Amazon’s Key App Received Finger ID Authentication | Update

Amazon Key App Updated With Fingerprint Authentication

Amazon key app added another security layer

technology published date 22nd March, 2018 Neha Baluni

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Amazon Key, the app that kicks off the home-delivery glitches for the courier professions has now been integrated with an added layer of security. The service makes it easy for company’s couriers to access the delivery address to drop off the parcels. Amazon Key app is designed to work with home security camera (Amazon Cloud Cam, starting at $119) and a smart door lock. Initially, the service was introduced in October last year, which has been updated a few days back.  

Fingerprint authentication to the Amazon Key app is an absolute security layer added to the application. Since its launch, Amazon is making the best use of its application in order to place a user’s purchase inside their doorstep by asking them to grant permission to delivery staff to let in to their house. Users can monitor all the proceedings via camera that captures all the happenings when the delivery is made. The fingerprint authentication is sure to make the deliveries much more secured.

Amazon Key allows users to lock and unlock the door remotely along with checking the delivery footage. The added security layer is useful for people who generally leave their smartphones in and around the home. While the app is made available for the Android users, there is no official confirmation on when the app will be launched for iOS users. However, the online shopping giant may roll out similar services for iPhone users anytime soon.

With its globally known in-home delivery services, Amazon is surely winning the hearts of the users. And, the giant may lead the list of top apps again as it did with Amazon Alexa app. However, it is not only Amazon that is in the race, Walmart has also partnered with August Lock, the home automation company to integrate similar technology in its applications. With Walmart’s interest in similar in-home deliveries, the race may seem tougher for Amazon now. Amazon has also acquired smart doorbell maker, which clearly states the company’s mission of getting more into such service all for making home-deliveries easy and accessible for the users.

The app has been made available for the people in the Google Play.

Neha Baluni

Neha Baluni

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