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Top Sites To Watch TV Shows Online

Don't miss the fun with our list of an absolute free TV streaming shows! Sites To Watch TV Shows Online

Are you one of them who love watching series, just like me? I am sure you do. Possibly because it’s a trend that has surprised all of us or probably because our love for such series is ever-evolving.

Talking typically about motion pictures, the one thing that has changed extremely over the years is the making of series. Yes! Gone are the days when enjoying series were only about the romance, emotions, friendship, and some action.

It is all because of technology that has helped us perceive these series almost effortlessly. There is no doubt about the fact that technology has transformed nearly everything in our lives. With the introduction of real graphics, it is now possible to explore a whole new world of imaginary or fictitious creative world. It almost seems real and gives much more fun relatively than the traditional entertainment approaches.

We all know that there are multiple categories within television, such as comedy, sad romance, adventure, fantasy, documentary, and mystery. The series we are watching online today are similar in their approaches if we talk mainly about their genre.

Moreover, it is no more a secret to watch series online and that too on some free and premium platforms for free. Contradictory to live TV and popular channels that are not free and burn a hole in your pocket.

Now the question is where to find these websites? There are numerous websites for streaming free movies and related content. Nevertheless, only a few offer what they preach. It is why, here I am going to mention some of the best websites to watch TV shows online, along with popular series. And the icing on the cake, you can watch them anywhere anytime.

Some of these websites even allow the free download of movies or series. In fact, you can even watch the daily soaps if you missed anything or want to see it again.

Best TV Shows Online Websites

1. Crackle

With Crackle, you can simply enjoy the full episodes (along with movies) and make your watchlist so that you can keep track of what you are watching. Since it's free with accessibility over different key platforms, there are a few advertisements that may appear in between while you stream the shows. In any case, Crackle is an excellent alternative that you can enjoy on your PC or smartphone.


You need to make a free account to begin with Crackle. Search for a TV show by putting its title or tap on TV in the top menu, pick the episode you need and Bingo! You can now enjoy your favorite series. Moreover, you can go for the option to browse TV shows based on alphabetical order, specific genre, recently added, full episodes, trailers, clips, and what’s coming soon.

2. Yahoo View

After the end of Hulu free version and its shift to a subscription plan, Yahoo collaborated with Hulu to launch a new service for the users i.e., Yahoo View. It features a vast collection of content, used to be available for free on Hulu.

yahoo view

Anybody residing in the US can enjoy the most recent five episodes of well-known shows that air on NBC, ABC, and FOX for up to eight days after they have broadcasted. Besides, Yahoo View is a fantastic one-stop place to watch all your favorite TV shows that you may have missed when they aired on digital TV.

3. Popcornflix

While Popcornflix is mostly known for its impressive range of full-length documentaries, movies, original web series, and foreign films, it is also a superb place to check out wonderful shows. Some of these are hard to find on any other sites or even cable TV. Moreover, if you are looking for some favorite shows of the ’90s, then Popcornflix is the perfect choice for you. It also offers some classics, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Super Mario 3 Bros, etc.


Its TV shows are not precisely immense, yet it may be worth looking at in case you're searching for something unique. You will also watch Preroll advertisements when you begin the serial. Also, there is no need to sign up if you have a free account and want to give it a shot.


This website is listed low as this isn't a website to stream and watch TV shows, however a site to download your favorite stuff. website is one of the best of its type with the biggest library you will ever see. Its dark-colored theme with a touch of pink is quite pleasing to the eyes.

If you are one of them who always look for a full-length series then without any doubt this website has been designed just for you. Moreover, you can keep track of the upcoming series or shows as well. The right sidebar of the site shows the trending series that are popular among people. It is an extraordinary method to discover what individuals are viewing.

watchepisode 4

The most watched or viewed section assists in finding the most watched series or shows today. This website offers you free surfing of the series. Websites, such as Couchtuner, are trying to give you a similar experience, but they end up coming closer to it.  I must say, is my first choice when it comes to watching a series.

5. ShareTV

Another site that I have added to the list is ShareTV. It is a search engine-like hub designed to watch shows, as well as movies. Depicted as a community-based site for fans of Internet TV, it claims to have almost every show in its bucket list that you could think of from the beginning till the end.


It is effortless to browse through genres or find what’s trending on ShareTV. Tap on a show and utilize the options of a checkbox for Free, Purchase, Subscription or TV Everywhere to discover what you're searching for. Tapping on an episode will provide you with an outline with a list of sources where you can easily watch it.

6. YouTube

A bunch of individuals doesn't understand that YouTube is an awesome place to search for television shows. While you won't precisely get access to the present or popular shows (except if you pay), nor an ensured high-quality viewing experience, you may be charmingly amazed by what's there on the web's biggest video sharing network.


Just search a show by its title and see what results come up. For instance, in case you search for Boy Meets World, which is an old ABC family sitcom from the 90s, numerous uploaded episodes of every season will come up on the screen. Whereas, if you look for Gray's Anatomy — a more contemporary and prominent TV drama — you'll see results coming up, but you need to pay a fee, to stream it legally on YouTube.

7. Tubi

Tubi is another fantastic alternative to watch online TV shows. Just like Crackle, it incorporates movies too. Tubi is free, and you can just tap on a TV show and begin watching without setting up a free account. This site is worth signing up or to create an account. However, the platform keeps track of your watching history so that it can find out about your preferences or interests to give you the best suggestions.  

With Tubi, you can browse through different categories, such as Drama, Comedy, Action, and others. You can even look for some exciting categories, including Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes and Cult Favorites.


With more than 40,000+ films and shows available and many more being included regularly, Tubi TV is rapidly developing to become a TV favorite for all the Internet users. You can even download the Tubi Android or iOS application, to take your TV watching in a go.


Again, most of the people claim it to be the best site that is accessible on this planet to watch famous series. Be it is the most recent period of GOT or any of the past TV series, Yesmovies has a different list for those people who love watching series. You merely need to choose the series catalog and scan the series you want to see. The process of selecting the series is straightforward and quick.

Like different websites, this site makes content more pleasing by conveying fewer advertisements, as well as banners, which is inevitably a plus point. The site has been making its place among the most accessed sites for watching most recent series on the web. I am one of the fans of this site, though I used it rarely.


Another great webpage to watch series online, along with a vast number of TV shows and films which you can watch online without any problem. Are you thinking it to be a jammed server with a large number of film references? No, it is not.  It is a responsive site which you can access utilizing your cell phones or any other similar device.

You need to browse the list with the help of categories or merely find the stuff to get it within a few seconds. Select the quality you need and you can watch that show or movie on the web, or can even download it without any cost. It is an ideal place to enjoy TV series over the web.


It is effortless to find and download movies on the internet. However, searching a website that allows you to watch TV series, as well as download content is a hard nut to crack. is one of those sites that permits you to download the series free. If I talk about the premium version then it is eye-pleasing and smooth, making the surfing a matter of few clicks and fun.

You can download 480p format videos from here. Moreover, TodayTVSeries allows you to download content on a format that works easily on mobile, as well as laptops. As a matter of fact, countless people are searching for a relevant site to search series online, I have added this website to add value to this write-up.

Things To Consider

If you are looking for sites to watch TV series online than these websites would be sufficient to fulfill your requirements. All these sites mentioned in this write-up are legal. Undoubtedly, you also have got your back with torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, TorLock, KickAss Torrent, and more. In case, you find me missing any prominent one, do talk about the same in the comment section below.

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