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YouTube is Taking Down the Videos of Extremities Owing to a Major Policy Change

Mobile App published date 15th November, 2017 James Lawson

Youtube Video Change

The giant video sharing website is all set to introduce some major policy changes owing to the content of streaming video. The major policy shift by Google about the video streaming for YouTube has been done to remove the YouTube videos that are influential in nature (hate speeches). Videos that directly preach hate, content that encourages people about violence and YouTube videos of named terrorists will be taken down.

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Through this YouTube latest update, the giant video sharing app is aiming to reduce down the amount of content and videos that show sermons by jihadis. The giant video sharing platform has recently removed a video by jihadi cleric Anwar al-Alwaki wherein the man is not directly preaching hate but talking about various non-violence topics.

Youtube Video

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al-Alwaki was killed by US drone strike six years ago but said to have influencing his followers through the YouTube videos streaming online. The easily available digital content is impacting the thought procedure of his followers forcing them to follow jihadi practices. In the wake of the moment, YouTube has taken the step of eliminating such videos from its channel for not becoming the medium of influencing the followers who keep following his practices.

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A spokesperson from the giant video-sharing website expressed concerns about al-Alwaki’s content still circulating on YouTube. The spokesperson stressed, there cannot be zero content or YouTube Videos on the related search but they can eliminate the hate speech uploaded by extremists and stop people from uploading such videos.

Further on the issues, the spokesperson added, “inflammatory religious or supremacist content”, and as well as take away the pliability of uploaders to monetize this sort of content material materials. “We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints,”

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YouTube’s idea of taking down such videos will surely make an impact to eliminating the hate videos from his channel’s and not being the victim or a channel to spread the hate speeches.

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