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Top 15 Google's Most Unheard Apps To Try

It's time you look beyond regular Google apps and check out some other.

Top 15 Google\'s Most Unheard Apps To Try

If we talk about mobile apps then Android and iOS are the top players in this field. Google Play Store has the largest collection of mobile apps in the mobile market with over 3.5 million apps. It is followed by App Store with 2.2 million apps which makes it the second-largest store of apps.The major portion of such stores is occupied by apps related to social media, news, weather, music player and many more categories where coders try to grab a crucial chunk.

The introduction of various applications by these platforms has let the user to engage in something meaningful and productive. The smartphones have also lessened our dependence on our sleeky tabs and desktop.

The most common apps used on the Android devices are Chrome, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, and Play Music. These are just a few drops in the vast ocean of apps. Then there are chances that in between so many apps, few get unnoticed by the users.

In this article, we have clubbed 20 Google apps which have gone unnoticed or been downloaded less than others.

1. Snapseed


Nowadays, filters are the new must-have tool on almost every platform and Google is no way behind. The company has developed Snapseed which is a complete and professional photo editor. The app offers 29 filters from its armory that can edit RAW and JPG files. Snapseed was launched last year only and has more than 5 crore downloads. Don’t forget to try this stupendous app.

Download from Google Play Store

2. Google Handwriting Input

The concept of on-screen virtual keyboards is fairly new for many users due to which many of us struggles to adjust to it. To counter such an issue, Google has developed Handwriting input app which provides a natural input method for everyone and makes it effortless to jump in and learn right away. You can “type” with your own handwriting after going through a quick and easy setup guide.

Download from Google Play Store

3. Androidify

The initial placement of Android's trademarked logo might make you think about the marketing campaign by the Google. But the Androidify allows the user to express and show off your creativity through a unique and exciting way.


The user can kick-start with a naked green Android logo and then one can customize the skin tone according to his own. The addition of shirts, pants, shoes, hair, and other accessories can be done to save it to the gallery or to share with friends by generating a QR code.

Download from Google Play Store

4. Google Gesture Search

As the name goes, the app lets you interact with a smartphone by just drawing out letters of any alphabet. It relates somewhat with another Google app, Handwriting Input. The app is quite compatible with other operations of the entire phone.

On starting this app, the user has to select the categories in which they would like to index for search. Then the user can simply draw out with either thumb or stylus, and the app will figure out user’s query.

Download from Google Play Store

5. Google Spotlight Stories

The concept of this app was initiated way back when Google owned Motorola for a brief period of time. Many fresh and creative app ideas were unleashed and Spotlight stories were one of them.

Google Spotlight stories

The app is preliminary to Google Cardboard which takes help of smartphones internal sensors to project a video into 360-degree virtual reality environment. In simple words, the app lets you experience the technology like virtual reality on their regular smartphone. That's really to show off.

Download from Google Play Store

6. Google Goggles

Just imagine, if the user thinks of something and capture an image of the same, which follows ample information about that. If you think it’s amazing, just grab Google Goggles. The fundamental function of this app is to provide relevant knowledge about anything the user seeks. The Google Goggles is a handheld gadget composed of pure magic.

Other functions of this device include text translation, import contacts, look up prices by scanning an item's barcode and much more.

Download from Google Play Store

7. Google Tez

Google tez

At the time of fast-paced digitalization, apps related to money transaction are on the rise. And Google is very well in the race. The digital payment app is specifically designed to cater the needs of Indian people. The user can do various functions through this app like paying bills, secured peer-to-peer payments, money transactions and on top of this, the user can link numerous bank accounts into this mobile app.

Download from Google Play Store

8. Google Crowdsource

Have you ever dream of working for Google, here is your chance to relish your dream. The Crowdsource app from Google lets you help the company translate languages, understand handwriting, map translation accuracy, confirming landmarks, and at the end, keep its shareholders happy. It seems pretty happening. To start with, the user can start translating phrases from many different languages like Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Chinese and many more.

Download from Google Play Store

9. YouTube Studio

Youtube study

Anyway a video can score more than any story on the internet. So to tap this opportunity, Google developed YouTube Studio as YouTube is one of the most-used Google apps. The YouTube Studio app is must for dedicated YouTubers. The app allows the user to manage their YouTube channel from their smartphone itself. What else a person needs who is into making videos and editing them on the go. Other services of this app are that you can get the real-time channel views, the number of subscribers, and the video list that includes comments, likes, and statistics.

Download from Google Play Store

10. Arts & Culture

If you are a Palestinian than this app is definitely not for you. The app relates to the rich art, history and the wonders of the world. The Google app will virtually make you ride through diverse cultural insights. The home screen displays Art, History, and Wonders tabs which include plenty of information.

The Arts & Culture app promises to quench your thirst for cultural knowledge.

Download from Google Play Store

11. Google Trips

Google Trips

Who doesn’t want a travel guide? Here, Google Trips can come to your rescue. This app will suggest a plethora of places to visit and activities to choose from. The perks don’t end here, the app also offers travel plan by compiling crucial information and retrieves transport reservations from Gmail.

Download from Google Play Store

12. Google Fit

If the user is a fitness freak then this is must try app. Google Fit is an app that can be linked to any wearable device the user owns and he is good to go. The app keeps track of movements like walking, running, cycling or whenever the user is active in. The user can even keep a tab on real-time stats for all the activities.

Download from Google Play Store

13. Google Keep

Google Keep

The Google keep lets you offload ideas, thoughts, and to-dos without losing focus. In short, an app that lets you keep track of everything. The user can easily label and share notes, reminders, and lists. The best part is, Google Keep ticks on reminders based on time and location. Now you can relax and let this app to keep track of your forthcoming activities.

Download from Google Play Store

14. Google Classroom

Learning online was never that easy before. The Google Classroom let teachers, instructors, students and learners to connect at a common platform. This app lets the users stay updated with their assignments, homework and stay organized. Communicating with teachers in real time also help the user to complete their assignment on the go. Being on a digital platform also encourage users to saves time and paper.

The best thing about this app is that Classroom app is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone having a Google account.

Download from Google Play Store

15. Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpaper

A cool wallpaper on the smartphones is desired by everyone and for the same, Google came up with an app that offers a vast collection of pictures and beautiful wallpapers. You can choose pictures from Google earth collection, Google+ and lot more. To look trendy, the users can even turn on setting to shuffle the wallpapers every day.

Download from Google Play Store

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