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The Essential Phone: Is it Really Worth Saying It an Anti-iPhone?

The all details you should know about the newly launched Essential Phone created by Andy Rubin. Essential Phone: Is it Really Worth Saying It an Anti-iPhone?

There are lot of talks going on about the new member in the smartphone world which is built  by none other than the father of Android, Andy Rubin. The Essential products are the manufacturer of the phone but Andy Rubin is the man behind the whole idea. On May 30, 2017, the Essential phone was officially revealed and on 9 Aug 2017, Andy Rubin announced that the phone is in mass production and the phone will be start shipping in the fourth week of August. The tech geeks are considering that the essential phone will be the future of mobile technology and quoting it's as an Anti-iPhone.

What is Essential Phone?

Essential Phone

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of the Android left the Google in 2014 and started a bakery to get some break. After some time he returned to the tech world with a new vision and ideas to change the things. The Essential phone is built with the idea to change the contemporary things wrong with the mobile technology. Andy Rubin was not happy with the way current technology is exploring the mobile world. Rubin, along with the team worked over the flaws which are hindering the mobile app technology to go up to the full potential. In simple words, according to Andy Rubin, the Essential Phone is the way to correct all the wrongs in the mobile technology world.


Why is Everyone talking about it?

Andy Rubin

The main reason behind all the hype is Andy Rubin, who just created curiosity among all of us by entering in the field with a new motive. Another reason is that the Essential Products has already generated a valuation of $1 billion without shipping a single phone. Amazon and the Chinese market tech giant Tencent are among the big investor in the company.


As promised by the Rubin the Essential Phone holds pretty high standards for the currently available smartphones. The phone has 15 cm of the display along with the titanium and ceramic body and phone runs on the Nougat 7.1. You will get a Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4 GB RAM along with a C-type port for charging and data transfer. One thing that Rubin especially took care about  is the storage, the base model of the phone comes with 128GB of storage, which is double than the most of the same priced smartphones. The phone doesn't have a memory card slot so the user hsd to satisfy with the given internal storage. The phone has a battery of 3,040 mAh which works absolutely well.

Special Features

The best part of the phone is the design and how it looks, the perfectly finished body with a titanium frame and ceramic back plate makes it mesmerizing. The company claims that the ceramic body is much more durable than the aluminum and glass body provided by the other companies. The phone also supports the modular add-ons which can be connected at the back via a connector. Till date, the company announces only one add-on which is a 360-degree camera.


When it comes to the software functioning the Essential phone scored decent marks in the test. The phone runs Stock Android, which makes it a strong competitor of the Google Nexus and Pixel. The functioning is smooth and due to the Stock Android users will not face any issue with the New OS updates like other Android devices.

Along with this the phone also has a dual camera at the back of 13 megapixels. The company also claims that it's the thinnest camera-module in the world.

Missing features

The Essential Phone has almost everything to make it a good alternative, however there are some things which the phone lacks. There is no headphone jack and the phone doesn't have any water resistance attribute. The other thing the phone lack is the sound, as the phone has only one mono speaker mounted at the bottom of the phone. Not only these there is one more deficiency that can hit the potential market of the phone is the phone doesn't support the standard Qi or PMA wireless charging.

What is Essential Digital Assistance?

The Essential products don't only have the phone in its bucket, but the company is also working to enter the Home base, digital assistance market. Rubin is also working on the new digital assistance like Home Base to challenge Amazon and Google. According to the reports, Rubin is investing his time in building a new OS (Ambient OS) for the digital assistance to run on.


Should You Go for the Essential Phone?

The Essential Phone is undoubtedly amazing smartphone to use but is it worth to compare it with the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 8 ? NO. The phone focuses more on the making things more accessible and simple other than revolutionizing the technology. The smartphone is just launched and only  few gets their hands on the phone so it is too early to judge the phone by quoting it as Anti-iPhone just in the name of Andy Rubin. The promises made by the company and the father of Android will be tested on a long run when the more users will get their hands on the phone. We will keep you updated about the phone performances and reviews in the future.

The Essential Phone is starts with the price of $699 or $945 (Including the 360-degree camera mod).

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