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15 Best Android Puzzle Games to Make Your Mind Buzz

Hello Neighbor is one of the best Android puzzle games that includes AI-based enemy.

best puzzle games android

Back in time, puzzle games used to have a simple interface, they were easier to play, and graphics weren’t as stunning as gaming apps of this era have. In 2021, the smartphone network is about to touch a whopping number of 3 billion users. 

According to Statista, Android puzzle games have the second-highest reach after the casual genre. In the third quarter of 2019, 56.5% of smartphone gamers played games of the puzzle genre. However, the casual genre had 58.86% of the popularity percentage.

In this blog, we are discussing a list of Android puzzle games you can use to kill time. To make sure that you are making the right choice, you should check out the rest of the blog and features of top puzzle games for Android mentioned further.

Features of this one of the top Android puzzle games

Moving further, you will find a list of best brain and puzzle Android games shortlisted according to their features, ratings, and popularity. So, let’s begin with the real stuff now!

1. All That Remains: Part 1

This product by Glitch games gives you the role of Campbell Price. While playing the character of Price, you explore hidden bunker rooms to find clues and solve puzzles. The game gives you a first-person experience. To explore the environment, you play with the point and click technique. The game is known for its phenomenal voice acting and stunning visuals. 

Features of this one of the best free Android puzzle games:

  • Move and explore the environment with the point-to-click technique
  • Use an in-game camera to take pictures of objects and clues
  • Solve puzzles to escape from trap rooms
  • With the auto-save feature, begin playing from wherever you left

Download this one of the popular puzzle games for Android

2. Cut the Rope Full Free

Cut the Rope is a fun time-killer game you can play to feed Om Nom. Om Nom is a little green monster that loves candies. Your job is to find ways of cutting the rope to make sure Om Nom gets his candies on each level. Moving up, you can collect gold stars and hidden prizes as well. 

Features of this one of the best puzzle games Android:

  • Cut the Rope to feed Om Nom, the main protagonist of the game, who is also a little green monster
  • Feed Om Nom candies while progressing through 425 levels
  • Graphics are amazing and the game is lightweight as well
  • Watch Om Nom Stories to follow the adventures of Om Nom

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android

3. The Witness by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios

In this game you wake up on a strange island, alone, surrounded by puzzles. The game has stunning graphics and 500+ puzzles to solve. The game offers an open-world playing experience with a world enriched with great graphics and challenging puzzles. 

Features of this one of the best puzzle games Android:

  • Explore the world enriched with great graphics and challenging puzzles
  • The game includes dozens of levels and 500+ puzzles
  • With each level, you experience something new and more challenging
  • Explore the island to find hidden clues and pieces of your memory

Download this one of the offline puzzle games for Android

4. Bridge Constructor Portal by Headup

You are playing as a new employee who joined Aperture Science Enrichment Center to build bridges, slides, ramps, and more. The game has 60 test chambers and devices such as Portal gadgets, repulsion gel, cubes, and more. The game also includes a tutorial by Ellen McLain.

Features of this one of the best puzzle Android game:

  • Build hard constructions like bridges, slides, ramps, and more in the Aperture Science labs
  • Use Portals, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and more to achieve success over complicated tasks
  • Go into Build Mode and create tricky constructions
  • Use futuristic techniques and technology to create constructions

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android 

5. The Room by Fireproof Games

This 3D game is designed to give you a thrilling experience of a world filled with puzzles. The game includes objects with amazing detailing. While progressing, you will find each level fun and filled with realistic graphics. The surreal graphics of this one of the best Android puzzle games make the game world super realistic.

Features of this one of the top puzzle games for Android:

  • Explore the surreal environment enriched with detailing and realistic textures
  • With touch controls, explore this beautiful 3D world
  • Find hidden clues and solve mysterious puzzles as you progress
  • Explore the world with an adventurous quest 

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android

6. Threes! By Asher Vollmer

This adorable smartphone game has puzzles based on numbers. You will also find the playing experience stunning due to its colorful user interface. The game is tiny in size and based on matching numbers in the most fun way. 

Features of this one of the popular puzzle games for Android:

  • Enriched number-based puzzle included in a simple number game
  • The game follows the concept of match numbers to progress
  • With a heart-warming soundtrack, the game offers an amazing experience
  • Kill time with endless challenges and levels

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android

7. Monument Valley by Ustwo Games

The game is about a princess stuck in a beautiful world with artistic graphics. You have to manipulate architectures included in the game to guide the princess. With every level, you unfold new mysteries, hidden paths, optical illusions, and much more. 

Features of this one of the top Android puzzle games

  • Explore a world filled with an enriched 3D environment
  • Guide the princess by manipulating the environment
  • As you move architecture, the in-built game audio reacts
  • Manipulate the world with a twist and drag gameplay technique

Download this one of the top Android puzzle games for Android

8. Brain It On!

The app includes a range of dozens of puzzles for you to solve. Moreover, you can add your friends and compete with them in this fun game. As you progress, you earn stars to unlock more challenging levels of the game. It is done to make sure you pay nothing to unlock the next levels. 

Features of this one of the top free puzzle games for Android:

  • Explore dozens of brain challenges and puzzles 
  • Compete with friends and defeat them to win crowns
  • Find the best solutions and share them with your friends
  • Attempt challenges with multiple ways of solving them

Download this one of the free puzzle games for Android

9. Hitman GO By Square Enix ltd

This diorama-styled puzzle game has multiple challenges during which you have to assassinate targets. With strategies involving distractions, disguises, hiding spots, and more, the game is enriched with puzzles. As Agent 40, you have to frame a perfect strategy to assassinate every single one of your targets.

Features of this best puzzle Android game:

  • Play as Agent 40 and assassinate your targets
  • Frame strategies, including skills like distractions, hiding spots, disguises, and more
  • Enemies are smart and have different abilities
  • Complete each level with the suitable strategy

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android

10. Tetris by N3twork Inc.

Tetris has been popular for quite some time. With modes such as PVP, online multiplayer, Tetris Together, among others, the app is still attracting mobile gamers. You can use the app to play against up to 99 other players in one long-lasting game. 

Features of this one of the best free Android puzzle games:

  • Play Tetris to compete with your friends or other 99 players
  • Explore game modes such as Tetris Royale, Tetris Marathon, Play Tetris, and Tetris Together
  • Use real-time voice chat to talk with people
  • Use boosters to protect your matrix against any damage

Download this one of the best puzzle games for Android

11. Thumper: Pocket Edition by Drool LLC

In Thumper, you play as a space beetle to defeat whoever comes into your way. The pocket edition focuses on classic action including moments such as brutal physicality and rocket speed. Every single level of the game will make you try harder if you want to succeed and defeat the boss.

Features of this one of the best Android puzzle games

  • The game includes nine challenging levels for you to play through
  • With stunning graphics and catchy BGM, the experience remains top-notch 
  • Play this stunning game in 60 FPS in portrait or landscape mode, whatever you prefer
  • Action-packed boss battles will keep you hooked

Download this one of the best puzzle games for Android 

12. Hello Neighbor by TinyBuild

This horror game is based on the stealth moment through the entire gameplay. You play as the protagonist sneaking into a neighbor’s house to explore secrets hidden in his basement. The fun but horrific thing about this game is that you are playing against an AI enemy. So, his moves are unpredictable.

Features of this one of the best brain and puzzle Android games:

  • Play this fun sneak and stealth horror game to explore secrets
  • The neighbor knows you are there, you have to avoid him to survive
  • You are facing an AI enemy, your plans have to tackle unpredictable situations
  • Avoid traps such as bear trap, cameras, and more

Download this one of the best Android puzzle games for Android

13. Turn It On! by Rushing Pixel

This mechanism-based game is a puzzle easy to solve for focused minds. With a combination of perfect strategy and timing, you need to find a way to understand the mechanism of black boxes. As you progress, you have to understand the way the mechanism works and upgrade your techniques with challenges.

Features of this one of the best Android puzzle games:

  • Understand the mechanism behind black boxes as you progress through the game
  • Use buttons, switches, wheels, meters, knobs, and handles to make your way through the puzzle
  • The game includes levels based on various colors as well
  • Find better and faster solutions and earn extra badges

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android

14. Machinarium by Amanita Design

Josef, the robot, is on a mission of saving his girlfriend Berta from the Black Cap Brotherhood gang. The game has been featured on USA Today, SlideToPlay, and Pocket Gamer. With stunning graphics, this game is surely going to keep me glued until the end.

Features of this one of the best Android puzzle games:

  • Play as Josef the Robot on a mission of saving his girlfriend Berta from the Black Cap gang
  • Explore the world of puzzles, machines, and robots
  • Make your way through different levels and face challenges
  • Experience stunning graphics and catching sound effects while you play

Download this one of the puzzle games for Android

15. Comics Bob by Saygames

This puzzle game by Saygames takes you to a world of prehistoric times. As Bob, the caveman, you, Bob, and Bob’s girlfriend go on an adventure of a lifetime. The game includes animals such as tyrannosaurus while you progress through your romantic journey.

Features of this one of the free puzzle games for Android:

  • Explore prehistoric times and accompany Bob and his girlfriend on an adventure
  • Avoid traps and huge animals to live this romantic adventure
  • Solve puzzles and unlock pieces of Bob’s story
  • Save Bob from funny situations 

Download this one of the top puzzle games for Android


With an expected hike of up to more than 3 billion smartphone users in 2021, competition between mobile apps is naturally boosting. Therefore, not every app is going to survive. The list of Android puzzle games we discussed above, has games based on puzzles but for people with different tastes.

The list includes a few games with 3D graphics, others with colorful textures, and some with 2D gameplay. Overall, we had tried to make sure that you find a perfect game according to your taste.

In the end, if you are reading this blog as a developer to get inspiration for your next mobile game. You should focus on having a game review as well. You can get your app reviewed by submitting that to our experts. It will give you an in-depth perspective of the app's performance in the real-market after you launch it.

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