Best KickAssTorrents Lists 2019 & Alternatives KAT
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Best KickAssTorrents Lists 2019 & Alternatives KAT

Have a look at the best substitutes of KAT. KickAssTorrents Lists 2019 & Alternatives KAT

KickAssTorrents is down and no more available for the users anymore. Does that mean the end of impressive torrents for the users? Of course, it's no. KickAss rose to fame instantly and took the throne away from the prominent torrents at that time.

KickAssTorrent. The year 2016 brought the end to the website when it faced the law enforcement wrath of the US officials. It resulted in the arrest of the site owner, and from then onwards the game for the website changed completely.

The KickAss site was so interactive that it left users with no choice other than searching for similar torrent sites. We have done related research and here are the offerings.

List of Top 6 Top KickAss Torrents Proxy Servers 2019 And Alternatives

1. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has got a green-colored interface and is an efficient KickAssTorrents Alternative, which makes it an offering very different than others. It is a popular name for the torrent users, and the related community swears by this KickAss Torrents alternative. Because of its effective features, it serves as an exceptional alternative to KickAss Torrents.


The suite of features this torrent substitute has makes it the best for the users for the year 2019. LimeTorrents features a massive catalog that remains updated. It is updated every hour, and thus the users can enjoy the most updated services. As for your specific requirements, you can look for the torrents in the top torrents list.

2. TorLock

The impressive offering from TorLock is sure to take this KickAss Torrents alternative in your popular list of sites. TorLock, as a torrent has a variety of features some of which includes an impressive UI. There are thousands of torrents that are indexed in a variety of categories including Games, Software, Music, Movies and tv shows online, etc.


There are a lot of advantages that come along while using TorLock torrent. One such benefit of this alternative torrent site is it is one of its kind that only lists verified torrents. It all clubs to make TorLock one of the best options for the users to be used in 2019.

3. Zooqle

The users who are well aware of the regular torrents must have heard about this KickAss Torrents alternative before. The site now appears more than often with some extravagant offerings for the users that other torrents don’t offer.  It is only because of some amazing features that make this KickAssTorrent alternative not only a great torrent but also a convincing KickAss Torrents alternative for the users.


Just like TorLock, it also offers a range of active torrents from a broad category. One new catch with Zooqle torrent is that it has an interface that is clean, clear, and probably the best if compared with other similar offerings. It makes it the best torrent that is readily available for users over the internet.

4. The Pirate Bay

Talk about the most used KickAss Torrents alternative from the list of the best one, and I have Pirate Bay for you. It is one of the widely used torrent websites that is preferred by users across the globe. It has a huge following and popularity among the users and referred to as TPB in short. Also, have a look to this PC app for HD streaming of movies.

The Pirate Bay

Owing to the great features it offers to the users; The Pirate Bay can be an impressive KickAss Torrents alternative for the users. An additional catch is that it is running on the original domain that many other similar sites lack as additional functionality. That’s an extra feature, and this is why I have included the offering in this list here.

Apart from being known among the tech geeks, The Pirate Bay like many other torrent sites is involved in a number of lawsuits, both as plaintiff and as the defendant.

5. Extra Torrent

KickAss Torrent’s sudden death paved the way for Extra Torrent to made it famous for the users as the best KickAss Torrents alternative. It is the largest torrent indexing website all over the world, and that is another exceptional feature of this torrent alternative. There is a vast range of other outstanding torrent links that it brings along.

Extra Torrent

There is an active community behind this torrent that actively comments on torrents. This all is done to offer the required information to the users on different torrents they are willing to gather information about. Besides this information, it offers valuable insights into other links regarding their effectivity for the users.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time allows users to stream media content by using the BitTorrent P2P protocol. Among a set of exceptional features, one of the most prominent is the easy-to-use interface. It is slick, and that adds icing to the cake. Another excellent offering is the BitTorrent protocol.

Popcorn Time

It is an efficient means to transfer the data over the internet; it can be used to deliver high quality (720p or 1080p) video streaming. There is no buffering issue on even reasonably slow internet connections, and this makes it an important consideration for the users.

The Upshot

This is all about the KickAssTorrent alternatives. All the offerings that have been listed above are known prominently among the users as the best torrent alternatives. The above-mentioned list comes with most of the features that KickAssTorrent offers.

Have a look at all of these torrents and let us know about your favorite pick. In case we have missed on any prominent torrents, do let us know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: The article only aims to provide information to the readers and doesn’t intend to promote the circulation of illegal sites to download copyright and secured content.

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