Here is The list of Best Android Puzzle Games 2018
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Top 15 Puzzle Games For Android: The List Of The Best Ones

What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game? 15 Puzzle Games For Android: The List Of The Best Ones

Android is an entire world in itself. The ecosystem has grown exponentially in the past few years and shown its true capabilities in terms of accommodating the type of games it stores for the users. Android offers a series of games in different categories be it the gaming, music, racing, anti-virus protection and a lot of others. Android as an operating system is just exceptional when it comes to using the apps powered by this OS.

While Android tops the listing in a number of categories, this write-up is going to reveal the names of the best 15 puzzle games for Android:

The Room 3


The Android puzzle offers a series of puzzles to users as challenges. The complex puzzle includes exceptional touchscreen controls and offers a wide variety of playing options for swiping and tapping buttons to make it easy to play the game. All these features make it easy for users to manipulate the puzzle elements in order to win the same.

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Cut The Rope Series

Cut the Rope Series is a family-friendly puzzle game for those who love playing around with nonviolence games. There is a cute little monster that the player needs to manage in the game by balancing the level of candy as per the pre-mentioned instructions. As soon as the monster eats the candy, the player progresses to the next level in the game.  

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Threes is a fun-based cute number puzzle game where player’s goal lies in swiping around the grid in order to match like numbers. The users need to be strategic about the gameplay in order to fill up the board. For a truly amazing experience, the users can buy Threes in order to avoid the ads that keep coming and hinder the users’ playing experience.  

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Mekorama is one of the best puzzle games for Android. It involves simple graphics, dynamic mechanism, and some great puzzle elements. However, the install size is very low. Mekorama features 50 levels that players go through while playing the puzzle. There is a collectible card for the players that they get after completing the level. The app also features in-app purchases.   

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From the family of best puzzle games comes 2048. The Android game is exciting and starts with a grid. The goal for players is to combine all the tiles having the same number in order to create new numbers. The player then combines more of such numbers to make it even larger. The game gets over when the players fail to combine tiles.

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Bridge Constructor Portal

Being a physics-based puzzle, Bridge Constructor Portal is one among great Android puzzle games. The challenge for the players is to get the test vehicle to the end. The players can use their own strategies along with a number of elements that are provided to them in order to make the gameplay much easier.  

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Mini Metro

mini metro

MIni Metro puts the player in charge of expanding transit systems in order to build a way of their own. The game starts by creating station structures. All these stations (that are represented by a predefined shape) needs to be connected to the train lines. As the ridership increases, new stations pop up with passengers and the players need to connect all the station lines in a way so that no station looks overcrowded.

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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is among one of the best Android puzzle games on mobile. The game has MC Escher-inspired puzzle mechanism, which offers a number of twists and turns for players to progress. Additionally, the layer needs to balance the level in order to progress. Because of the sleek animation, Monument Valley 2 looks fantastic. The gameplay has an art style that is exceptional.

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Road Not Taken

not taken

Road Not Taken is an Android puzzle that is Inspired by the Robert Frost poem having similar name. The Android game has a turn-based puzzle gameplay having a Jawa-like robed wizard who saves the town’s lost children. The wizards need to wander in the frozen forest in order to reunite the children with their parents. Players, by using their magic staff can pick up objects, animals and even children in the gameplay. However, carrying the children drains the life force of the magic staff and thus it is a better idea to pick up the things and then toss them at their location.

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Mushroom 11

The Android-based gameplay is one interesting among all plays. The idea behind Mushroom 11 is that the players control fungus kind of mushroom that grows in the opposite direction from where the player touches the mushroom plant. For example, if the player slides on the right side, the plant will start growing from the left. The result is an absolute fun experience for the players that elevates as the game progresses.    

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Concrete Jungle


Concrete Jungle is an exceptional Android puzzle gameplay. It offers a plot that combines title-laying and deck-building mechanism in order to face the challenges of urban planning. Additionally, the players need to balance housing, economy, as well as expenditures while developing the city. Building house and apartments help players score the points while constructing factories and economic building reduces the points.

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Does Not Commute

As one of the best Android puzzle game, Does Not Commute is an exceptional offering to those who love playing action puzzle game. It is all about reckless drivers having a time travel concept. Players need to drive from point A to B. As the players keep adding new cars to complete the challenge, they need to avoid choosing the same car they had played with.

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Brain It On

brain it on

Brain It On is one of the Android puzzles that is based on the lines of Physics-based puzzle games. It requires the players to think out of the box to solve the puzzle. By using fingers or styles, players need to draw lines, shapes, or whatever they think will solve each structure. Things progress creatively as the players progress in the game.

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Playdius Entertainment Puzzle Games

One of the unique puzzle games in the Android ecosystem. The gameplay offers a number of puzzles to the users among which they can choose one to start with. There are mysterious gameplays, exciting thrilling puzzles, fun-based games and all that could entice the users to bring excitement into their boring lives. You can choose a gameplay that suits you the most.  

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Telltale Games

telltale game

Telltale Games offer a range of puzzle games to the users. The developers of the game have developed a series of other such games for the players. Right from the mind-bobbling puzzle games to the adventurous gameplay, Telltale offers something to every user. The game functionalities are also unique, which makes it an exciting for the users to play the game.  

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The Upshot

This brings the end to our top 15 puzzle games for Android. The Android ecosystem offers a number of other exceptional games too; however, we have listed the top games that are the best rated by both the developers and the players as well. Thus, choose the game that sounds the most exciting to you and keep sparing your time the right way.

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