BCBA/BCaBA: Apps That Will Help You Ace In The Exam

BCBA/BCaBA: Apps That Will Help You Ace In The Exam

Study with apps to clear BCBA/BCaBA exam.

BCBA/BCaBA: Apps That Will Help You Ace In The Exam

The world of competitive examination is getting aggressive each day. First, there are such exams and then there is a tough competition to face and the case is not different with BCBA/BCaBA exam preparation.

Among the list of other examination, BCBA exam prep is renowned for helping students learn the basics principles of learning and behavior. The two most important areas of the study include:

Experimental Analysis of Behavior

The study includes learning on how behavior changes over time and how it is learned. The study includes different types of learning processes that may include reward-prompted behavior and more. 

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA

A study is a systematic approach that influences socially important behavior through the identification of behavior related to environmental variables in addition to the development of behavior change techniques. 

In both of these methods, analyzing data and conducting behavioral assessments holds a prominent place. The professionals having the knowledge of both of these areas help their clients in organization functioning that may include management structuring, pay interventions, analyzing staff performance and more to it. These duties are given to the candidates when they clear the BCBA/BCaBA exam, which is not as easy at all.

The preparation must be done to cover all the required areas that the basic study includes. Besides covering the fundamentals, the candidates need to have the best understanding of every aspect. Here is a round-up of the best applications that could help candidates get a deeper understanding of the study. 

Qualification required to sit in BCBA/BCaBA exam

A graduate degree along with advanced training in behavior analysis is required for every candidate to sit in the examination. Moreover, the eligibility criteria also include the following:

#1: A recognized degree and coursework certification. Either a master’s degree or a doctorate degree can do the needful. It is important to get these degrees from the recognized institution. The institution must meet the prerequisites of Course Content Allocation and 4th Edition Task List documents of BACB.

The coursework can only be presented from graduate programs. In case, candidates are not sure about the eligibility of the coursework, a preliminary review for the coursework can be requested. 

In addition to graduate degree and coursework, the candidate requires the experience that is in alignment with the Experience Standard of BACB. It is important that candidates review the Experience Standard before they enroll for the practice test.

To earn the BCBA certification, the individuals must write and pass the certification exam. One can only be authorized to write the exam after submitting all the complete application with necessary documents to the BACB.

#2: This option requires that the candidates have a suitable degree, faculty appointment, and practical experience that is acceptable by the BCBA. The degree must be a minimum of a master’s or doctoral level in an area of study that is acceptable from one of the qualifying institutions.

In case you are not sure about the acceptability of your degree, you can request for the preliminary review of your degree. Faculty appointment requires that a candidate must complete a minimum of three years of cumulative full-time work as a member of the faculty at a qualified institution. This work experience must be with a period of five years prior to applying for the BCBA certification. 

The faculty appointment must also include teaching where an individual has taught at least five iterations/sections of behavior analytic coursework. In addition to this, the candidate must also have taught a minimum of two of the behavior analytic content areas in different courses.

The content areas include single-subject research methods, concepts & principles of behavior, ethics in behavior analysis, and applied behavior analysis. The student must have taught these topics at a graduate level and each of the courses must have been exclusively dedicated to behavior analytic content. Research is also part of the faculty appointment requirements.

The candidate must have published at least one article that features attributes that are related to behavior analytic. For instance, the article should be behavior analytic in nature and must include a minimum of one experimental evaluation.

It must also have been published in a peer-reviewed and high-quality journal. Experience is also part of the integral requirements for this category of candidates. The candidate using this option must have the full experience as enumerated in the Experience Standard.
#3: This option of qualification for earning the BCBA certification requires that the candidates have a doctoral degree, suitable supplemental experience, and ten years of post-doctoral experience working on behavior analysis. The doctoral degree must be from a suitable area of study from qualifying institutions.

The areas of study that are acceptable include education, behavior analysis, and psychology. Other degrees from a degree program can also be accepted. In this case, the degree must have been earned when the candidate has completed the verified course sequence in the BACB. You can request a preliminary review if you are not sure whether or not your area of study is acceptable.

The post-doctoral experience must be 10 years of cumulative full-time experience practice on behavior analysis. The practice must have been carried out under national professional credential or under a relevant state.

The candidates are expected to present their curriculum vitae, proof of applicable professional credentials, and signed attestation from employers (current or former) as proofs of experience. For the supplemental experience, candidates are required to complete a minimum of five hundred hours of supervised experience that is in alignment with the current Experience Standards.

Apps to prepare for BCBA/BCaBA exam

1. ABA Test Prep

ABA Test Prep, LLC offers a helping hand to the students to learn the necessary content for BACB®s exams. ABA Test Prep is passionate to help candidates master the course material and ace the exam preparations. The preparation material is well analyzed to offer comprehensive content to the candidates in order to help them use it for an either traditional or modern presentation.

Quoting traditional preparation here means giving an analysis of static multiple choice question whereas the modern presentation includes gamification and linked questions.  

ABA Test prep

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2. ABA Wizard

Another BACB®s preparation exam guide that comes for the users in the form of an exceptional application. The app includes 1400 practice questions that prominently help the candidate to prepare for the examination. With such exceptional assistance, passing even the most difficult of all examinations gets easier.

With a minimal price for the app, the candidates are given complete access to use, learn, and discover more about the examinations through these practice papers. The layout of the app is designed exceptionally well by following the BCBA/BCaBA Task List (4th Ed.). There is a 10 question quiz for every task that helps students get the best understanding of the exams. 

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3. StudyABA

Another exceptional application but available only for iOS users. The application is an exceptional offering for those wishing to master behavior analysis and become an analyst themselves. Another exceptional news for the candidates is that it helps students get an in-depth knowledge of the study material for BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or BCaBA exam.

The app is an impressive offering to all those who are looking to get the basics of ABA study materials that have been prepared with complete course analysis. Get this application, in case you are looking forward to having great assistance. 


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As stated earlier, cracking an examination is not at all easier. And, when you are preparing for the BCBA/BCaBA exam, you need to have the best assistance, which is easy to get from the apps listed above.

Every single app described above has a unique offering of its own. And, when you are preparing for such an exam, it is great to get as much assistance as required to a candidate. So, for any query, candidates can download any of the application to prepare for the exam. 

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