Google Person Finder Helping The Kerala Flood Victims

Here Is How Google Person Finder Helping The Kerala Flood Victims

Google added the Person Finder page to help Kerala flood victims. Is How Google Person Finder Helping The Kerala Flood Victims

Kerala is going through a hard time, a massive flood and raining have hit the Indian state recently. The natural hazard has cost hundreds of lives and made thousands of people to seek refuge in medical camps. Currently, the situation in Kerala is worse where people are facing the constant rain and flood conditions in order to survive. The government is carrying out the rescue campaign to save the people still stuck in their houses. Besides, the NGO’s and other non-government bodies are supplying aids including medicines, food, cloth and other resources. In the time of need, many big names have stepped forward to help the Kerala flood victims. Similarly, Google has also contributed with its Person Finder page to do whatever it can for assisting the Kerala affected people.

Google has created a dedicated page of Person Finder for the Kerala people affected by the flood. A small contribution from the tech giant that could help hundreds to rejoin with their family and friends in this time of sorrow. The Google’s Person Finder page enables the person in Kerala to know about the other people stuck at a different location in the state. A person who gets separated during the flood from their family can add details to the database of Google Person Finder. The details include the name and current location of the person. With the help of this tool, families looking for their separated member can easily locate the person and rejoin.

 Google Person Finder

People across Kerala are filling up the details of the separated persons so their family members can know where to find them. The NGO’s and government bodies working in Kerala can also add the tool to their website and help the affected people.

However, this is not the first time Google has introduced such a useful tool. In 2011, during the high magnitude earthquake in Japan that damaged the Fukushima nuclear reactor, the Google person finder came into existence. At that time, there were almost 6,70,000 entries in the Google Person Finder database that helped victims to re-join with their families after being separated by earthquake hit.

With the Google’s initiative, Kerala flood victim can quickly know that there loved ones are safe and where to find them. The tech giant has added the list of districts that include the name of districts need the help most on the page for the nearby people to help them. The list also includes the information about each districts medical center with the name of products the victims need the most.

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