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Amazon Echo Features And The New Alexa Devices

There are an estimated 8 million Amazon Echo devices across the globe

Amazon Echo Features And The New Alexa Devices

Amazon Echo does hold the future of smart devices. After the evolution of the smartphones and smart wear, it was time to bring in smart speakers that Amazon pulled up in the clockwise precision. With the launch of Echo smart speakers, the American electronic commerce and cloud computing company let the user operate it through their voice command. All thanks to Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon.

The voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service is the brain behind these speakers and can assist the user in various tasks. Amazon Echo coupled with cutting-edge technology and the intelligent virtual assistant stands out to do tasks like voice interaction, music playback, playing audiobooks, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and much more.

Now, tell me, who doesn’t want this kind of comfort in their life? So, today we will be focusing upon the top features of Amazon Echo, that are simply remarkable.

Amazon Echo Feature

1. Alexa's Search Engine

As a surprise for many of you, Alexa is powered by Bing search engine, contrary to the Google engine, which comes as a default search engine in many of the products. Also, to compare Alexa with other virtual assistants like Siri and Google isn’t wise enough because Amazon's smart speaker is much more capable than the said competitors.

2. Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Echo's Alexa voice recognition capabilities are simply remarkable. With its seven internal microphones, Echo can pick voice even from far-field voice range of about 10-15 ft.

Amazon also offers enhanced audio experience that can be experienced by connecting more powerful speakers via an aux port. Moreover, the smart speakers can be set for a particular user, which will help it to distinguish the user’s voice in-between all others.

3. Updates

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and for checking the traffic update or weather forecast, we need to check on the browser or the app manually. But with Amazon Echo, you need to ask it for the information, and you will get the reply in seconds. It definitely saves time and efforts.

You can keep yourself updated with various information like local news, traffic updates, sports update, weather forecast, movie info and much more. Moreover, you can track the Amazon order by knowing the date when the order was placed and when it's expected to arrive.

4. Smart Device Integration

Amazon planned to bring all the smart devices onto one platform, while Echo being at the core. Following are the smart home products that can be connected to Amazon Echo:

 Smart Device Integration

To make it convenient for the users, Amazon has listed all these products under the "smart home" skills category that allows better management.

5. Audio Books

If you wish to relax on your couch and wants someone to read you a book, Amazon Echo can be your best friend. Audible is an audiobook service that can play your audiobooks and rest of the functions like volume control and chapter selection can be done through Echo’s additional options.

Besides, Kindle books are also integrated into the Echo. So, you can go through the library of the online e-book e-commerce store at any given time and that too at the command of your voice.

6. Music Speaker

Being a speaker calls for some music being played on it and interestingly, Echo was built as a Bluetooth speaker first. Just by subscribing to Spotify premium, Amazon Prime, or Amazon Music, you can listen to your favorite tracks and can surf million of tracks on the go.

If you don’t wish to shell out extra bucks, go for Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn radio. All these services are for free.

7. Multi-Room Audio

Finally, Amazon has rolled out the much-awaited ‘Multi-Room Audio’ feature that will let the user play music on multiple Echo speakers. Furthermore, the user can even direct Alexa to play the song on a particular speaker; it can be the living room speaker or bedroom speaker.

With the arrival of this feature, you can manage multiple devices throughout your home.

8. Voice Calling & Messaging

Imagine, you speak out person's name with whom you want to talk and the call is connected. It does sound like a scene from a James Bond's movie, but it's a reality now. All credit to the virtual assistant technology. Similarly, Alexa let you call and message you at the command of your voice. It is one of the best Amazon's Echo features that is genuinely appreciated.

To make it more convenient for the user, during a call, the light ring around the Echo will turn green, and for a voice or text message, it will turn yellow.

New Amazon Alexa Devices

Before jumping to the conclusion, let us shed some light on the Alexa devices that Amazon launched last month. Here is the list:

Amazon Alexa Devices


  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): The updated Echo Dot has got a new look with a jump of 75 percent in the speaker volume.

      Cost: $50

  • Echo Input: First Alexa device without a speaker that sports a four-microphone array. It can be connected to a speaker over a 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth.

      Cost: $35

  • Amazon Echo Sub: A device to take care of the base when connected to the Echo speakers.

      Cost: $130

  • Amazon Smart Plug: As the name suggests, the smart plug can be controlled by the voice commands and can be switched on and off with the same.

     Cost: $25

  • Echo Amp & Link: Echo Link Amp is to improve sound quality and Echo Link connects to your receiver or amplifier.

      Cost: $300 for Amp - $200 for Link

  • Amazon Basics Microwave: A microwave with smart functionalities.

     Cost: $60

  • Echo Plus (2nd Gen): The new Echo Plus has got a fabric redesign and can work even in offline mode.

     Cost: $150

  • Echo Wall Clock: You can pair the Wall Clock to any of your Alexa devices and visualizes any alarms with its ring of 60 LEDs

     Cost: $30

  • Echo Auto: A smart device for your car that can pick tunes, call people or turn off appliances.

      Cost: $50

  • Fire TV Recast: The smart TV comes connected with a digital antenna and its recordings can be streamed to any of the device like Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot or iOS/Android devices.

     Cost: $230

  • Echo Show (2nd Gen): The updated Echo Show is much sleeker now with a 10-inch screen and can be connected with Skype.

     Cost: $230

In Conclusion

So, these were the top features of the Amazon Echo that can amaze anyone. Amazon is known for its presence in the tech industry with Kindle being one of the favorites. With the launch of similar smart products, Amazon seems to strengthen its presence in the smart device domain that has an unending scope.

As we know, Alexa is the technology that keeps all the smart devices running, therefore, to make it better and smarter, Amazon has recently added 'Whisper Mode' to all the Alexa enabled devices that will let the user speak in a low voice and the Alexa device will respond in the same manner. The new feature will best suit the kids and older adults.

If you wish to connect with us regarding any information about the Amazon's Echo or Alexa, comment below and we will get back to you with the required ingredients.


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