Google Chromebooks Continues To Borrow Android Features

Google Is Giving One More Android's Feature To Chrome OS

Chromebook will also show that little dots on the apps soon

Google Is Giving One More Android\'s Feature To Chrome OS

Google has already shortened the distance between its Chrome OS and Android platform by adding major Android features to the Chromebook. Now, the search giant further thickens the difference between the operating system with a new change. Most probably all of the Chromebooks will be getting another Google’s Smartphone OS feature in the coming time to make it more convenient for the users.

The Chrome OS is already able to mirror the Android and can run the apps similar to smartphones. In order to combine the two operating systems in one, the company is integrating one more Android’s feature to the Chrome OS. The Chrome Story has spotted that the notification badges of the Android 8.0 is on their way to Chromebook and Chromeboxes soon. It was found that Google has added the codes for badges feature in the Chrome OS and it will hit the devices real soon.

With the launch of Android 8.0 (Oreo), Google also introduced a badge notification feature for the smartphones. The feature enabled the device to show which app has pending notifications. However, the functionality is being used by Apple for long now. With the spotted codes it can be presumed that the apps icon with small dots on it can be seen on the Chromebooks in short time. The badge notification will work for both Android and web apps according to the reports. This means whenever there are pending notifications for any app on your Chromebook, it will show a little dot on that app. In addition to this, there are also other changes in the codes has been spotted, giving the hint of the shortcuts menu feature of Android coming to Chrome OS. The shortcut menu is a list of option that appears while pressing an app icon for long, for example, pressing the Messaging app shows the frequently used contacts.

Maybe, Google is pushing all the Android features to Chrome OS one by one to make Chromebooks more useful and convenient to use, but some things still need to be managed well on Chromebook. There are some bugs while operating the Android apps on Google Pixelbook or opening the Google Play Store. Although it is quite clear that Google is working hard to integrate this two platform to each other and come up with an ideal user experience on its devices. Simultaneously, Google is also working on its secret Fuchsia OS, which is still a mystery to Android and Chrome OS's future.

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