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How To Convert PDF File To Kindle Format

Kindle File Format is a proprietary e-book file format created by Amazon

How To Convert PDF File To Kindle Format

If you're like me, you have a lot of PDF documents saved on your hard drive that you've promised actually to read sooner or later. If you love reading eBooks on your Amazon Kindle, you will likely know that if these PDF files somehow got transferred to your Amazon Kindle, you would certainly read them right away.

Now you ask, how can you convert PDF to Amazon Kindle format and then send it to your device?

Why Convert A PDF File to Amazon Kindle Format?

If you're the proud person who owns an Amazon Kindle digital eBook reader, there have unquestionably been circumstances where you wish you had the capability to convert PDF file to Amazon Kindle format. But why?

There's no debate that the Amazon Kindle has always had the built-in capacity to display PDF documents without losing the format of the original document. All you have to do is use the Universal serial bus cable to send the document from the laptop or computer to the device, email it to the Amazon Kindle email address or even use the built-in browser to view it.

The fact is, the most up-to-date versions of the Amazon Kindle have improved PDF support which makes it possible for features such as magnifying textual content, viewing files in panoramic mode, adding information and highlights, thesaurus lookups, zooming, and panning. However, if you simply own an outdated version of the Amazon Kindle, none of these features are integrated.

Converting A PDF File to Kindle Reader Format Will Enable All Kindle Functionality

Having said that, if you convert a PDF document to Kindle reader format before sending it to your device, you'll be able to use all the built-in Kindle reader features such as text-to-speech. Even on the latest Kindle reader models, text-to-speech doesn't work on PDF files unless they're converted.

An additional benefit of converting to Kindle reader format is that the file will be reformatted so that the words and phrases "flow" more consistently across your screen. To many people, the "re-flow" feature is usually the biggest benefit of converting a PDF document to Kindle reader format.

What does re-flow mean? It just means that if you change the font size, the words and phrases will move in the subsection much like a word-processing file or regular Kindle reader electronic book.

Has PDF Support Prevented You from Buying A Kindle Reader?

If you don't yet have an Amazon Kindle because you didn't know about the devices PDF file support, you should no longer have to be worried. Now, you can convert PDF file to Kindle reader which will certainly make it possible for the file to work just like a normal Kindle e-Book reader.

Bottom Line

First of all, if you are going to convert PDF to kindle then make sure that you are using the reliable tool, if you are finding the one which is best then Soda PDF is no different here.

There are many benefits if you convert PDF file to Kindle reader format before sending them to your device. Most of these benefits will help you to view files in panoramic mode, add information, magnify textual content, get the concise explanation of any word in the document, enable text-to-speech, change font size, pan files and zoom in on hard to see sections.

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