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Top 6 CCleaner Alternatives For Ubuntu

Stop working on slow machines now! 6 CCleaner Alternatives For Ubuntu

Do you like to work on a slow machine? No, right? Therefore, there is a need for a utility that can keep a check on your system. 

One of the popular applications that helps you to make your systems fast is CCleaner. It cleans out the junk from your devices, including invalid or expired registry entries and temporary files. Not only this, it can remove the browser's history and uninstall the dead programs automatically.

Unfortunately, there is no CCleaner for Linux machines. Therefore. If you were using CCleaner on Windows and recently switched to Ubuntu Linux, you must be looking for a system cleaner. We are going to list a few applications that give you the similar functionalities as CCleaner for Ubuntu Linux OS. 

Best CCleaner Alternatives 

1. Stacer: Being a free, and open source system optimizer tool for Ubuntu Linux devices, it introduces useful features. It has a dignified and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). It provides all the essential features that you expect from a system optimizer. 

Basic Features:

  • With a wonderfully designed dashboard, you can access to a wealth of system information.
  • It enables you to remove app caches and examines system start-up.
  • The Stacer allows to start or stop system service.
  • Effortlessly adapts to your pre-configured device look and feel.

How to Install It?

In order to install Stacer on Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives, you need to use the following PPA, as shown below:  

  $ sudo apt install software-properties-common
$sudo add-apt-repositoryppa:oguzhaninan/stacer 
$ sudo apt update 
$ sudo aptinstallstacer

Note: For other Linux distributions, you can go to installation instructions at

2. FSlint: This is an open source, uncomplicate, and simple to use application. FSlint is also absolutely free. It detects and cleans numerous kinds of lint on a Linux filesystem. The application has both a GUI+GTK and a command line interface that allows you to automate specific operations via scripts.

Basic Features:

  • Helps to delete or remove the duplicate files in Linux. 
  • Find and delete the empty directories, unwanted files, problematic cruft in files and file names.
  • It can even remove bad symlinks to keep your system clean.

How to Install It?

For installing FSlint on Ubuntu OS, you need to use the proper package manager as shown in the image: 

$ sudo apt install fslint   [On Debian/Ubuntu]
$ yum install fslint        [On CentOS/RHEL]
$ dnf install fslint        [On Fedora 22+]

Note: After executing all the operations, you will get the disk space that was being captivated by irrelevant files on your system.

3. BleachBit: It is a free open source, feature-rich, robust, and cross-platform software. BleachBit cleans your system quickly, free up disk space, and secure your privacy effortlessly. This application is accessible in both Linux and Windows OS.

Basic Features:

  • The application is easy to use and supports more than 65 languages across the world.
  • It frees up disk space and allows you to create backups quickly.
  • BleachBit maintains the privacy by shredding files to safely hide their contents. 
  • Prevent data recovery and overwrite the free disk space to hide earlier deleted files.
  • Allows you to build your own cleaners through CleanerML.

How to Install It?

For installing BleachBit on your Ubuntu along with its derivatives, use the APT package manager as displayed: 

$ sudo apt install bleachbit

Note: The edition of BleachBit in the repositories Linux distributions is old. Hence, for the recent edition, use the .deb or .rpm package at the BleachBit Download page.

4. Sweeper: It is an easy and the default system cleaner for the K Desktop Environment. KDE is a desktop working platform with a GUI release in open-source package form. This is used for the cleaning of unnecessary traces of users’ activity on a device. By doing so, Sweeper protects their privacy, and regain disk space by eliminating unused temporary files.

Basic Features:

  • With this, it is possible to remove the web-related traces, including cookies, image thumbnails cache, history, cache.
  • It can even clean the documents and applications history.

How to Install it?

You can install the Sweeper system cleaner, with the help of a proper package manager as shown below:

$ sudo apt install sweeper   [On Debian/Ubuntu]
$ yum install sweeper        [On CentOS/RHEL]
$ dnf install sweeper        [On Fedora 22+]

5. GCleaner: This is free of cost and considered to be a fast system cleaner for Ubuntu and its derivatives. This application is a port of CCleaner designing with Vala, GTK+, Glib/GIO, and Granite.

Basic Features: 

  • It protects your privacy.
  • Make the system faster by removing unwanted files.
  • The application is safe and secure to use.

How to Install It?

For installing GCleaner on your Ubuntu system, you need to use the following PPA: 

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libredeb/gcleaner
$sudo apt update
$sudo apt install gcleaner

6. Ubuntu Cleaner: The final CCleaner alternative for Ubuntu Linux system is Ubuntu Cleaner. It is also a free open source and easy to handle system cleaner. Like any other cleaner, it keeps your system clean and clear.

Basic Features:

  • It gets rid of all the private information from your machine such as browser cache.
  • The application removes the APT cache, unused packages, and thumbnail cache.
  • With this, you can even delete old kernels and old installers.

How to Install It?

For installing Ubuntu Cleaner on Linux system along with its derivatives, you need to use the following PPA:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gerardpuig/ppa
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-cleaner

Final Thoughts 

It is very important to clean your machines on a daily basis, just like you clean your house. CCleaners help you to achieve this task. However, as mentioned earlier Ubuntu Linux operating systems do not have CCleaners. Keeping this in mind, we have discussed top 6 CCleaner alternatives that can work on Linux seamlessly. It's your choice, which one you want to use.

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