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Here Are Some of The Best Web Browsers For Windows In 2018: Take A Look

Get some more vibrancy in your browsing with these web browsers.

Here Are Some of The Best Web Browsers For Windows In 2018: Take A Look

Windows is one of the most employed and trusted OS since decades and it remains as the primary pick for millions of people. It has evolved a long way from version 1.0 to the current platform, i.e., Windows 10. Windows is marketed and sold by Microsoft. For ages, Windows ruled the operating system arena on PC, but after the arrival of Android, Windows lost the majority of the overall operating system market.

By default, every Window platform supports the Internet Explorer browser, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move on to any other web browser. Currently, Windows is dominated by Google Chrome, which accounts for over half of the total web traffic. Safari and then IE+Edge follow chrome.

Browsers stats for march 2018Browser Stats For March 2018

Here, stats clearly show the indisputable supremacy of Google Chrome browser over others but many people still don’t wish to follow the majority. Everyone has their own taste and priorities and hence, to cater all the people, I have compiled a list of the best web browsers that will surely surprise you with a number of features that you must be looking for long.

Start scrolling down this article on your browser and you may wish to switch to some other by the time you are done here:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. Currently, it is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) operating systems. The Firefox browser was coined in 2002 under the codename Phoenix. At that time, the internet was ruled was IE but with the Firefox’s emergence, people started appreciating its features like speed, security, and add-ons. The success of this browser can be gauzed from the 60 million downloads within nine months of its release.

Mozilla firefox

Notable features of Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Freedom of browser customization

  2. Sync between devices

  3. Ad tracker blocking

  4. Balanced memory usage

  5. Password manager

2. Google Chrome

Unarguably, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for the Windows and came to light in September 2008. At first, it was made available for Microsoft Windows platform but later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. As per a report by Statista, Google Chrome is prevailing over all the platforms. In mobile and tablet space, Chrome holds the total user base of 47 percent, on the desktop, it is more than 63 percent, and if we see overall, Chrome tops the chart by almost 40 percent from its nearest competitor, i.e., Safari.

chrome is the best browser

After the successful expansion of the Chrome browser, Google used this to bring its other product into the limelight like Chromecast, Chromebook, Chrome bit, Chromebox, and Chromebase.

Google Chrome Browser

Notable features of Google Chrome:

  1. Browser Customization

  2. Multiple sign-in devices

  3. Full proof security to the users’ privacy

  4. User-friendly interface

3. Opera Web Browser

Opera first appeared in 1995 as a commercial browser, and since then, it has made for itself through constant advancements in web browsing field. It supports multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. To counter the Google Chrome, Opera switched to Blink engine in 2013, which is same as that of its rival. The company was later sold to a Chinese consortium in 2016 and was renamed as Otello Corporation.

Fast secure feature

Notable features of Opera web browser:

  1. Private browsing

  2. Tabbed browsing

  3. Download manager

  4. Mouse gestures

  5. Browser extensions

  6. Adblocker

4. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon browser is a product of Maxthon Ltd. It is a China-based company and was formerly known by the name of MyIE2. The browser is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its browsing services are also extended in the mobile landscape with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Apart from other standard features, it has a Download Sniffer embedded in it. This function lets the user know about all the media files available for download on a website accessed.


Notable features of Maxthon Cloud Browser:

  1. Cloud Sync

  2. Dual Core

  3. Ad Blocker

  4. Resource Sniffer

  5. Incognito Mode

  6. Magic Fill

  7. Handy Tools

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the newest addition to the browser's list developed by Microsoft. The browser is intended to be a lightweight with a layout engine built around web standards. Microsoft Edge is supported in other Microsoft’s products like Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One. Prior to this, Internet Explorer was the mainstay of Microsoft. Microsoft Edge extensions are circulated through Microsoft Store.

Microsoft edge

Notable features of Microsoft Edge:

  1. Quick and easy access

  2. Integration with Cortana

  3. Annotation tools

  4. Reading mode

  5. Enhanced battery life

6. Vivaldi Web browser

Vivaldi browser is a product of Vivaldi Technologies. Interestingly, the company was founded by Opera Software co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. Vivaldi is in direct competition to the Opera browser. The browser is focused upon hardcore developers and heavy Internet users. As of January 2017, the browser had more than 1 million active users in its database.


Notable features of Vivaldi Web browser:

  1. Faster navigation

  2. Smarter browsing

  3. Tab management

  4. Smart shortcuts

  5. Faster browsing speed

7. Tor Browser

This browser is best and apt for the people who want added layer of security for themselves, as Tor browser prevents anyone from learning your physical location. The browser also doesn’t let anyone know about the sites you visit. Also, it enables you to access all the websites which are generally blocked in other browsers. The platforms it support are Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or GNU/Linux. The best part of this browser is, it can run off a USB flash drive. It aids you to protect your anonymity. Tor browser runs on the principle to protect the personal privacy of its users.

Tor Browser

Notable features of Tor Browser:

  1. Cross-Platform Availability

  2. Complex Data encryption before

  3. Automatic data decryption

  4. Offers anonymity to servers and websites

  5. Access to blocked websites

  6. Doesn't reveal IP of Source

8. Chromium

Chromium is an open-source product of Google. Google Chrome and Chromium share the majority of code and features. Initially, the idea behind it was to develop an open-source development project. Chromium browser is designed to have a minimalist user interface.


Notable features of Chromium:

  1. Open source application

  2. Offers third-party extensions

  3. No proprietary codecs

9. Torch Browser

Torch browser follows the line of the Chromium-based browser. The browser is developed by Torch Media. This commercial freeware browser is a fair bet to display websites, sharing websites via social networks, downloading torrents, accelerating downloads and grabbing online media, all directly from the browser.

Torch Browser

Notable features of Torch browser:

  1. Save audio and video from the web using the integrated Media Grabber

  2. Built-in torrent manager makes downloading torrent files simple

  3. Offers own media player

  4. With its facelift feature, you can personalize your Facebook

  5. Built-in download accelerator to speed up the downloads

10. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the well-known browsers to surf the net. The browser was developed by Microsoft Corporation and got included in all the Microsoft Windows operating since 1995. Till 2003, this browser was comfortably sitting at the top with about 95% usage share. With the release of other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the ever-growing popularity of Internet Explorer came to an end and eventually.

Notable features of Internet Explorer:

  1. Visual Search Providers

  2. Stats about the Performance Impact of Add-ons

  3. Offers top of the line security

  4. Power Saving Features

The Upshot

All of the above-mentioned browsers are compatible with the Windows and can make the net browsing more uncomplicated. Most importantly, these browsers cover every element that you can ever imagine. From absolute privacy to super fast speed and from highly secured algorithm to variable customization, these browsers have it all.

Pause on with the browser on which you are surfing the internet and give a try to any one of these browsers; who knows, it might get transformed into your default browser.

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