Facebook Acquires an Artificial Intelligence Firm Named oZlo
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Facebook Bought an AI Startup oZlo, Just After It Shut Down The AI Program

The startup will help to enhance the Messenger App

Facebook Bought an AI Startup oZlo, Just After It Shut Down The AI Program

We all know that how much Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg praises the Artificial Intelligence and his efforts to evolve the technology. Recently, Facebook was in news due to the talks over the AI between Mark and Elon Musk following by the plugging out the new AI system by the Facebook. After the Artificial Intelligence chatbots began to deviate from the normal English to some coded language while communicating to each other the research team shut down the experiment segment.


The recent social media brawl of  Mark Zuckerberg with the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk about AI got too much attention. It seems the Facebook is dedicated to the evolution of the AI as it just bought a startup oZlo, a Palo-Alto based Artificial Intelligence Company. According to the company, oZlo is capable of understanding the text-based conversation. The oZlo is also able to answer precisely to those questions which are not necessarily answered in Yes or No which also called “Probabilistic assertion of truth” according to the startup.

The Facebook acquires the startup to help its Messenger to develop a smarter and elaborate virtual assistance for the users.

The oZlo currently has 30 employees, all the employees will remain the part of the startup and will work for the Messenger according to the spokesperson the majority of the team will be joining the Messenger at Facebook office either at Menlo Park California or Seattle, Wash.


It is clear that the oZlo is going to put effort for the Messenger in order to build a more evolve and better virtual assistance.The company didn't disclose the financial figure that Facebook spent to acquire the oZlo yet.


Facebook strictly believed that Artificial Intelligence is the Key to unlock the potential of the technology and its applications. However, Elon Musk has a different opinion over the story and believe that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't understand the Artificial Intelligence and don't sense the potential danger it will bring to the human race in the future. But, it is clear that Mark Zuckerberg is not going to stop integrating the AI in every possible assistance for the users.

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