iPhone Tips & Tricks: Know The Best Shortcuts Available
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Useful iPhone Shortcuts: Tips & Tricks You Can't Afford To Ignore

Hidden tricks for iPhone users

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Humankind has almost surrendered to the gadget nowadays called “smartphone”. There are reasons why the handheld device is termed as “Smart-Phone”. And when we talk about iPhones the smartness is par excellence. The innovative tricks and tricks it features have an aura of their own. They not only make the task of handling a phone easier but also very much efficient provided you know all the tips and the tricks to handle your smartphone. Let’s ponder together on the iPhone shortcuts that you can’t afford to ignore.

Let’s Begin The Journey

Taking A Quick Screenshot

Quick Shortcuts

iPhone 8 (plus) users have an advantage of taking screenshots with just a press on the home and power button at the same time. With a click on both these buttons simultaneously, the users can easily get the screenshots. iPhone X users can press the side and the volume up button to get the screenshot. So, another time you need a screenshot just go for the directions listed here.  

To Edit the Mistake

edit mistake

Many Smartphone users may not have acquaintance with this innovative trick but the iPhone does offer a way to edit the mistake any user makes while jotting down something. Just in case, you need to undo something, shake your phone to undo any mistake. 

Shortcut to Handle extra giant iPhone 

shortcut to handle

The users having extra giant iPhones with them have the problem while operating their outsized devices single-handedly. This trick is the most specific for such users. In case operating such phones is becoming difficult, you have a way out to reduce the screen feature. To activate the feature, you need to tap the home button twice to reduce the features on the screen.

Shortcut to Read A Content Later

Read content

While reading something important you could encounter other important things on your iPhone but you really can’t afford to back and save the link. Smart iPhone users need not leave the current page in order to save another link that they have just come through. The trick is to simply tap on the link and hold it for a second. This will add the current link to the reading list pages.

Capturing Photo While Shooting Videos

Photo in video

For the iPhone users who are photographers at heart have a trick to capture frames while they are shooting the videos. To capture a photo while you are shooting a video, simply tap on the capture button. The button can be found on the bottom right section of the screen. This will help to shoot the perfect shot even if a video is going on. 

Shortcut to Dismiss Multiple Apps At Once

Dismiss multiple apps

Sometimes we keep opening multiple apps on our iPhones and it almost seems like there is a flood of apps on the home screen. Trying to close each app individually is not possible and efficient too when there is a flood of the app on the home screen. So, to get out of this problem the smart way, you just need to use two fingers at two different apps to dismiss them at once. 

Shortcut to Change The Display to White

change screen

The setting for this features lies in the iPhone settings under the accessibility tab. The users can go from setting to general and then to the accessibility in order to ON “White on Black” option. This will adjust the display to white on black. Employ the settings to make your iPhone appear a bit different.   

Shortcut for Creating Home Screen Icon For A Website

homescreen to website

The option is really meant for those who keep visiting websites regularly having no app of their own. In order to add a one-touch shortcut to any webpage on the home screen in the iPhone Safari browser, load up the site followed by a “+” tap on the bottom of the screen. Now select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Settings to Change the Spotlight Search Result Order

Change the spotlight

Just by tweaking a few settings, users can adjust their spotlight search result order. After selecting the spotlight search under the general section, the users will be presented with a list of categories. Touch three bars icon next to each category in order to change the search result display for your specific device. 

The Bottom Line

Your iPhone offers a series of tips and tricks that are helpful to make your device handier. The amazing smart device has some of the settings that make it a phenomenal gadget to own and use. Having these shortcuts at your disposal would help to make your iPhone feature browsing experience much more delightful. Have a close look at all these tricks mentioned here to be a smart iPhone user. With these clever tips and tricks (that will help to manage the device) you can be a pro at handling the iPhone smartly. 

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