Apple Used Machine Learning To Power Up LiDAR In Self-Driving Car

Apple Shares How It Is Using Machine Learning To Power Up LiDAR In Self-Driving

Apple shared its research paper on self driving car project Shares How It Is Using Machine Learning To Power Up LiDAR In Self-Driving

The self driving technology has been exploring by almost every tech giant and Apple is no exception. We have already got hints in past that the iPhone maker is secretly working on its autonomous vehicle technology. According to the latest paper published in Cornell’s arXiv open directory of scientific research submitted by Apple shows the company’s new breakthrough in the self-driving project. The paper revealed that Apple has successfully utilizes the machine learning to translates the raw data collected by LiDAR into 3D objects including the cars, cyclist, and pedestrian and eliminates the need for any other sensor.


LiDAR is the technology used to identify the object and at what distance it is present by mapping out the whole information. It uses the laser pulses to scan the 3D objects and gathers all the needed information to tell the control system about the detected object. The technology is used by the all the companies exploring the self-driving technology. However, Apple might have cracked the way to reduce the sensors load from the technology with the help of machine learning. The company is working on the autonomous vehicle under the hood and don't want to reveal much unlike Uber who has just signed a deal with Volvo for self-driving car productions. But, Apple can't deny the fact that is has requested the self-driving test permit from the from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Moreover, the company’s future self-driving car has been spotted many times for testing purpose.


Now, Apple is using a different approach to complete its project by sharing the machine learning idea in its research papers with another community. The main aim behind the step is to get in contact with more intelligent minds who are looking to work with a bigger platform. By revealing its machine learning integration to the LiDAR for optimum results the company wants to invite more people to the team for speeding up the project. However, the true intention of Apple is still unknown behind publishing the research paper. The paper authors Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel, who most probably working on the Apple self-driving car shared their creation called VoxelNet. The device which is used to extrapolate the objects information collected by the LiDAR.


Keeping the company’s motive aside for publishing the paper, the implementation of machine learning makes LiDAR more effective in scanning the objects. The LiDAR is paired with other motion sensors to design a map showing all details to help the self-driving system to make its way. This information will also help the other companies working on the technology to explore new possibilities of enhancing their self-driving vehicle performance.

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