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Top Android Camera Apps To Capture Best Photos In 2019

These Android Camera apps will enhance your boring pictures into professional clicks Android Camera Apps To Capture Best Photos In 2019

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards capturing moments on their phone cameras while witnessing a special moment. And why not? With the help of these pictures, we are able to relive that particular moment again and again. That's why companies are launching smartphones with better cameras that fall under the high-end category. So, the affordable way to get impressive pictures is by using Android camera apps.

As a user, we want our multiple required to be fulfilled under one roof and the same goes with mobile applications. For instance, in this article, we will be listing down the best camera apps especially for Android devices. One of the initial requirements from an app is to perform successfully perform a number of different functions including multiple shot mode, editing tools, and AI-powered special effects.

If you are bored from using your default smartphone cameras, here is the list of some of the top android camera apps that are available at the Google Play Store for downloading.

Best Android Camera Apps

Below are the best camera applications for Android devices that include premium as well as free models for end-users to try. Also, this list does not follow any order of preference:

1. Camera MX

The Camera MX app has over 1 million downloads in the app store which already speaks for itself. This camera app offers a full-feature package including options like Live Shots, GIF, Shoot The Past mode etc. With Camera MX, the user can also create animated videos by adding different filters and effects on it. 

If you are looking for a camera application that provides you the entire control over the picture resolution, then Camera MX is for you. This android app can be installed from the Google Play Store for free and is compatible with Android version 2.3+. Overall, it is a simple application that works great for people who are still in the beginner's stage of photo editing.

Camera MX Features

2. Google Camera

The Google Camera app is one of the top android camera apps and also comes as a default camera application for a number of Android smartphones. Slow motion videos and lens blur mode along with other RAW features are supported by this photo-editing application.

With Google Camera, the user is able to discover the latest features that Google wants to include in Android photography. So go ahead and utilize this app to make your images sharp and much more enhanced with the help of HDR+ and photosphere. In order to completely make use of Google Camera, the user should own a device with Android Nougat or later such as Google Pixel or Nexus smartphones.

Google Camera Features

3. Camera 360

This camera app falls on the fun side rather than the serious professional side as it's a great app to goof around. With features like funny AR (Augmented Reality) stickers and animated-theme filters, Camera 360 is a light-weight app to add some visual customization to your pictures. It has more than a hundred types of different filter effects that give the user the freedom to choose from a wide range.

It also consists of several traditional camera effects, some of them being contrast, saturation, white balance etc. Camera 360 is a camera app that's highly popular among teenagers to take Instagram worthy clicks that can gain a ton of attention.

 Camera 360 Features


The VSCO camera app is no doubt one of the best camera apps out there for Android devices. VSCO helps the user can focus on true photography experience rather than just some minor photography corrections. With this app, you will not only get to experience advanced camera controls but also exclusive features like fade, skin tone, tints and much more.

VSCO also has a huge community for people who show great enthusiasm for photography as this app has simplified the way a user can share his/her modified pictures over several social media platforms. This app also offers in-app purchases for high-end PRO features which are updated on a monthly basis.

VSCO App Features

5. Open Camera

As the name suggests, Open Camera is an open-source camera app for Android smartphones that enables users to try manual controls from the Camera2 API. In regards to that, this camera app also consists of many other options like Auto Stabilization, Slow Motion video-editing, ISO controls, Burst mode etc.

The Open Camera is an efficient Android camera app that enables the feature of Voice Instruction where the user can click pictures by giving a voice command like 'smile'. With the open-source nature of this application, we can say that it's in a continuous development state with new and upgraded features being added on a regular basis.

 Open Camera Features

6. Footej Camera

The Footej Camera is known to be one of the best manual camera apps for Android smartphones. This mobile app comes with an attractive user interface (UI) that allows the user to capture amazingly high-quality videos and photos. Footej Camera app comes in two models which are free and premium models that include a couple of extra features in the latter, including histogram and burst mode interval settings.

The shutter speed controls, Camera 2 API, manual ISO controls, and image exposure settings are more than enough to take decent images from a mediocre Android smartphone. Also, the Footej Camera is new in the market in comparison to the other camera applications that are mentioned in this list.

Footej Camera Features

7. DSLR Camera Pro

You can easily tell by the name that this camera app is here to help you take some next level professional photographs just like a quality DSLR camera. A number of people have even stated that the DSLR Camera Pro app can be passed as a copy for an actual DSLR with respect to the features included in the app.

Because this app aims to offer a replication of controls along with interfaces of a DSLR camera on an Android smartphone, it has much more to bring to the table. This app consists of finely tuned camera functions such as a movable viewfinder, scene preset, configurable autofocus, two-stage shutter etc. If you are bitten by a DSLR bug then this app is a must try for you.

 DSLR Camera Pro Features

8. A Better Camera

A Better Camera is an Android camera app that is full of specialized features that are required for clicking phenomenal pictures, some of them are HD Panorama+, Night Camera+, HDR Camera+ etc. Here, the user has the freedom to test out different focus/exposure, white balance and shooting grid settings.

You can even try out the premium model features of A Better Camera app with up to 30 shots for trial before making a purchase of $3.99 for the entire premium package. A unique feature that stands out from other features is the 'Best Shot' mode, which can automatically identify the best shot photo from a wide series of photos clicked.

A Better Camera Features

9. Manual Camera

Like other mentioned camera apps, the Manual Camera application also makes use of the Camera2 API as direct camera controls. As you are working on actually setting the manual controls and other camera settings yourself, your skills as a photographer are also being developed.   

This is one of the reasons why this camera app is mostly recommended by experienced photographers to newbie photographers. The user can experiment by configuring the settings like focus distance, exposure compensation and shutter speed to customize the click as per their desired outcome.

Manual Camera Features

10. ProShot

The ProShot is a paid app that comes with a price tag of $3.99 at the Google Play Store. This camera app has gained its popularity by being a standout application in the Windows App Store. There's no denying the fact that this app is fully-packed with excellent features that make it worthy of its price.

Other than that, you can also make changes to the JPEG compression levels, aspect ratios, timed shots to create your own masterpiece. In short, the ProShot camera app offers a lot at a reasonable amount and is a great option to capture some travel destination shots. With its DSLR-inspired design, everything seems within reach with ProShot.

ProShot Features

These are some of the best camera apps that are currently available for Android devices at the Google Play Store to be downloaded.

Final Thoughts

Although we have tried our hardest to only include the 'best of the best' Android camera apps, still there are new applications that are being released on a daily basis. A majority of the camera apps are available in two models i.e. free versions and PRO/Premium versions. Our advice would be to first test the waters with the freemium model and then opt for the premium model to try all the additional features.

With the help of this list, we hope that you got to know about some of the best camera apps that are out there for Android devices. But in case you are looking to buy an Android smartphone then here is another list that features the ‘Top Android Smartphones with Best Cameras’.

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