Gaming Experience With These Top 10 Android Game Controllers
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Revamp Your Gaming Experience With These Top 10 Android Game Controllers

Looking for the best Android controller to play games while you're out? Here they are.

Revamp Your Gaming Experience With These Top 10 Android Game Controllers

The smartphone’s dimensions are growing quickly and consistently, so does the games. With every new device, our cell phones turn out to be increasingly outdated. Most of the Android games are developed keeping touchscreen controls in the mind and unfortunately, all games don’t work same on the touchscreen. Moreover, playing games on the go can turn out to be perplexing and irritating. In case, you are up to VR games, where the smartphone is lashed to your face, one can't manage without a controller.

Thankfully, I have compiled a healthy mix of Android game controllers that can be effortlessly attached to your smartphone and you are good to go:

1. SteelSeries Stratus XL

Stratus XL by SteelSeries is an apt game controller for Android and Steam games. Due to its ease of usability, the user can keep on playing games for hours without getting tired. Stratus XL will sit comfortably in your hands and comes with joysticks, home buttons, and shoulder buttons.


The clickable joystick can be further adjusted according to the game. The Android game controller can offer 40+ hours of non-stop gaming experience.

2.  8Bitdo N30 Pro & F30 Pro

These game controllers are inspired by the most powerful weapon in Konami's 2D masterpiece. It comes with interactive joysticks and highlights a full-sized controller button set, so that you can play with it, anywhere and anytime you want. The Pro controllers aren't simply full-sized remote Bluetooth game controllers, they are a great tribute to gamers all over the world. The controllers are intended to be as adaptable as conceivable with every gadget of yours. It can be easily paired with an X-information or D-input gadget through Bluetooth. The user can even utilize it as a wired USB controller with the included USB link.

3. Matricom G-Pad BX

Matricom G-Pad BX promises to deliver ultimate gaming experience. It is made with top-notch ABS plastic and an ergonomic plan the BX offers you relentless gaming fun.


The Bluetooth remote controller comes with 3D input engines and can be integrated with Bluetooth gadget or VR headset. The two high-resolution variable joysticks further simplifies the gaming with its comfort and performance.

4. MOGA Hero Power

This Android game controller is specifically developed to meet the ends of hard-core gamers. MOGA Boost Technology lets the user charge the phone while playing the game with this controller. Hero Power comes packed with shoulder buttons, shoulder triggers, a D-Pad, and clickable analog sticks. Its portable design comes handy while travelling or work breaks. One of the notable features of this controller is the MOGA Arm with S.M.R.T. Lock Technology that rightly secures your phone. What else can you ask for?

5. PYRUS Telescopic

Telescopic is another fine example of game controllers. The multi-functional smartphone game controller can be played on Android, iOS and PC computers. Its telescopic boom design and the consistent grip doesn’t put any strain the hands of the user.


PYRUS has extended digital and analog modes under GAMEPAD mode, which can be shifted freely. This Android game controller transfers data by HID protocol. The one downside of it is the feeble battery performance. The controller can only last for 4-8 hours which may not suit the requirement of many of the users.

6. 8Bitdo ZERO

8Bitdo has developed the tiniest and yet, most powerful full-sized wireless controller. But don’t get fooled by its size. Despite being of only 50 grams, ZERO can keep on going for 18 hours which is almost equal to what most of the top Bluetooth game controllers offer. The user can easily pair the controller with an X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth. It is intended to be as adaptable as conceivable with every cutting-edge gadget.

7. Razer Serval

An undeniable Android game controller, the Razer Serval hoists your android gaming knowledge to an unheard level. It is particularly intended for the Razer Forge TV. This Bluetooth empowered gaming controller has been developed with an indistinguishable accuracy from other Razer's honor winning console controllers. It offers an adjustable game clip for your mobile phone.


Razer has packed it with ABXY action buttons, D-pad, analog sticks, two triggers, and additional Android navigation buttons. Outlined and upgraded for accuracy, each button executes your commands precisely when you require them to. It is built to be perfect in all stages. This controller is at its best as a gadget that has been intended for Android gameplay.

8. Ipega PG-9025

This wireless game controller supports various games on Android, iOS, and PC platform. The telescopic stand is added to hold a mobile phone or tablet. It has total 5 multimedia function keys. The controller can support wireless transmission up to 6-8 meters range, thanks to Bluetooth 3.0. The best part is, it can be used when connected with the Bluetooth smartphone and that too without any drivers. The device has built-in lithium battery which can go for 20 hours. The Android users can monitor battery levels and adjust Mouse Mode settings by downloading Mad Catz A.P.P.

9. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad

Who can better understand the constant hassle of sweating than a gamer? So, to subdue this issue, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad comes with grainy surface.


This Android game controller is equipped with three-axis vibration sensor and realistic controls. To avoid any interruptions of communication, Xiaomi has offered Bluetooth joystick which is comfortable to handle. In order to cater varied hand sizes, the finger-friendly button layout has been designed accordingly.

10. Madcatz CTRL R

Madcatz is into making controllers for the past 20 years and we obviously expect a quality product from them. CTRL R perfectly suits on-the-go gaming experience, as the controller offers action and shoulder buttons, D-Pad, and analog sticks. This game controller with Bluetooth technology discards the use of fingers and thumbs which may block your touch screen during gaming. It can further be linked to various platforms like Bluetooth PCs, laptops, Fire TV, Google Nexus and many other smartphones. Through Mad Catz A.P.P., the user can modify controls as per their requirements. The bright spot over here is its three distinct modes that give you a chance to choose the control strategy that benefits as much as possible from your associated gadget. Its battery can well go over 40 hours of gaming in one go.

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