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Common Garmin GPS Issues And Their Solutions

Learn the frequent Garmin GPS fixes you should know Garmin GPS Issues And Their Solutions

Garmin is a multinational technology company that deals in GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, and some of the best known are GPSMAP 527, Montana 680, GPS Map 585 Marine GPS, and GPS 276C. But sometimes, even the best can falter. There can be glitches while handling the Garmin GPS and this article is all about the possible glitches and their quick fixes.

Following are the most frequent Garmin GPS issues:

  • Failure to detect signal
  • Failure to turn on
  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Abrupt shut off during use
  • GPS locking up
  • Sound failure
  • Uploading and downloading problems
  • Lost satellite reception
  • Fault in the power button
  • Depleted battery
  • Worn-out logic board

Such glitches can throw you off from the comfort zone and even frustrates you in the center of nowhere. Furthermore, glitches like poor display can cause failure of Garmin GPS V and Garmin Nuvi 1390. A vibrating or lose battery can cause Garmin V to keep shutting down while in use. An error in setting the satellite data and the lack of a line of sight or software can cause Garmin Sat Nav to not detect the satellite signal when it is switched on.

Failure to detect signal

Thanks to the advanced GPS navigation technology, nowadays people choose to install GPS navigation systems in their cars. However, when you run your GPS unit, you may inevitably face some problems. Some of these problems need to be resolved by the expert professionals, but most of them you can resolve on your own.

Below, we present some of the common problems that you may encounter while using a Garmin GPS Navigation Unit. Furthermore, you can also call Garmin GPS Customer service for instant help and related queries.

Here are the Garmin GPS fixes:

1. What if the Garmin GPS unit does not turn on?

  • Make sure the key is turned on to IGNITION or ACC position.
  • Make sure the power cable is connected to the GPS navigation unit.
  • Check the fuse in the radio system or behind the GPS navigation unit. If it is blown, replace it with another fuse of some amps.
  • Check for its battery. In case of a flat battery, you need to charge it up or replace it.
  • Change the battery of the remote control if it is running out of battery power.

Garmin GPS fixes:

2. What if there is no sound output?

  • Make sure that the speaker wires are connected properly to both the speakers and the GPS unit.
  • Check that your device should not be on “Mute.”
  • Make sure that the volume is not excessively low.
  • Check the left, right and front, rear speakers by adjusting the “Audio” option or by pressing “OSD” on the remote-control panel.


3. What if the touchscreen is not calibrated?

Calibrate the screen by going to "Menu" then selecting "Options." After that, choose "System" and then "Calibration."

if touchscreen is not calibrated?

4. What if you have an unresponsive touchscreen?

  • Try to calibrate the screen and wait for few minutes as it may take a while for the screen to respond.
  • If still, there is no response then call Garmin GPS Support and ask for help.


5. What if there is no GPS reception?

  • Make sure that the GPS antenna is properly plugged in.
  • There may also be a possibility of no GPS reception in your current location. To resolve this issue, contact Garmin support for further assistance.


6. What if the GPS device is not able to pinpoint the current location?

Make sure that you update your Garmin maps on a regular basis as older maps may not cover some of the remote areas.

 if the GPS device is not able to pinpoint the current location?

In Conclusion

So, these were the possible Garmin GPS fixes that one can encounter at any time. We hope, with our basic solutions, you will be able to get over the small glitches and continue with your navigation.

For any other technical related issue for the same, you can comment below, and we will reach out to you. Travel good.

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