64-bit support Is A Must Have For Android Apps By August 2019

Google Focusing On App Security, 64 Bit Security To Apps Is Must

By August 2019 Android Apps To Have 64-Bit Security Support

Android published date 26th December, 2017 Neha Baluni

Android apps 64 bit support

The recent app update news from Google now requires Android apps to have 64-bit security support. In order to improve app security and app performance of Android apps, the much-needed step has been taken. Google Play host a variety of applications right from the ones having robust security and a few that are not very much secured. In order to maintain the security aspect of applications, the new guidelines have been rolled out.

Among the frequent app update, this one seems quite promising. App performance has always remained a concern for the apps in the Google Play and this latest Android news seems to elevate the security status of the applications. Here are the extracts of the guidelines rolled out by Google:

  • Apps to be built on the latest APIs must be optimized for security and performance, Android apps are to follow the recent Android API Level. This will be made essential for the apps by the second half of 2018. The apps that are already existing need to update as per the prescribed guidelines.

  • In addition to the 32-bit version, Android apps will need to update to 64-bit version as per the new Google Play guideline by the end of august 2019.

  • The upcoming 64-bit data processor support will follow adding a small security metadata on different APK to verify the app authentication.

Google’s 64-bit data processor support seems to be a welcoming step in the vast world of smartphone wherein updates keep on coming frequently. Additionally, Google’s biggest competitor Apple started making 64-bit code essential for iOS apps in February 2015. The recent app update will provide a significant impact on the smartphone world.

Android app developers now need to step into the game and update their apps to Google’s prescribed guidelines. The 64-bit requirement won’t magically make the Android apps powerful, but it is sure to encourage the developers to fine-tune their apps as per the recent Google update. In addition to this update, new apps in 2018 need to target Android Oreo programming interface to be able to keep their apps updated as per the recent Google Play guidelines.

Neha Baluni

Neha Baluni

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