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List of The Best Android Wallpaper Apps That Set The Right Background

Give your phone a whole new look of The Best Android Wallpaper Apps That Set The Right Background

Smartphones are the real companion we have today with us. These smart gadgets offer their assistance whenever required. Smartphones are pretty much smart in the appearance when it comes to the displays and other specifications. And, the addition of suffix “-ness” to the adjective “smart” alters the appearance notably. But what does it takes to add that suffix to your smart-phone? Well, it is nothing more than a few wallpaper apps that do the needful to you. And, it’s fair enough to change the looks of your phone as you keep changing yours to add that perfect element of being-in-the-trend. So, let’s talk about these wallpaper apps in detail, one-by-one to know all about the offerings currently available for the users.

The compilation names the popular apps and not lists the Android wallpaper apps in the order of preference. Here are the offerings:

Football wallpaper

This Android wallpaper displays your love for Football on your smartphone screen. Either you adore Ronaldo or Messi Barcelona makes your heart skip a beat, the wallpaper from this app is going to give you a means to show your real love for football. The choice of footballers within the app is as vivid as the football clubs we rejoice having. The wallpapers are available free of cost not only as the screen background but also for the phone lock screen. Give it a try and you will get to know about the vast choices the app serves to you.

Download from Google Play Store

Skulls Live Wallpaper

These wallpapers are a great offering for those who love it a bit dark. From the array of choices, users can have wallpapers with smoke effect, burning skull, and live water effect to add a touch of personalization to their devices.

Skulls Live

With a set of 18 HD backgrounds, the app comes for free with a variety of specifications for the users. Right from fiery skull to the ones portraying neon abstract, the choice for the users has been listed prominently within the application. The skully feel gives your smartphone a new look that is a bit scary but a lot mesmerizing to those who love it.

Download from Google Play Store

Neon 2 HD Wallpapers

Thousands of awesome HD wallpapers sit under Neon 2 HD wallpaper application. Choose from a variety of offerings and set the one you like your phone to display to the users. There are free Android themes with Icon packed background that gives a whole new look to your device. Daily updates come in the form of HD wallpapers for the users that offer exceptional choices in a surprise package. The app offers a medium to share the wallpapers to social networking sites, which is an additional offering for the users. Choose the app if you love HD wallpapers in categories like 3D, Abstract, Bike, Car, Fashion, Fireworks, Love, Quotes and Sayings, Portrait Mode, Universe & Space, Night mode

Download from Google Play Store

Beach Live Wallpaper

The name says it all. Beach live wallpaper is for those who love being lively and loves it more when their smartphone wallpaper displays the similar message. Give a try to this application in case you are looking for summer beach images or exotic holiday destinations.

Beach Live Wallpaper

The app offers a variety of options under all these categories that are not only exciting but a lot impressive for the users. And, the best news, the app comes with a free download and what can get more delighted than such an offering? 3D Live wallpapers add more to the phone display making it bright, beautiful and a lot impressive for the onlooker.  

Download from Google Play Store

Walli - HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Installing this 5-star rated application won’t ask you for a single penny. The Android wallpaper app has been selected as one of the best offerings by the Google. Choose the wallpaper app if you are a fan of HD background that features 3D images of creative wallpapers in the categories including space, skulls, animals, nature, Quotes, black, etc. The HD effect makes it bigger, brighter, and impressive for the users. Users can choose a background directly from the phone to set it as their smartphone wallpaper.

Download from Google Play Store

Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The app has been rated #1 owing to the themes and the wallpapers it offers. There are lovely backgrounds, theme based wallpapers 10,000+ in count. Download the app for free and know the reason behind it being the #1.

Girly Wallpaper

The frequent update to the collection keeps the offerings trendy enough to use. The wallpapers support a wide variety of Android phones and thus you can download the app easily to use on any of the handsets. You can share the wallpapers on different social networking sites.

Download from Google Play Store

Transparent Live Wallpaper

The name suggests all that the Android wallpaper app is known for. The camera plays an important role after you set this free of cost available Android wallpaper theme to your smartphone. The camera takes the background picture to set it as the front face of your device. So, whatever goes behind the phone camera becomes the wallpaper for your device. It is one of the best Android wallpaper applications that users are sure to love. Just install the application that is available free of cost and enjoy the offerings that comes along.

Download from Google Play Store

Car Wallpapers HD

Car wallpaper HD as it sounds obvious with the name offers a series of car wallpaper to the users. The offerings have been listed in a huge category including wallpapers for BMW, Hyundai, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Dodge, Classic Cars, Sport Cars, Luxury Cars, with Best Backgrounds of Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Honda,, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Lamborghini, Land Rover much more.

Car Wallpapers HD

The Android wallpaper is an exceptional offering to those who are passionate enough about having car wallpapers on their mobile screens.

Download from Google Play Store

SuperHeroes Wallpaper

To all those who live and can die for the love of superheroes and other fictional characters, SuperHeroes Wallpaper is all there to download on the mobile screens. The high definition wallpapers are everything that a superhero lover would cherish on his/her screen. The app has been rated 4.5 and that is pretty good out of a 5 point score. However, the images hosted over the application are copyrighted by the owners but they are not endorsed by them. Having a glimpse of the app will tell you about the large set of offerings that come along with the application.

Download from Google Play Store

1800+ Glitter Wallpapers

The app fetches the world’s largest glittering wallpaper collection for the users. Plain and patterned glitter wallpaper collection makes this Android wallpaper app the best for the users. It is really mesmerizing to have such a wallpaper on your smartphone screen.

Glitter Wallpaper

Just install the app and get to choose from a variety of app that comes for free for the users. There are home screen backgrounds and lock screen wallpapers for the users to choose from. The HD quality of the wallpapers makes the offerings much more exceptional.

Download from Google Play Store

The Upshot

Changing the appearance of your phone is just a wallpaper away and when you have such a wide offering free of cost, why not use some of them? All these wallpapers for Android apps are just great and using them only adds to the beauty of your smart Android phone.

Neha Baluni
Written By Neha Baluni

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