Complete Guide for Converting a Mobile App Idea into Reality
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Still Looking To Get A Great App? Here is the Quick Guide You Need

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Still Looking To Get A Great App? Here is the Quick Guide You Need

Today business world is totally influenced by the mobile app technology and its benefits. Every company or owner is aware how important app strategy is in terms of revenue and maximum reach t o the customers. Smartphones have transformed the traditional corporate way to business and help you in widening the network around the globe with ease. The competition is getting tougher every day, as the digital world giving the users every possible service via apps, it is easy for the user to leave one and go for the better one. If you are still in the dilemma how to start and go for the process that will turn out as the best application and assist you to take your business to the new heights.

Here are 10 Steps you can implement in app making process to ensure the development of a successful mobile application.

1. Imagination- An idea or problem

This is the very first step of the process in order to acquire an app you want. If you already have an idea that's awesome all you need to do is just co-relate your idea with existing users problem or requirement. If you are looking for an alluring idea start exploring. You need to look for something which needs a solution and gives users something uplifts their lifestyle. If you look at every service or product serves a solution to the user or give something they require. A concrete idea which will help the user in any way will have the maximum chance to survive and get successful.

2. Identifying

After you have a well-cleared idea in your pocket you need to go to the next step: identifying the users and other things. You need to have a very clear idea about the targeted user, you should be aware what category or type of users wants your product. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to get an idea about the numbers of people looking for the service. You should also identify the platforms you wanna target considering factors like battery life, features, performance, ruggedness and other things too.

3. Start Designing or Create a Layout

Now you are crystal clear want to go for and also what user expects, you need to blend these two to start the actual app making. Start designing your app with simple layouts and flowcharts that will consist of functionality and needed attributes. Then you need to go for design, UI is also the important part too. Now detail your product on the document and convert it into the actual design you can use wireframing for it.

4. Choosing the Right app Development Approach

Based on your idea and the targeted user you need to select the most convenient approach for obtaining the best product. Native apps are rich in user experience and have ambient features but it is costly and requires more capital investment and time. These apps need to create separately for every platform. Web apps are very low investment product with a very quick response and can run on any platforms. Hybrid app are the news technique use to create the app have some attributes of native and some of the webs app. A single code is a use to develop the app that can run on multiple platforms.

5. Just Go for Prototype

Now you have every ingredient you need to develop the app it's time to create one. Prototyping is the process of building your idea into a working model, the app in this case. The prototype is the product with the basic functionality that that will help you in identifying the potential buyers. Apart from it, you will come to know what's lacking from the feedbacks and needs improvements.

6. Add Analytic Tool

When your app is ready you need to integrate an analytical tool that will help you in exploring very useful data. This data will include how many users have visited, installed or using your app, sessions retainment and how they arrived your app. It also shows real-time data. Here are some analytics tools you can use

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

7. Beta -Testing For enhancement

The beta testing process is the cardinal process if you want your product to be totally user oriented. Rolling out the beta version firstly will give you the instant feedback from users to enhance what's missing or wrong. It will give you some visibility in the app store and draw you that needed initial push.This is the best way to reduce the product risk with getting the direct opinions of the users.

8. Deploy the App

Rolling out the app in the app store is the step that requires proper scheduling, planning, and confidence. Before releasing your app you should be cleared that all the bugs are fixed and needed improvisation has done. First, you by yourself need to be convinced, is this the final product that users wanted? If yes only then press the hit.

9. Collect the regular data as data never lies

The competition is very high and every competitor is working for 24/7 in order to lead the market. When users increases, the app got installed and used by the user continuously you need to look for the data at the elementary level. To enhance your service and keeping the user engagement and finding the reasons why some user uninstalling the app and what is their behavior you can use the data to analyze the gaps.

10. Keep Upgrading Your App to Add Value to the Customer

Making your app recognizable and getting the maximum downloads is just the one phase of success. To get the maximum revenue and assurance that user will continue to love your app, you need to improve it frequently. You need to fix the bugs and innovate new features to keep the user engage. Try to work on the feedbacks and if need enrolls upgraded version at times fixing the prior complaints. 

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