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iPhone 9 Release Date, Specifications, Price & All We Know So Far

The iPhone 9 will be totally different from all the other models

Upcoming Device published date 7th May, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

iPhone 9

Wherever Apple launches a new iPhone it creates new trend and wave of excitement in the mobile industry. New year means a new surprise from Apple for its fans and this year we are looking for iPhone 9. The iPhone X may be out of production for right now but the company is putting all the efforts for the new phone launch. Spotting the release date for a new iPhone isn't hard as company strictly follows its schedule. As the new device is mostly being announced in the first or the second week of September by Apple and launches in September last. This means we need to wait until September 2018 for the iPhone 9 or whatever the company is planning to name it. We have some insight on the upcoming device for the geeky ones who like to be updated about every upcoming gadget.

Why iPhone 9?

The 2017 iPhone release makes it hard for us to name the upcoming iPhone. The launch of iPhone X with iPhone 8 made us believe that Apple flunked the iPhone 9. However the upcoming phone could be the name of 2018 model but Apple may not want to get back on the number after introducing iPhone X. But, for now, we will stick to iPhone 9 to represent the upcoming phone from Apple.

iPhone 9 design and display

The phone is expected to inherit the super retina display of the iPhone X and the OLED display. In addition, the reports suggest that Apple is expected to offer new device in three different screen sizes 5.28 inches, 5.85 inches and 6.45 inches. Apple replaced its iconic fingerprint sensor button with the Face ID system in iPhone X, depending upon the user’s reaction the company could also add the technology to the phone.

iPhone 9 processor

Along with this, Apple most probably replaces its A11 Bionic chip with a newer leveraging in-house chip development facility. Currently, Apple uses 10nm process in its A11 chip, that's the distance between transistors. There have been many rumors about the battery upgrade in the upcoming smartphone and it is not a big surprise after recent battery issues with a 7nm chip. Apple surely wants to enhance the battery performance for its users and it already added the battery health feature in iOS 11.3.

iPhone 9 price and release date

Apple is known for strictly following its iPhone releasing cycle every year, the company launched new devices every September. The tech giant has been announcing the new devices from September 7 to September 12 since last 6 years. SO, this means we can expect the phone to be launched we were in the second week of the September 2018. The price of the upcoming iPhone is pretty hard to predict now, but we believe the upcoming phone price could be somewhere between $650 to $750.

iPhone 9  Verdict

The iPhone X experienced a much lower sale stats than what Apple has expected. Maybe the hefty price would be the reason for the iPhone X to not standing up to the company's expectation. But, this surely made Apple have a much clear vision about the market demand and the company now will take the steps accordingly. At the moment there is not much information available about the iPhone 2018 launch as Apple likes to keep things classified. However, the secret resources manage to spill the beans as the launch time getting close. So, stay connected with us for getting the latest update on the upcoming iPhone.

Akash Singh Chauhan

Akash Singh Chauhan

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