Did You Know Twitter Can Punish You for Sending Abusive Tweets?
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Twitter is Not Going to Tolerate Online Abuse Any More

Social Media news highlights the notion of free speech as a right has been overshadowed by the abusive and nasty tweets, Twitter rewrites its guidelines.

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Until the recently, Twitter was not very transparent about its norms and policies to punish its users. Now, the time has come when Twitter has stepped down and rewrote their guidelines so that users must understand the gravity of do’s and don’ts i.e. what is going to ban the users and what will not.

This is an integral part of anti-abuse efforts, Twitter breaks the news, and the corporate launched which has published the new details outlining the different types of consequence imposed on the lawbreakers and abusers. However, these penalties are not new yet a poll in Recode’s office has established that most of the users are not mindful of the ways and techniques which Twitter uses to keep them online.


The punishment falls in the severity which is stereotypically painless, Twitter has decided to use its own procedures to limit the Tweets of the users to a lesser group of users. Painful punishment is defined by the lifetime ban on the user. Though there is a part of this enforcement strategy which seems to be a bit inconsistent as per the Twitter news. For instance how newsworthy or notable a tweet is, now certainly this requires a thorough idiosyncratic analysis.



In another Twitter’s breaking news, it says that Twitter is in process of investigating diverse data for instance, reported tweets from the user who is at present is not abusive or a lawbreaker yet holds the history of abuse or harassment on the social media platform.

Wondering, what can happen to you if you violate the Twitter rules? So let’s go through the Twitter’s formal list of penalties listed from the increasing gravity:

  • Twitter can always use its procedures and algorithms to guarantee that your tweet reached to a smaller group of audience
  • Twitter has all the rights to block you from tweeting. Wow, that’s a breaking Twitter news. Twitter can certainly block you, if any tweet is found posted while violating the rules which the organization would want to remove and also, if any tweet is sent to someone in a private message which again violates the rules
  • Twitter can hide your tweets from the users in a specific country or a region, while supposing the content of the tweet violating the local rules. Twitter news says, the organization requires a valid and perfectly scoped request from a legal entity in the country to implement this
  • Twitter can ban you from sending a private message to the another user in case you have sent company rule violating messages to that user earlier
  • Twitter has all the rights to hide your profile in case you share the pictures or information which again violates the rules which may include unsuitable media like, profile picture that may showcase violence or abuse or an offence


  • Twitter can put you in time out which by the organization means ‘read only’ mode. This clearly mean that you won’t able to post, reply or even like someone else’s tweets. However, you would be able to login and scroll through the account. This ban may last for 12 hours to 7 days
  • Twitter can put a temporary lock over your account until your identity gets verified correctly. This shall be done via phone number or email account. This is the way to remove anonymous users. In a Twitter news its officials said that this step is going to help them and identify the violators, abusers and offenders who happen to operate multi accounts for specifically with the purpose of abuse and take an action on such kind of accounts
  • Twitter can easily suspend you for lifetime, which Twitter has already done a few times earlier with a few well known users like: Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos in mid-2016

So, all the users who simply are still not able to respect the free speech realities, beware, of the consequences. More peace, more positivity around the world will certainly make it a better place to live.

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