Amazon And Google Agree To Allow Each Other’s Streaming Video Apps

Now you can stream YouTube on Fire TV and Prime Videos on Chromecast and Android TV.

Amazon And Google Agree To Allow Each Other’s Streaming Video Apps

The long-lasting feud between Amazon and Google has ended and both have agreed to allow each other’s media streaming apps on their platforms. The announcement was made by both the tech giants yesterday, 16th April.

In the upcoming months, YouTube apps will be available on Amazon’s Fire TV and Amazon’s Prime Video app will be compatible with Google’s Chromecast.

Heather Rivera, the head of product partnerships at YouTube, stated,

The end of the spat between Amazon and Google is going to be beneficial for the users, as people will be able to stream music videos, movies, shows, and other content from Google’s YouTube on their Amazon’s Fire TV. Also, Amazon Prime streaming app members will be able to Chromecast or stream the content on their Android TV.

Andrew Bennett, the head of business development for Prime Videos, said,

Currently, the truce has been established for streaming TV platforms and services. Some Google devices may still be unavailable for sale on Amazon, including smart speakers and other home devices, which are in direct competition with Amazon products like Echo.

Plus, Amazon promotes its own products over Google in sponsored listings and best seller recommendations on Amazon. But the new agreement won’t impact Amazon’s assortment or other concerns around hardware.

Amazon has a history of competitive behavior when it comes to rivals and Apple is one of the companies with whom Amazon has locked horns many a time. Apple’s rivalry ended with an agreement in 2017, according to which people could use Prime Videos on Apple TV and Apple TV was back on Amazon for sale.

The complete details of the media streaming apps agreement are still unknown. Amazon had started to sell Google Chromecast on its website at the end of 2018, but that’s not the case with other Google devices. Interestingly, consumers will now have more ways and platforms to stream their desired content.

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