
  • Encrypts photos and retains all metadata;
  • Private and offline Artificial Intelligence;
  • Offline support;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

6. 1Blocker

Hackers often use advertisements to spread malware and malicious links to fraudulent sites. 1Blocker is one of the best ad blocking applications you can find in the iOS ecosystem.

With thousands of preinstalled ad blockers to track script detection systems and analytics providers, this mobile security app is definitely a must-have for the average iPhone user. You can customize this app to select any content that you want to ban or whitelist.

 1Blocker - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of 1Blocker iOS security app:

  • Block annoying ads;
  • Save battery, data and time;
  • Support sites by whitelisting them;
  • Create your own custom blocker rules;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

7. McAfee

Antivirus programs remain to be some of the best defense mechanisms against hacking, fraud and malware attacks. In the iOS ecosystem, there is no better antivirus for iPhone to use than McAfee security app.

McAfee app not only comes with an antimalware capacity, but it also allows the user to lock, track and wipe data off an iOS device remotely.

McAfee - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of McAfee iOS security app:

  • System Security Scan;
  • Secure Wi-Fi Scan;
  • Anti-Theft Protection;
  • Media Vault;
  • Contacts Backup;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

8. Onion browser

Many modern browsers come with the capability to provide secure data browsing to users. One of the apps that has a comprehensive system of security is the Onion Browser.

This phone protection app is built to block scripts and provide users with various preferences that allow them to fine-tune the browsing experience. It is almost like the equivalent of Tor but for iOS devices.

Onion browser - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of Onion Browser iOS security app:

  • Protect the privacy from website tracking;
  • Secure the traffic from insecure wireless networks and ISPs;
  • Support for HTTPS;
  • Access to Tor browser content;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

9. KeyReel

Managing passwords and login information is often a tough job. With a proper application though, this process can be much easier.

The KeyReel is one of the best phone security apps on the market that allows iPhone and iOS device users to safely login whenever they are near a trusted computer.

KeyReel - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of KeyReel iOS security app:

  • Works as a password manager;
  • Automatically log in to the system when the device is near;
  • Uses military grade AES encryption;
  • Encrypted storage on the system;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

10. Cryptomator

Last but not least we have Cryptomator in this list of top data security apps for iOS devices which, this mobile security app can make your cloud storage highly secure. It is done by encrypting the files available on your iOS device before they can even be uploaded to your cloud storage.

So, if by any chance, a third-party gain unauthorized access to your data, then your files are also secure from being misused.

 Cryptomator - Security App For iOS Device

Notable features of Cryptomator iOS security app:

  • Unlock vaults with Touch ID / Face ID;
  • Compatible with iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more;
  • Encryption with AES and 256-bit key length;
  • Scrypt for enhanced brute-force resistance;

You can learn more about this iOS data security app HERE.

Which iOS Security App You Should Consider?

There are many security threats that have hit us lately; so it becomes crucial to look out for the threats against which you need to protect yourself.

All the security apps mentioned in this list offers some or the other options, but it finally settles down to the requirements of the user.

Best Offline iOS Security App

  • Authy
  • Orga 

Best iOS Security App To Safeguard Passwords

  • KeyReel
  • Keeply 

So this is our take on some of the best iOS security apps that you can use for data protection of private data and other crucial information. We hope this article on the topic of data protection provides you with some additional insights along with the importance of mobile device security

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Data security is always crucial, be it on a phone or a system. These iOS security apps offer robust security layer to the device and protect from every possible cyber attack. For more data security apps, you can check our app review section.
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