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Marketing Tactics For Mobile Apps You Should Consider

Mobile app marketing trends that promise to transform the industry

Marketing Tactics For Mobile Apps You Should Consider

Marketing is an ever-changing environment, and it can be ruthless with the businesses that don't adopt the latest standards of the industry.

It's also essential to take into account that marketing is strongly dependent on technology, which is evolving at staggering rates, thus making it even harder to keep up with the new industry standards.

There are a couple of months until the end of 2018. It’s a great idea to reshape your marketing strategy and align it with the latest trends.

1. Be unique at all times

Nearly 90 percent of Internet users state that they are more likely to identify themselves with an authentic brand. In this day in age, people value human interaction more and more. Customers are no longer interested in interacting with companies or businesses; they are passionate about influencers since it’s much easier to relate to them.

This is why your brand needs to become more "human." People are no longer interested in ads, and frankly speaking most of us are sick and tired them. It's time to provide our customers with advertisements that are less uncanny and more digestible.

Be unique at all times

2. Voice Search Is On The Rise

There is a significant difference between the way we type and the way we communicate with each other. Try recalling the last 3 Google searches you've made. Let's say you want to convert currency. Most of us just type "50 EUR USD" to find out how many dollars are in 50 euros.

A voice search is much more similar to a dialog-like inquiry, something like "How many dollars in 50 euros?". This is why we need to focus both our marketing and SEO strategies on natural, speech-like queries like the one mentioned above.

More interestingly, there are over three billion voice queries made on Google daily, which amounts to about a third of the total number. And as virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri learn to recognize human speech better and better, designing your marketing and search engine optimization strategies around voice search will only make sense.

Voice Search Is On The Rise

3. Micro-Moments Are Taking Over A Consumer Journey

The prevalence of mobile-first design and the current standards of user experience design are now raising the bar for the vast majority of websites. A user's flow throughout a site's page has become one of the most essential features of modern web design.

Your landing page and your product pages must contain as little distractors as possible so that your customers move smoothly from module to module, to the very bottom of the page.

Considering that modern users are constantly inundated with advertisements, videos, flashing GIF's, and other distractors, they often act as an obstacle for the user to actually get to the end of the page, which is without mincing one's words annoying and counter-productive.

4. Chatbots Will Become The Norm

Chatbots have slowly but surely penetrated the realm of marketing, and there's no evidence that it'll change in 2019. Furthermore, chatbots will probably be becoming a common norm in the next years.

In the next few years, we'll be seeing an increase in chatbot usage with low-friction tasks like ordering food or flight tickets online. We'll no longer need to download apps to execute simple tasks like these, which will only contribute to the ease and the flow of user interaction with services.

Chatbots Will Become The Norm

5. The Importance Of High-Quality Content

Content isn't there to simply advertise. It can be an invaluable asset for your SEO efforts. However, a more indirect benefit of producing high-quality articles is that you will often be considered among the more critical voices in the industry that speaks from years of experience.

Review your content

To get better results from the articles you publish online, make sure you follow these recommendations:

  • Keywords are still relevant but don't focus on density What you need to look for is what people search for on the web, but also how they do it. There is a large number of services that provide you with the most relevant keyword combinations extracted from search queries from various search engines.
  • Your text must be human: Make full use of the keywords you've extracted from your research, but don't attempt to use them at the expense of writing an actually human text. Search engine algorithms recognize goofy, bot-generated text or content that is written poorly. So focus on "human-friendly" material instead.
  • Valuable content is crucial: The constant improvements of the search engine algorithms help promote websites with relevant content higher in SERP's, compared to the ones that provide no useful information to the end user. Focus on providing your audience with the content they 'll find interesting and, more importantly, applicable.

High-Quality Content

Placing more importance on written text

it is essential to concentrate on content that is readable and user-friendly. Just overloading your content with keywords will probably harm your campaigns more than benefit them, which is why you should consider working with professional SEO writers.

The importance of high-quality content has increased the demand for freelance writers and agencies. Opting for moving your content needs to one of these will probably save you more money than hiring a full-time in-house writer, if your budget is tight. Furthermore, there are now websites that focus on collecting reviews on freelance writers, which eliminates the risk factor if you’ve never hired a writer before.

In Conclusion

So, there they are — the main elements you need to take care of in your marketing campaigns before 2019 clocks in. It's crucial to be ahead of the game when it comes to promoting your product/service.

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