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A Quick Comparison of The Latest Flagship iPhones From Apple

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It marked Apple’s 10th-anniversary last week and that gave me a perfect reason to dedicate a post to this Cupertino-based technological giant to count the contribution it has been doing to humankind since decades. Apple’s iconic smartphones have surely evolved over the past few years. Curious how a small venture by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, become the trendsetter with the iPhone series and become “The Apple”? If Yes, you are in luck, the post is going to talk about the flagships from Apple while taking you through the most striking, widely popular smartphone reviews and the ratings from Everything Apple Pro. Let’s hop on together and cherish Apple’s success on its 10th anniversary by reviewing all its collection from Apple.Inc.   

Apple knows no boundaries when it comes to the hardware specifications. The selection is as preferable as the iPhone brand itself. Let me offer some additional perk with the post and help all those who are looking to add, “Apple owner” in their yet-to-be-dignified status of owning a smartphone. That being said, don’t take the post as an attempt to even introduce Apple, that has a global popularity and of course, needs no mention. The write-up will take you through the most promising Apple smartphones that were, are and will remain the best offerings from Cupertino giant.

Let’s Get into the best iPhones developed ever:

iPhone X

I am going to start with the latest and what can do the justice to this spot other than iPhone X. Feature-packed with some of the advanced offerings, iPhone X become the trendsetter for the company for a number of reasons. iPhone X was the first model to undergo a major change in the past few years in terms of design aspect. iPhone X changed the long-established design formula.

iPhone X

I, personally, am a great fan of Apple but I am not sure iPhone X should be considered a big success for the company owing to all that happened with the face recognition technique just after the launch (some incidences appeared where the model was unlocked by children, making it a concern for the iPhone maker). Face-recognition technique, live-photo feature, and lack of bezel-less display marked a new iPhone era. Wireless charging, 5.8” display, iOS 11 operating system, and live-photo feature made it one of the best offerings even at a hefty cost.

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus featured an all-new glass design. One of the best offering in terms of design went impressively true for the model. Talking about the camera specifications and the augmented reality aspect the phone lived up to the expectation as no other offering could. And, the best of all, you could charge your phone wirelessly. What’s more is required to claim this iPhone model the best among the rest. Going deep into the specifications, you will get to experience live-photo feature at its best along with the facetime recognition iPhone feature embedded in the model. Water and dust-resistant add more to the overall specification of the smartphone.  

iPhone 8

With a 4.7” display, iPhone 8 has some exceptional specification including OLED screen, HRD screen, fantastic 3D Touch, A11 Bionic processor, 12 megapixel and 7 megapixel primary and secondary cameras, 4K HD video-recording capability and portrait mode in both cameras makes it an impressive fit for the users.

iPhone 8

Aerospace grade aluminum band adds to the robust structure of the phone and makes it an amazing offering. The phone is good to consider by all those who are looking forward to getting all these specifications in a variety of color.   

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus offered different storage variants to the users including 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacity in the color options consisting of Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black color. If compared with the previous offerings, the phone has a screen, which is bigger than the previous ones. iPhone 7 plus boasts a 5.5-inch Retina HD display. The 3D touch is an offering that comes along with every new Apple variant and a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels makes it a product worth considering. The smartphone has a new quad-core 2.37 GHz Apple A10 Fusion processor. Apple claims, it is one of the processors that is 40% faster than the previous offerings

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus looked identical to the 6 plus if consider the outside Apple model but proved to be a lot different when an inside model analysis was done. Talking about the LCD display, it features a 4.7 display with an additional screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels.

iPhone 7

When we talk about the processor, the iPhone model features a new quad-core Apple A10 Fusion processor, which the Apple Inc. claims to be 40 percent faster that runs on iOS 10. When it comes to the camera specification, Apple iPhone 7 has 12MP iSight camera equipped with 6-element lens, f/1.8 aperture, high-speed sensor that is 60 percent faster and 30 percent efficient.

iPhone SE

Apple introduced iPhone SE as one model that provides big offerings in the small package. The 4-inch touchscreen display was launched with a resolution of 640 pixels by 1136 pixels at a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. 2GB of RAM, with a 12-megapixel primary camera proved to be a good option for people to change their status to the iPhone owner then. The phone had iOS 9 as the operating system and a 1.2-megapixel front shooter for selfie mode. The single GSM nano-sim phone created a bit hype when it was launched in the market. It has some additional connectivity options including Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, NFC and 3g and 4g options to connect.

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6 marked a new generation of iPhones with some of the modifications that were innovative for the users. The phone offers a 4.7” display, iOS 11 operating system, 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel cameras, HD video recording option, live-photo taking advantage, 1st gen touch ID, headphone jacks, improved battery life and all that made it an exceptional offering at a price in which the phone was offered to the users.

iPhone 6S

The phone was launched in different color variants including space, gray, silver, gold, and rose gold. All these specifications at a reasonable price made it quite an impressive offering for the users. 

iPhone 6 Plus

Although iPhone 6 Plus is no more available for purchase just like iPhone 6S and iPhone 5, Apple has not stopped providing the software update services to the iPhone owners. 6 Plus was huge, beautiful with 128GB storage. Meanwhile, its big screen specification was not favored by some of the users who were not a fan of handling big smartphones. With a 5.5” screen display it was Apple 8 that was used as a processor for the iPhone model. The brand was still experimenting with the camera specification even though it managed to offer 8 megapixel and 1.2-megapixel cameras for the users. The phone also included 1st gen touchscreen and facetime iPhone model.  

iPhone 6

With the Apple A8 processor, iPhone 6 was a bit similar offering for the users. As other iPhone 6 series. Technically, there were different innovations in the phone other than what was already offered to the users.

iPhone 6

The battery life was good, there were different color variants of the phone including gray, white, gold and space. All in all it was a great offering for the users owing to the then developed technology that was made available for the users at an easy-to-afford price. The model was a bit hit among the users then.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S has a 4” screen display with a screen resolution of 1136x640. Apple A7 was the processor and iOS 11 as the operating system. As with any other model, 5S was also supported by Siri and the 1st generation touch id. As per any other offering, this model was also supported by great battery life. The color specification for the model included space, gray, white, and gold with a resolution of 1136x640.

iPhone 5C

The screen resolution for this iPhone model was much similar to the iPhone 5S. With a screen size of 4”, the phone’s features were almost same to iPhone 5S. The smartphone featured Apple A6 processor.

iphone 5c

Well, the model seems identical to the series 5 but there was one thing that set 5C apart from other offerings. The phone featured a colorful back, which was the point of difference between this model and other offerings from the Apple.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was no different from the series 5 offering. The specifications, camera options, and the battery life was almost same that of other offerings in the series. The color for the phone was available in white as well as black specifications. Additionally, Siri has always remained an inevitable part of the iPhones and this phone was no different from the others. There was no touch id but the facetime facility was made available for the users through the phone.

iPhone 4S

With iPhone 4S, Siri was not as amazing as it got with 5S. Although the virtual assistant was impressive then also along with an improved camera and speedy performance. The battery performance was a bit dis-satisfactory but the Apple series finally got 64GB iPhone Model. There was nothing much that came with this model. All that iPhone 4S offered was 3.5” screen display, A5 processor, iOS 9 as the operating system, and a good battery life.

iPhone 4

Another offering in the iPhone 4 series. The model was much identical to iPhone 4S. The phone featured iOS 7 as the operating system. There was no touch id and the operating system as well. The color variant for the model was available in two different colors including black as well as white. The battery life was good compared to the subordinates.

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3S was one of the earlier offerings from Apple. The iPhone model was not as impressive as it has a few specifications for the users. And, the specifications included 3.5”, 600mhz processor, iOS 6 processor, and the color variants in Black and White. It was one of the early offerings from Apple.

iPhone 3G

Having a screen size as bigger as 3GS, iPhone 3G was very much identical to 3GS. The specifications were all the similar with just a difference in the processor that was 412 mhz Samsung ARM. There was neither touch id nor Siri available to this iPhone model.

iPhone (1st Generation)

The first generation iPhone was as basic as any of the very first offering could be even from it comes straight from the giant. Although Apple was not the Apple then and thus the very first offering included 3.5 screen size, no Siri, no touch id and the only color variant available was Black.

Signing Off

With the first generation Apple offering, it’s now time to conclude the article on the Apple’s smartphone series. Right from the very first offering to iPhone X, Apple has now come a long way to establish itself more of a brand than just being the smartphone producer. Let us know your take on the journey of iPhone from being nothing to a prominent stature now. Have your views right here in the comment section!

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