Best 10 Free Photography Apps For iPhone and iPad
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Get The Perfect Christmas Selfie With These Best 10 Free Photography Apps For iPhone and iPad

With the holiday season right around the corner, you will need these 10 best free photo editing apps for iPad and iphone to create the perfect insta look.

Get The Perfect Christmas Selfie With These Best 10 Free Photography Apps For iPhone and iPad

With the App Store brimming with tons of photography apps, all claiming to be the best photo editing apps, choosing the best photography app for your iPhone can be a little overwhelming. Knowing how important of a role photo-editing skills play on social media, we’ve stitched the latest updated list of best photography and photo editing apps for iPad and iphone.

1- MuseCam

This next-gen photo editor has just about enough tools to help you create the perfect insta ready photo. Created by experts from the photography field, this amazing free photo editing app for iPhone gives your pictures “a professional quality” with film-emulation presets, professional grade tools, and advanced camera controls. What makes this photo editing app for iPhone all the more amazing is the element of control it offers to the iPhone users. Not only does this photography app offers custom exposure with independent control of shutter, ISO, white balance & focus, you get the power to create your own custom preset from scratch, or edit existing ones to achieve your perfect look. To get the full list of many more of amazing apps, check out this amazing photography and photo editing app on the App store, or simply download this free photography app for iPhone and iPad here

2- YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor

YourCam Perfect

Level up your selfie game with hundreds of collages, frames, cut outs, stickers and fun scenes. This photo editing app for iPhone can enhance any face to perfection as it let you brighten tired eyes, adjust skin tone, remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles and slim your face including your nose. This free photo editing app isn’t just limited to you but everyone who's lucky enough to be in your picture. Its Multi-face detection lets you touch-up every face in your group shots. This free photography app even gives you perfect selfie stick shots as you can snap those happy faces with just a waving gesture and timer. To avail all these awesome features, download this free photo editing app for iPhone and iPad here.

3- Snapseed

This photo editing app from Google is a well-wrapped package for any photography buff. Loaded with 29 Tools and Filters, including- RAW Develop to open and tweak native camera files, tune image to adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control, Healing feature to remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture and Retrolux offering light leaks, scratches, film styles are just a few of the many features that make this free photography app, a great catch. Snapseed not only has an amazingly simple UI with precise controls but also handy, effective and intuitive. Despite having thousands of amazing features, the UI is very simple and easy to use. So when are you getting some of this awesomeness? If now is your answer, then get this free photo-editing app for iPhone and iPad here

4. Adobe Lightroom CC.

Adobe Lightroom cc

When some of the best minds from Adobe get together to create a photography app, you can expect it to be nothing less than amazing. Its powerful, simple and offers great creative control. The latest update by Adobe has made this free photography app even better. Using an advanced neural network powered by Adobe Sensei, the new Auto Settings of Adobe Lightroom CC. enhances your photo quality by analyzing and comparing your snap to tens of thousands of professionally edited photos giving you a beautiful and pleasing picture. While the free features are mind-blowing enough, Adobe offers a whole new ball game to photography buffs who are willing to shell a little. Get this amazing free photo-editing app for iPhone and iPad here

5- ProCam 5

ProCam 5

This free photography app is so amazing that even New York Times decided to spread the word about it. Viewing its long list of mind blowing features including reversible edits, Lossless TIFF file format support, Adjustable aspect ratio, Adjustable JPEG compression quality, Real-time video stabilization and several other camera and photo editing features of this free photo-editing app makes your iPhone as good as a DSLR. Be a part of this amazing experience and download this free photography app for iPhone and iPad here.

6- Cortex Camera

Yet another rival photography app to a DSLR is Whimsical Productions’s Cortex Camera which combines dozens of exposures to create a single noise-free, high-resolution photo. Besides enhancing the camera quality, this free photography app is also great for creating long exposure effects such as motion blur and soft water.Its long list of amazing features including advanced image processing techniques, Motion compensation, Option to switch between raw and video input along with several other image-enhancing features makes this free photo editing app indispensable. Treat your iPhone and iPad with this beauty by downloading the app here.



One of the best photo filter app you can have on your iPhone. VSCO isn’t just about fixing blurry photos but sharing your photography experience with the global VSCO X community. In just $19.99 USD/year subscription, you get access to monthly updated enhanced photo editing tools and community content. Eager to share your creations? Get the free photo editing app for iPhone and iPad here.  

8- Camera+

This free photo editing app covers almost every aspect of an in built camera app. Besides adding pro-camera crispness to almost any shot, its list of creative controls includes digital processing up to 6× zoom, clarity features that highlight often ignored aspects that make a photo dull, several scene modes including Food, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, and many more. The free photography app even entails iCloud Lightbox sync that automatically syncs your Camera+ photos between all of your devices. Avail all these amazing features by downloading this free photo editing app for iPhone and iPad here.

9- Pro HDR X


As the name suggests, the free photo editing app is an updated version of Pro HDR created in 2009. The updates are unbelievably amazing as the free photography app dynamically analyzes any scene in real-time and offers up to 10 additional stops of dynamic range. Along with improved quality and speed, the free photo editing app features a redesigned UI, aligning it to the modern needs. What's more? Pro HDR X brings its HDR magic to the selfies with front camera support. Create that perfect selfie on your iPhone and iPad by downloading the app here.

10- Manual – RAW custom exposure camera

Manual Raw Photo Editor

Instead of deciding for you Manual gives all the power to you.  Not only does this free photography app for iPhone and iPad offers Custom exposure, but also lets you Shoot RAW in DNG format. Its long list of cool things features Live monitor automatic exposure values, Live Histogram, an Optional delayed shutter for long exposures, Grid Overlays and EXIF viewer accompanied by several other amazing photography enhancers. To access full control over your picture quality, download this free photography app for iPhone and iPad here.

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