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10 Best Disabled Dating Apps in 2021

With disabled dating becoming more accessible, these apps will help you land a perfect date this Valentine’s day.

 Dating Apps For Disabled People 2021

It's an unfortunate truth that people with disabilities still find it hard to find a mate. Sadly, many dating apps prove to be of no use to connect them with people who can understand their feelings. Hence we bring to you a list of the 10 best disabled-dating apps and websites that will keep you surrounded by people who have that special understanding for you in their hearts.

Honestly, there are a lot of barriers between two people with disabilities. To establish a good relationship, there must be a place where only people with consideration for those concerns can freely interact with each other.

The foremost condition for being a member of a disabled dating app is the willingness to let someone different be a part of your life. It is indeed a very delicate decision. Another problem is the distance and a small chance to meet a person who truly understands you and your everyday struggles. However, the dating apps for the handicapped we bring you today have brought positive changes in many people’s lives. 

In this article, we will look at the most popular sites and dating apps for disabled people who are tasked to give disabled people a chance to enter into a romantic relationship by using these tinder alternative apps. So here you go. Best of luck.

Best Online Dating Apps and websites for People with Disabilities To Try In 2021

Below are the best disabled dating apps and websites that will act as the perfect platform for disabled dating and that too for free: 

1. Glimmer

Glimmer looks like a usual dating website that also offers “apk” apps for iOS and Android and has a special twist. It strives to make the dating industry more inclusive, hence has some special and unique features like the option to choose profiles from the disability list. It helps people feel more liberated and avoid anxiety because of fear of rejection.

Glimmer - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of this amazing dating app for people with disabilities:

  • A website dedicated to differently-abled people.
  • Full profile registration for verified accounts.
  • Works around the globe.
  • Dating app for mentally disabled.

Download this dating app for iOS

2. Disability Match

Creators of Disability Match realized that things with disabled people and dating are not on the best stage right now. So, they designed an exceptional dating app for disabled people- the app helps disabled people from India to find love and a life partner according to their expectations and desires. Disability Match genuinely stands for inclusive love.

Disability Match - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of this best dating app for the mentally disabled:

  • Special preference to people who are disabled or have an affinity for them.
  • Use as a web app or android application.
  • Free to use for a certain number of searches each day.
  • Suggestions for accessible places to meet.

Download this dating app for people with disabilities for Android

3. Dating4Disabled

The best thing about Dating4Disabled is free and allows users from all over the world (an American man looking for a Russian wife is a common situation here) to find other people with disabilities and yet build a strong relationship. Dating4Disabled has improved the matchmaking system - just try it.

Dating4Disabled - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Dating4Disabled dating app for people with disabilities:

  • Make an account for free.
  • Find friends around the world.
  • Uploads photos
  • Send daily limited messages
  • Get real-time notifications.

Download this best dating app for adults with disabilities for iOS

4. Deaf Dating App

Deaf Dating App is a match-making application dedicated to deaf, ASL and hard of hearing singles and friends seeking valuable relationships. The app has members around the world who are willing to end the loneliness in their life. The app is created to help users overcome their hearing problems and find meaningful relationships despite the odds.

Deaf Dating App - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Deaf dating app for special needs adults:

  • Free version offering limited profile reach
  • Create profiles, upload pictures
  • Find partners/spouse/friends and mates.

Download this dating app for Android

5. Disabled Dating By Apps Casal

Disabled Dating by Apps Casal is one of the best dating apps for the disabled that has already enabled thousands of people with needs, find their soulmate. The app ensures the verification of the user and limits the conversation before achieving any understanding. 

Disabled Dating - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Disabled Dating By Apps Casal dating app:

  • Easy to use and works as a standard app
  • Swipe profiles to find suitable matches
  • Get free swipes daily.

Download this dating app for Android

6. Disabled Dating By UppDating

Disabled Dating by UppDating is one of the latest dating apps built especially for disabled people. They open many possibilities to find perfect partners and meet people who can understand the way special lives are lived. The app is reviewed positively and allows users to free swipe for a limited number.

Disabled Dating - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Disabled Dating By UppDating dating app for people with disabilities:

  • Free version for limited reach.
  • Get premium to find more matches
  • Share things that matter to you and find them matched accordingly.

Download Disabled Dating UppDating the best dating app for adults with disabilities for Android

7. Disability Matching

Disability Matching Dating is another great option for people with disabilities who are looking for a partner. This is available on iOS and offers an amazing user experience. The app offers various options to make a richer profile and find matches.

Disability Matching - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Disability Matching dating app for people with disabilities:

  • iOS platform.
  • The paid version offers maximum reach
  • Complete profile to maximize visibility

Download Disability Matching the best dating app for adults with disabilities for iOS

8. Ellie Disabled Dating App

Ellie Dating app is a perfect alternative for dialed users on the iOS platform. The app comes loaded with standard dating app features and lets you connect with a date based on your liking and personality. 

Ellie - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Ellie Disabled dating app for people with disabilities:

  • 4.1 / 5-star rating.
  • Search, swipe, and chat
  • Thousands of committed singles

Download Ellie Disabled the best dating app for adults with disabilities for iOS

9. Special Dates

When it comes to finding a partner, one of the top choices for people with disabilities is the Special Dates app. The app hosts thousands of eligible people ready to start a special relationship with special people. 

Special Dates - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Special Dates dating app for people with disabilities:

  • Thousands of profiles
  • Get notification
  • Read receipts and alerts

Download Special Dates the best dating app for adults with disabilities for Android

10. Disabled Dating & Chat

Disabled Dating & Chat is one of the best dating apps for special needs adults simply because it's free of any cost. The app lets you become a member and search partners without paying any fee. Though the footfall is high, being a disability dating app, that counts only as good news as the profiles are usually considerate. 

Disabled Dating & Chat - Best Disabled Dating App

Top features of Disabled Dating & Chat dating apps for the handicapped:

  • Free service
  • Find matches from many countries
  • Strict disciplinary rules

Download Disabled Dating & Chat the best dating app for adults with disabilities for Android

Wrapping It Up

Finding the right match can be a challenge, especially for those with special conditions. But it can change if you have the right app at your disposal. MobileAppDaily’s list of such user-friendly and algorithmic disabled dating apps mentioned over here is incredible and offers you unprecedented scope to get a match on the go. 

So, if you are looking for a partner for this Valentine’s day, try out these best apps to meet singles and feel the difference. These apps are created for people with special needs and offer features that help to find the right partner for anyone, anywhere. We suggest you to take-up 2-3 apps from the list and test your luck. Create a complete profile, write answers from your heart and upload the images which represent you the best. We are sure, with courage, honesty, and a little help from these apps, you will turn this Valentine's Day into one of the most memorable ones for yourself.

Let us know if you want to add something to this list or have any opinions about our selections. In addition to this, MobileAppDaily also releases extensive app reviews and answers queries from users. So, if you are an app owner who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with us. 

Happy Valentine’s Day guys and gals!!

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