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This Artificial Intelligence Equipped Suitcase Is All You Need

Travelmate is new generation suitcase that uses the Artificial Intelligence to self operate

artificial intelligence published date 8th November, 2017 Ariana Johnson


Travelmate is the world's first robot and suitcase all in one. The American team behind Travelmate is based in San Francisco and has created a fully featured robot in the form of a suitcase that follows you around on its own. It's perfect when you're going to work, walking to school, traveling or even when you're shopping. What really sets it apart is the technology behind this robot. In order for it to be fully autonomous and navigate through obstacles, it needs to be able to adapt in real time. In addition to a variety of sensors, Travelmate applies elements of artificial intelligence in a way that is both practical and astounding.


It's the first real multipurpose robot to hit the market. If you've ever wanted a robot assistant, then Travelmate is the closest approximation of that fantasy so far.

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There are many interpretations of what artificial intelligence really means. What's really exciting is that artificial intelligence is no longer in the realms of science fiction. It's a real thing that's already been applied to much of the technology that you use every day. Google uses the most common searches to improve its results. Ads use your past browsing habits to advertise based on what you want.


But Travelmate is a more obvious example of how elements of artificial intelligence are being applied right now. With Travelmate, you see something that combines robotics with adaptive elements of artificial intelligence that uses data to navigate through obstacles, adjust its speed and go through crowds without losing you. It even senses when someone else is trying to steal it and locks its wheels automatically to prevent theft. In addition, it has GPS tracking so you always know where your stuff is.

Travelmate Suitcase

There is a lot of speculation about what artificial intelligence eventually leads to. In science fiction and in Hollywood movies, you see robots eventually gaining sentience and often revolting against their human captors. In real life, however, will that actually be the case? One thing I know for sure is that Travelmate robots probably won't be the robots that take over the planet and enslave us.

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With that thought out of the way, what we actually see is that artificial intelligence is diverging from classical interpretations. We try to characterize artificial intelligence through the lenses of our own intelligence, but the structure of AI fundamentally differs from the way that humans think.

Travelmate Suitcase New

We can't run a thousand processes and search the web for millions of results in the span of less than a second. We can't run thousands of simulations instantly to suggest the ideal future reaction that we should have to a given situation. So it is flawed to think that artificial intelligence means that robots will gain sentience in the traditional sense.

Instead, we should look to a future that implements artificial intelligence in ways that benefit us and not hurt us. And Travelmate is the perfect example of the first steps towards that.

Travelmate Suitcase 3

What we've heard from Travelmate Robotics definitely confirms that line of thinking. They say that there is potential for thousands of different features for their robot. Travelmate pairs with your phone to know where you are. They have their own application that you can install on your phone. In that same app, you can add more features through add-ons. So think of it as an app store for your suitcase. They're developing more features for it and they're allowing third party developers to add features as well.

Here are a few future applications that they're planning on developing:

  • You can use Travelmate as a security robot when you're not home. It'll patrol your house and look out for any disturbances.
  • Travelmate can be used to monitor your health via changes to your movement and heart rate.
  • You can play games with your Travelmate.
  • Travelmate can be your personal cameraman. It'll follow you and record videos for you.

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Artificial Intelligence has recently been a point of debate among the great minds in the tech world. While some hold a vision of exploring the technology up to its full potential there are others who see the future of AI as a threat to the human race. But, as far as Travelmate concern it is definitely a positive breakthrough and a considerable example of AI application. You can check out the new technology that follows you wherever you go and can also order one here

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