Join Gillian Morris on Her Adventurous Journey to Making TIME Awardee Hitlist app

Join Gillian Morris on Her Adventurous Journey to Making TIME Awardee Hitlist app

Started as a traveller and found her calling as an Entrepreneur, meet Gillian Morris- CEO and Founder of Hitlist app.

Success Story published date 25th September, 2017 Joshua Anderson

 Gillian Morris

Voted as the best app for TIME in 2016, Hitlist app has been featured in Inc, Business Insider, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Bazaar, U.S. News, BuzzFeed, and CNBC. The list of accolades adorned to it just keeps on rolling.The travel app reinvents the way you see travel- with highlighted trips featured every day, it helps you escape to your dream destinations. It also updates you with experiences like poetry festival, yoga classes, extreme sports and many more activities happening in your destination stop. All you have to do is filter what you’re looking for and satiate the globetrotter in you. The app gives you an access to the best flight deals, browse beautiful pictures of your dream destination, bag historical airfares and much more just with a small search button on the app.

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What’s inspiring is the struggle and journey preceding the genesis of this venture-backed startup app. Her extensive travels across Afghanistan, Russia, Mongolia, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, and Thailand taught her the valuable lessons of life that are now imbibed in her entrepreneurship. It wasn’t until she taught English, wrote analysis reports for a consulting firm, worked as a freelance journalist and retraced her steps across the Afghan border, that she found her true calling- entrepreneurship. The daily struggles of her own and witnessed along her way taught her how different problem-solving in life is then shown on paper. Unlike the lessons taught in American corporations of filing emails for every single problem, she saw how much of that structure is absent in many parts of the world and they solve problems by establishing connections on a personal basis. With her experiences on the road she realized, to solve a problem you can’t entirely rely on structured processes, you have to have an extensive network of connections that are ready to help you in need.

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Travel teaches you more about yourself, how to present your strengths and emphasize on your weakness when you are in a life crisis and you need to get things done. Startups are pretty similar to that, you need to sell your dream to those who will buy it.

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Bargaining on day to day life in her time in Turkey, she understood the market mechanism and how a buy and a seller responds to the same. Gillian Morris relates these practices to the initial capital allocation of a startup that doesn't have a grand capital and needs to bargain for various services needed for the enterprise. To her startups and travel are very much in common with the feeling of being alone in uncomfortable situations, helpless many a times but just like on the road, your journey through the startup must go on.

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