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How To Turn Your Mobile App Idea into Reality

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With the boom in the trend of business mobile apps, individuals and companies are coming up with new mobile app ideas for the growth of their business. By developing mobile apps for business they can reach the new audience or serve their existing customers in a better way.

But, most of us are unaware of the process or steps required to turn a mobile app idea into reality due to lack of expertise and information we don't know how to shape the app idea.

Here are the steps which will you to shape your mobile app idea into reality.

Step #1 Write down your Feature List

Conceptualize your idea by writing down whatever comes to your mind. By writing down the feature list on the paper. With this you can focus on your idea and expand on it, moreover, this list will also help in having a discussion with co-founders, investors, designers, and developers. Feature list should be clean and able to understand and never forget to sign an NDA before you share your feature list with anyone. And it must contain such features which make your app different from others.

Step #2 Market Research

After making the list of features, the first thing you have to do is which is very important is market research which helps you in identifying competition, trends, and market needs. As now 2,800,000 apps are available in Google play store and 2,200,000 apps available in Apple app store so to make app your app successful it is necessary to study the similar apps available and then to know how to make your app unique and more attractive to your audience. And with this, you can also figure out the pros and cons of your idea and if there are the cons then find out the solution or how you can convert them into pros.

Step #3 User Identification

This is the very important step to identify who would be the users of the product. Knowing your target audience help you in identifying their needs and to add the features and functionality in app according to this. So you should know from which particular industry, gender, region, age group, income group, profession your users coming from. Also, conduct studies on their likes and dislikes.

Step #4 Monetization Strategy

Money is the major concern when we think of developing a mobile app for your business. There are several reasons to earn money as the subscription fee, in-app purchase, ads, user data, sponsorship. Paid App doesn't work these days and the best option is to make the app free with in-app purchase option for additional functions or user data which is also a big monetization technique as you can use it to make indirect money. If your app is based on social media you can also find sponsorship for your app.

Step #5 Create Wireframe

Creating the rough sketch or wireframe define the concept and refine the requirements of the app. A wireframe can also be drawn with online tools and we draw the sketch or wireframe you will be able to polish your app idea and features list. Moreover, this also helps you to decide the appropriate navigation of the whole application and for this, you don't need the technical skill you just need to have a common sense of understanding how navigation works. Wireframes with feature list build good specifications for you to develop the mobile app.

Step #6 Find out the mobile app developers

Start identifying mobile app developers who are expert in developing mobile apps of high quality in a cost-effective way. After shortlisting 5 to 6 mobile app development companies must have signed the NDA and send the project details. An experienced mobile app developer evaluates your details must have queries and suggestions so make sure to answer them in detail so that your idea is fully communicated. You may get proposals from multiple mobile app developers with time and cost of development, compare them, go through their portfolios, process, testimonials. eagerness to work for you. Select the mobile app developer carefully.

Step #7 Start with UI/UX

After selecting the company, start working with them to create the UI/UX of the app. First, you should have them first create the detailed wireframe of the application to visualize each screen, function, and flow of the application so that you can make the decision on adding or remove features. Once you have done with the wireframe let the UI/UX designers create the visual design of the app.

With this, you will the idea or picture that how your mobile app will look like and how this app looks in the flow. After the completion of this process, your mobile app developer will reevaluate the development plan, time and cost.

Step #8 Develop the App

For the development of mobile, some companies hire in-house talent to develop their app and other outsource their project. But make sure your developer should send you the progress in app development every week and you have to check and give them feedback. Keep your eye on the quality of the app so that you can take right step to make changes at right time.

Step #9 Launch the App and Market it

After the development of app launch your app on Google Play Store or iTunes. But the work not ends here, marketing of app is also very important to make your users aware of it. Consult some marketing experts and you can also do some self-marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as this is an easy way to spread the word about the app. Hire bloggers who can write about the app, press releases on a free site or you can also do paid marketing.

Step #10 Market Response and prepare for the next phase

After the initial launch and marketing properly analyze user data, market response and demand. If you receive a good response then plan the next phase of the app and if not, then find out what is hampering growth and make a plan of action.

Written By Yamini

Yamini is the Business growth strategist in Debut Infotech, which makes app iOS and Android apps and turns clients ideas into reality for the growth of their business.

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