YouTube Rolling Out HDR Video Playback Quality To Mobile Apps

You are Restricted! YouTube limits HDR Video Playback Quality To 1080p on All YouTube mobile Apps

Alert for all the smartphone users, YouTube has put a constraint on the HDR streaming quality option to 1080p in its YouTube App

Mobile App published date 6th November, 2017 Eric Jones

 YouTube limits HDR Video

Google-owned video streaming giant YouTube has put a control over the HDR streaming quality which it used to offer to the viewer’s using YouTube App via smartphones. It has put HDR video quality to 1080p from the prior quality of HDR quality of 1440p. This step was already under the process since when Google recently came up with 2K HDR feature for the mobile apps as per the latest technology news.

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There have been too many performance issues raised by the users about the scattered and dropped frames while streaming 1440p videos. However, this issue remained unsolved and adding on to this there were few devices which turned out to be incompatible with the high-quality videos. Even Google’s own Pixel 2 is one of the member of the smartphone club which was facing the streaming issues and massive frame drop reports which was a disappointing unusable experience for the users using latest mobile app. Though the limitation put on by YouTube is proving to be effective now, as the quality has been bit degraded so that streaming remains compatible with different smartphones and features.

Youtube Mobile App

YouTube the video streaming giant owned by Google has finally come the decision to face-lift its YouTube mobile app and logo is planning to include clean design language and gesture to move the video around giving the utmost performance capabilities which include reverse and fast-forward. These new updates are being added to actively enhance the performance of the playback speed of the video on the mobile application platform.

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Videos are capable of changing the shape so that users will be able to get the best viewing experience as per the screen rotation of the user’s phone. Reviews on this new update are mixed and do not favor in a majority. There are complaints reported of stumbling videos by the users who no more have the full-screen mode option. There are instances where the video moves directly to the landscape mode or not able to return to the previous resolution which was an option provided earlier as reported in a Reddit thread.

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This new feature is still struggling to stream the videos with the proper brightness without draining the battery life. HDR videos have the capability to support the variety of color schemes whereas regular videos lack this ability. Overall display performance is powerfully vibrant and the representation is the delight to an eye. Though Netflix being the Google’s YouTube video giant’s competitor is showcasing its strong goal to serve the users with the impeccable HDR technology on the mobile phones.

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