Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Price, Features & Rumours
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Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Price, Features, and Rumours

Apple Watch Series 4 may come with Modular straps. Watch Series 4 Release Date, Price, Features, and Rumours

Apple Watches are among the best wearable gadgets available in the market that come with alluring features. Apple Watch 3 was launched in September 2017, and now it's time for us to look towards the new upgrade in the lineup.

According to the company’s last three-year launch schedule, we could see Apple Watch 4 in the coming September. However, Apple didn't mention anything about the upcoming smartwatch at its WWDC 2018, which was pretty surprising. 

For now, we have some rumors, leaks, and evidence regarding the Apple Watch 4 that you will get to know in this article and you can participate in Republic Lab's Giveaway to win Apple watch for free. The evidence and rumors from experts revealed some of Apple Watch Series 4 specifications, design, and features. 


A small square box placed between long straps possessing the latest technology inside that's how Apple Watch looks since its first appearance. Apple has kept the same design of the watch since the first generation and made only a few design tweaks in upgrades.

The tech giant is known for not making changes in its product design that includes the iPhone. However, last year with iPhone X came with a big surprise. So, we expect the company to make changes in its smartwatch series too. 

Apple Watch Series 4 Design


1. Haptic button

The most common rumor that we are hearing is that Apple is working to replace the traditional buttons with solid-state haptic buttons. iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has similar home buttons that aren't clickable but touch sensitive. Once the user touches the button, it senses the touch proximity and sends the haptic vibrations to the center for command. 

2. Round Dialer

We have already told you that Apple Watches come with a similar design from the beginning. But, this time a recurrent rumor is flowing that suggests Apple may switch to the circular or round dialer instead of a square-shaped face. The rumor is supported by Patent 9,940,866 that shows a round face dialer that was spotted by Fast Company.

The patent was claimed to be owned by Apple. However, we don't support this rumor as the round face watches squeezes everything. More specifically the text at the top and bottom gets smaller and hard to operate. The square shape is more comfortable and iconic for Apple.

Apple Watch Series 4

4. Bigger display and smart bands

The display of Apple Watch is something that could get a massive update from the company. According to the popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 4 will have 15 percent bigger display than the Watch 3.

However, it is not clear how Apple will achieve it. It is possible either by enlarging the size of the shell or further minimizing the bezel. In addition to this, the rumor also suggests that Apple is planning to incorporate smart bands into the watches. The smart bands will help Apple watch 4 in acquiring more features without enlarging its size.

According to the leaks, the bands could host camera, sensors, and an additional battery that will save space for the Apple watch 4. A patent spotted recently disclosed that Apple could use modular straps to add heart rate monitors. 

Apple Watch Series 4 Dialer

Another patent was discovered by Apple Patently last year that shows a watch having a display that runs throughout the straps including the face. The spotted patient was for "Display Module and System Applications" and named ‘’flexible display panel #215, #315’’.

Apple Watch Series 4 Dialer

Specifications & Features Of Apple Watch Series 4

Currently, the Apple Watch uses OLED screen for display. It is pretty good. But, recently it was spotted that Apple is secretly working on a Micro LED screen that it could come with the Apple Watch 4. The LED screen has a number of benefits as it uses less battery power, comes with a brighter display and could be made thinner and robust. 

According to Ming Chi Kuo, liquid crystal polymer (LCP), the circuit board will be added to the Mac and Apple Watches in the future. Currently, the circuit board is used by iPhone X and iPhone 8.

1. WatchOS 5

Apple has already announced WatchOS 5 at WWDC 2018, so it is confirmed that the Apple Watch 5 will come with the new OS preinstalled. 

2. Gesture control

The patent founded by Apple patently also points towards a smartwatch enable to understand the hand gestures. The hand gestures will send commands to the Apple watch 4 for performing some specific tasks.

Apple Watch Series 4

Release Date & Price

Apple follows the same launch cycle and introduces its new iPhones and smartwatches in September. Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 were launched in September 2016, and Apple Watch 3 was unveiled by the company in September 2018.

So, there are fair chances that the company will follow the same schedule and will launch Apple Watch 4 in September 2018 alongside the new iPhones. Moreover, Ming Chi Kuo also supports the September launch.  

Apple Watch 3 starts at $329, and we believe that the Apple Watch Series 4 price to be reasonable. Considering the price difference between Watch 2 and watch 3 we guess the price of the upcoming Apple watch to be the same or slightly more than $329.

However, for more precise guess and expectation, we need to wait for a while until a new rumour comes to the surface. 

Vikram Khajuria
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