Top 5 iPhone Paid Apps on Sale Right Now
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Top 5 iPhone Paid Apps on Sale Right Now

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Top 5 iPhone Paid Apps on Sale Right Now

Are you bored with the existing apps on your iPhone? but don't want to spend cash. Don't worry we brought you some amazing iOS apps that are on sale in App store. There is no fixed period for the sale on these apps, so it's better to hurry up before any of these apps goes back to its normal price.


Check out these 5 paid iOS apps that are on sale right now

1. Tkeyboard


The app is one of the interesting ones that solve your most common problem while working on Mac and using the iPhone at the same time. With the help of the Tkeyboard, you can connect the keyboard of your iPhone to Mac. This will allow you to type for your iPhone on your Mac. You can also

  • Steps to use the TKeyboard
  • Add the Tkeyboard as a new keyboard in the system settings.
  • Enable all the access for the TKeyboard
  • Switch your typing to the TKeyborad while typing anything
  • You can type on Mac now

Normal Price- $1.99

2. Max & Meredith: The Search for Percival


The Parent’s choice approved award winner app is the best way to enhance your children’s learning. The app is the interactive book for the children’s where they can choose the course of the story. The story moves around Max’s lost dog, Percival. Max $Meredith decide to find the Percival by through some adventurous and dangerous places.

Features of the app

  • An interactive story that further goes into eight storylines which are led by the interesting decisions.
  • There is a story mode for the parents to read out loud the stories for children.
  • Narration mode for kids to explore the story on their own with the impressive soundtracks.

Normal Price- $3.99


3. HeadSharp Sports Mindset Coach


The one of the best app available for fitness and coaching right now, download your personal coach. Are you afraid to make mistakes? Or want that little push while training to go beyond your limits. Try HeadSharp, app consistently teaches you to ball up your game by improving you mentally and physically to attain the desired goals.

Features of the app

  • Helps you in getting Confidence
  • Motivation lessons during or after the workout
  • Provides you Consistency in practice and competition
  • The app Manage Nerves
  • Give you Mental Toughness

Normal Price- $3.99 ( cost for Beast App as in-app purchase now its free to explore premiums options).



The overlay is an elimination puzzle game to kill your time. You need to place the falling boxes with a precise combination to keep going in the game. THe game is easy in the beginning but gets harder as time goes. There 3 modes to play in the game Easy, Normal, and Hard for the players to choose.

Normal Price- $0.99


5. Pods – Podcast Player

Podcast Play

The best platform to access the huge collection of Podcasts without any hassle. The requires no restraint or onboarding while accessing the podcast. The app contains a large number of podcast under different genres. Just play and listen to the interesting podcasts. They also offer other features such as control the player from your headphone, search the episode by name and also share the episodes with others.

Normal Price - $1.99

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